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Widgets what are they?

What are widgets in WordPress?  Where are they and how do you use them?  All questions I had no answer for until I found this interesting video.   Give it a watch, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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If you need your hand held while getting a domain name, web hosting,  learning  FTP  setting up categories and links  this is the coaching plan for you.  Originally sold for $497  you can get a Bargain for $19.99 through this link.  Very detailed, he guarantees you will create a working site and learn how to really make money on the internet. 


One Response to “Widgets what are they?”

  • Cararta on May 6, 2012

    Update on the Widget Video. Still a lot of helpful information but a lot of the process for using has been updated in the newer Versions of WordPress.

    The basic Information is still good, especially if you haven’t used Widgets before and even if you have. Widgets now usually “save” themselves, but you can still do some editing and change their names.

    Video is from a school and was made to help students and the teachers with using WordPress.

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