The Challenge: Mindset and Making Choices

Mindset and Making Choices..

Bloggers and Marketers make choices every day that affect whether they succeed or fail.  Mindset and making correct choices is an integral component of real life and not limited to what you do on the internet.

Sergio Celebrating

Ever watched a friend struggling to change their mindset and habits or make a decision to go in a different direction to meet the challenges facing them?

Cheered them on and hoped they would make it when they issued a very public notice that they intended to do something as as “Experiment” just to see if that particular solution would make the difference that could change their life.? 

After watching the very, very public struggle of my friend Sergio Felix to put a new wrapper on his private life and change a behavior that for many people takes over their life to the complete detriment of success in business, personal relationships and attaining goals in either, I couldn’t resist issuing a challenge.

Hmm…was hoping you could outdo John Thornhill and make it 60 days. Well, you can always start over and see if you have the moxie to make it for 60 days.


I Want a written (not video) assessment of last 30 days compared to the 30 days prior. Then make your video.
Not asking for much…you can write in your sleep, like falling off a log, it just flows. Have been missing your written words of wisdom.
“Hey, how are you doing?
I have both good and bad news for you…
Basically, the bad news are that I haven’t posted anything here for a really long time.
The good news are that I’m going to make it up to you!”
What I like about the written is the above.
Read the Rest here


FaceBook Post.

I am not revealing private information about Sergio.  If you check out his Facebook postings they are filled with videos regarding a challenge he made for himself and invited the world to watch him win or lose!

The challenge wasn’t just about whether to exclude alcohol from his life, but to also do some positive house cleaning regarding his clothes, knick knacks and The Big Clutter in what he was doing with his off time when not working at his job.

Along the way Sergio shared some updates from his 9 to 5 job that he decided to take to add a more stable income into the mix.  Sometimes laments, sometimes pride.

Sergio Certified a Goal Met

Sergio Certified a Goal Met


Life is a puzzle, an interactive slate, ever changing, always reflecting what we have written on the chalkboard.  We can take an eraser and remove what we have written, but the shadow of what was there remains.

Our mindset, our decisions and what we do with both have a great influence on what happens or doesn’t happen in our lives.

Sergio has an advantage over most Bloggers and “Wanna be” Internet Marketers.
He is blessed with an encyclopedic mind filled with all that technical IT information that is necessary to design and maintain a website using WordPress, Html or even create a server.

All acquired through study and hard work.

Sergio also has an enviable writing talent that seems to magically explode his innermost thoughts into words that people line up to read.

But, like most of us, Sergio is still struggling.


Because even with all his talents, he is also blessed with some roadblocks!

Believe it or not…Ethics, Trust and Honesty seem to have overwhelmed his ability to Sell or even Market if you want to call it that.

I always went to his blog to read when he was still actively posting, because the information in one article was often worth more than what was included in a paid offer from someone else!

Wondered how he ever made any money!

He didn’t have his own product that he was selling, no banner ads…(they were all hidden on a page called “Resources”) and even though he laid it out very clearly in an article titled
How To Achieve The “Know, Like & Trust” Factor Almost Instantly With Video
back in May, 2013 he didn’t do it!

A learner not a doer?

I can recall one December when his advice to me was, “You’ve learned enough, now start doing.”

Seems that it took a long time for Sergio to begin changing his mindset and begin using some of that wealth of information rattling around in his head along with his good advice to me.

I think that his Experiment has been a big Boost for Sergio even though he is still not admitting that the item in question was detrimental for him, other than it was a financial drain that he could not afford because he was determined to get out of debt.

Sergio's Detox

Sergio’s Detox

He was very persnickety with me one time (well one time of many..I’m opinionated and have little restraint in voicing what I think) when I mentioned Seth Larrabee and his success since eliminating Alcohol from his life and using the time and money to do something more with his life.


Seth Larrabee Living From the Outside In Inside Out

Seth Larrabee Living From the Outside In Inside Out

Here is an excerpt from a post Seth did on Facebook February 26, 2015.
“How do you create massive success in your business and your life?
You start by designing what you want to be, do, or have – ONE MINUTE AT A TIME!
Creating new empowering habits is never easy because we all start off comfortable with the habits we have, whether they are good for us or not.
So the key is to just start doing SOMETHING that will begin moving you toward the outcome you desire a little each day.”
Post is here

Seth goes on to say that small actions done with regularity will produce measurable results.

Seth’s picture is a picture of what you can do if you create new habits, new ways of thinking and start using what God has given you in your personal life as well as your business.

Mindset and Making Choices can Become A Habit


Mindset and really working to accomplishing a goal have to become a new habit in your life…replacing the old. Or else you will look up and a few years down the road, you will be sitting in the same seat you are glued to now. Dreaming and wishing and not accomplishing.

Applies to personal as well as financial goals, but the Personal and mindset come first.

Question? Do you think Sergio is going to accomplish what he wants to this time?  Or does he still have that unacknowledged “Experiment” hovering around waiting to re-establish its self and a habit?

This article definitely wouldn’t be a part of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” but perhaps could be classified like one of my Facebook groups…Sharing is Caring and Caring is Sharing.

What is your advice to Sergio?  Other than find another friend!


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14 Responses to “The Challenge: Mindset and Making Choices”

  • Sergio Felix
    on February 28, 2015

    Thank you for writing this fantastic blog post and for your support Artagene, it really made my day!

    Seth and John Thornhill both rock, those are two people I am highly inspired for so I’m honored that you mentioned them along in this article as well.

    • Cararta on March 2, 2015

      Hi Sergio,
      Keeping a friend in sight when a friend is struggling to decide on a new pathway in life is what friends do.
      You have always been generous with your advice and support in the past, so I couldn’t resist issuing a challenge in the hopes that the return of a less confused and struggling Sergio after his 40 day experiment would continue.

      Since you can’t see yourself as others see you, that change is dramatic with the healthy glow and enthusiasm shinning out.
      All I can say is best wishes for your plans for the rest of 2015.

  • […] Bloggers and Marketing professionals choose every day that influence whether they succeed or fail. Frame of mind and making proper options is an important component of real life and not limited to exactly what you do on the web. Ever seen a pal struggling to alter their mindset and routines or decide to go in a […]See Original Post […]

    • Cararta on March 3, 2015

      Making choices is hard work and sometimes has disastrous results.

  • Marketing with Sergio on March 1, 2015

    […] PS. A friend of mine wrote this fantastic article today: Mindset and Making Choices […]

    • Cararta on March 14, 2015

      Hi Sergio,
      Wasn’t sure if you would approve. Guess I could have asked ahead
      of time, but I’m sometimes (no often) impulsive.

  • Sandy on March 3, 2015

    Hi Cararta, you are a very caring friend. I ‘met’ Sergio when we took up Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2.0 last year. Didn’t get to know him personally but from the few post exchanges he made in the Closed group we were in, I felt he was quite knowledgeable.

    I sincerely wish you all the best Sergio, and overcoming your challenges as they come, ONE at a time.

    Thanks for being a loving friend Cararta. And wishing you all the best too.

    To your Abundance, Sandy 🙂

    • Cararta on March 3, 2015

      Thanks Sandy,

      Sergio is very knowledgeable and always generous in his sharing.
      Sincerely hope that he has finally been able to make his choice of where he is going
      and keep his eye on his chosen path.
      In this business it is very easy to get distracted and go where you aren’t doing anything to help yourself.
      Sometimes friends can be a nuisance, especially they disagree with a choice you’ve made.

      So guess it all comes down to making a decision..which brings us back to Mindset!.

      Agree, Good Luck and Abundance.

  • Adrienne
    on March 3, 2015

    Hey Carolyn,

    Well I know that Sergio appreciates this share and I’ll just say the same, thanks for laying this all out and as you know I wish him the very best as well.

    Whatever he wants to do with his life whether it be online or offline I wish him the best.

    I think that fear and the unknown has a lot to do with it but if at any time someone feels burnt out or they aren’t enjoying what they’re doing any longer than that decision to continue is totally up to them and them alone.

    Either way I wish the best for everyone involved.


    • Cararta on March 3, 2015

      Hi Adrienne,
      Think you are right.
      Fear about the future and indecision go hand in hand.
      None of us can predict what life will have in store for us. Guess the best that we can do is pick a path and try to stay on the chosen life road and ignore the luring side paths that sometimes present themselves as a shortcut.

      Off line is always reflected in our online, either in our work habits, skills or interactions.
      Seems as though Sergio has made his decision, guess all we can do is be there to cheer him on and hope things turn out right! 🙂

  • zora on March 4, 2015

    Nice article ,congratulations Sergio im glad you made it keep up the good work ! You to Cararta

    Til next time
    Zora Blume

    • Cararta on March 14, 2015

      Hi Zora,
      Sergio did a nice job! He always likes these 30 day challenges and
      ended up running this one for 40 days. Not sure about my good
      work, (might be considered nuisance interfering) but I have been a follower and supporter of Sergio for a long time, so
      I’m cheering him on.

  • Joy Healey on March 6, 2015

    Hi Carolyn

    Very moving post. I know people who struggle with that challenge – but they don’t actually think they struggle, and don’t want to change. When they WANT to change I will be there to support them.

    Very best wishes to Sergio and I’m sure he’ll find tons of support from friends online and offline.


    • Cararta on March 14, 2015

      Hi Joy,
      Agree with you. Actually there seems to be two important steps,
      one of which is to recognize there is or might be a problem…think this one is
      the biggest hurdle and then second if really recognized: address how to handle it.
      Very easy to downsize it to a challenge, meet that goal and decide you are a winner and not
      really address the real issue.
      Support of family and friends is needed, but sometimes not appreciated… mainly because habits
      are very personal and of course, may receive support from friends with the same habit who are not
      willing to admit that a change might be needed.

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