The Bloggers RoadMap is Live Today by Dan Sumner


Changes Happen.

You can download The Bloggers Roadmap for Free Today!

Updated part of this page, including the download link.  Daniel Sumner has been busy doing other things, so he gave out a link so you can check out and download this great program gratis! 

If he changes the link again, you’ll be notified when you get there, so read a little and maybe even watch my primitive video (one of the first I ever made) and then get this terrific program and use it to properly set up your blog. 

Excellent tips included in there!


If you want to be a Blogger and do it right, I’d recommend   that you check out The Bloggers RoadMap released today by Dan Sumner.

It is on offer until October 8th. for only $5.95 for the basic course.   There is a companion set of Videos for under $20.00, but I bought the course, downloaded the eBook and it has everything you will ever need to set up a Blog and if you work at it, become a Pro.

Blogging is like anything else…Practice makes perfect, so don’t expect to buy the program and push a button….it doesn’t work like that!

Below is a video I did, showing some of the members area, the sales page (just a peek) and  part of one chapter that I downloaded.  Enjoy!

  • To Pick up your copy before the link expires  pick it up free now at this link:    Click Here!
  • Here is a Free Download that I acquired from Dan. This program  is so different you won’t believe it.  It completely redefines the concept of eBook construction.

If you want to create your own eBook, then go here and download
this program….my gift to you for watching the video.



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2 Responses to “The Bloggers RoadMap is Live Today by Dan Sumner”

  • Adrienne
    on October 4, 2012

    Hi Cararta,

    Really good review of Dan’s product and I think for anyone who is new to blogging, they should grab a hold of this product before he raises the price. I mean for under $6 this is a steal.

    His videos are so helpful so even the upsale is dirt cheap. Of course that is only util the 8th so I sure hope everyone will take advantage of his kindness while they can.

    Great review.


  • Cararta
    on February 6, 2013

    Hi Adrienne,

    You are Right, Dan is a giver and very detailed so what you get from him is always a bargain.

    I love to visit his his blog at because every post is another lesson in blogging!

    The same can be said for visiting Your blog. Thanks for the look in.

    Cararta recently posted…Rheumatoid Arthritis | How to Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis PainMy Profile

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