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SEO Keywords for the Future: Audio not Written Text

Is the future of SEO and Keyword Optimization Changing? Is the future of SEO for keywords wrapped in Oral queries and not what you type in on your PC or mobile keyboard? I started my morning with my usual habit: Log into C-panel and check the links in awstats on SkipperWorks, trying to figure out […] ...

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Viral Videos How This One Happened

Viral Videos, Accidents or Planned? Was this one Planned? I couldn’t take my eyes off this when I first ran across it on YouTube. The Number of views in less than a week are astounding.   Now it turns out that it is a project created by College Students completing their Media Degrees…..to be deemed […] ...

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What I have on My Shared Pages

I had this Awesome site called My Shared Pages. But it went away. Instead take a trip to https://www.Facebook.com/InternetMoneyStore and visit. ...

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Review: How to Get over 850,000 Visitors Per Month to your Website

How to Get Visitors to your Website  is something you should know before you set up a site Knowing how to get visitors and generate traffic to your website is always the first thing you should think about when setting up a blog or website, because if you don’t have traffic, why bother! Since I am […] ...

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How to Delete a Video from YouTube

How do you Delete a Video from YouTube?   I ran into a problem with YouTube.  They wanted a lot of information, like going to court! about a video I made on my computer and uploaded! The video was about using Backup Creator a plugin I have and use and LOVE!   (used it before I […] ...

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