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Know What You Want From Your Blog!

You are ready to start setting up your blog: You’ve got your domain name, hosting and even set up Aweber! You might even know what you want to Blog about,  but one intriguing element is missing! Very often, this one thing is over looked and is so essential to this process of creating a blog […] ...

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Creating a Blog with John Thornhill

How Not to create a Blog-See Below!   I’m taking a 16 week course from John Thornhill learning how to really set up a WordPress “Blog”. This was originally written on Sept 15, 2011, It is now October 7, 2012 and I’m Starting Over!!!! I’m now on week two, setting up a Blog and I […] ...

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Widgets what are they?

What are widgets in WordPress?  Where are they and how do you use them?  All questions I had no answer for until I found this interesting video.   Give it a watch, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Just in case this whets your appetite, you can join me in taking John Thornhills coaching class.  […] ...

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