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Free SSL Certificate 100 Million in use Already

Free SSL Certificate for any of Your Sites From a Reliable Source

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority.

With over 100 million in use, better believe they know what they are doing. 

Where can you get this gift of a Free SSL Certificate? 

And who is in charge?  

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought

to you by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).  

Free SSl Certificate

Free SSl Certificate


What is at Let’s Encrypt for you to use?

Site Includes Documentation, help and more. 

Get Yours Today.  Click on the Picture below and get busy. 

I have got to catch up and do my sites,

Fire Fox won’t let me come here because I’m not Verified.  

Free SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt

Free SSL Certificate
from Let’s Encrypt

Think I’ll hit on Sergio Felix that Geeky IT and see if he will

give me at tip or two to make doing it easier.

Maybe I can hit him up for a video…he is great at doing tutorials….Install Free SSL Certificate.  

Check back, if he does, I’ll post it here!

What is the Catch with this Free SSL Certificate 

There is a down side, you must renew frequently, because the certificates expire in 90 days.  Until automation is available, you will have to do it.
here is an excerpt from a Q&A: 

Why ninety-day lifetimes for certificates?

Nov 9, 2015 • Josh Aas, ISRG Executive Director
We’re sometimes asked why we only offer certificates with ninety-day lifetimes. People who ask this are usually concerned that ninety days is too short and wish we would offer certificates lasting a year or more, like some other CAs do.
Ninety days is nothing new on the Web. According to Firefox Telemetry, 29% of TLS transactions use ninety-day certificates. That’s more than any other lifetime. From our perspective, there are two primary advantages to such short certificate lifetimes:
They limit damage from key compromise and mis-issuance. Stolen keys and mis-issued certificates are valid for a shorter period of time.
They encourage automation, which is absolutely essential for ease-of-use. If we’re going to move the entire Web to HTTPS, we can’t continue to expect system administrators to manually handle renewals. Once issuance and renewal are automated, shorter lifetimes won’t be any less convenient than longer ones.
For these reasons, we do not offer certificates with lifetimes longer than ninety days. We realize that our service is young, and that automation is new to many subscribers, so we chose a lifetime that allows plenty of time for manual renewal if necessary. We recommend that subscribers renew every sixty days. Once automated renewal tools are widely deployed and working well, we may consider even shorter lifetimes.





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