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Robert Plank and Podcast Crusher Featured on iTunes

Creating a Podcast was a little nerve wracking.  the mindset thing is the problem.  Once you dive right in and start working.  Nothing to it!  I created this podcast to post on Facebook, but there seems to be a problem about installing an MP3…you can upload a video, but NOT an MP3.   Here is what […] ...

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Move your WordPress Site or Back it Up in Less Five Minutes

How to Move Your WordPress Site  or Back it Up in Less Than 5 Minutes Backup Creator the Magic WordPress Plugin Is the Answer! Don’t Get Caught without it. Clone your blog or just save your blogs. You can create a blog setup you like, monetize, install all your plugins,  do all the back end […] ...

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Backup Creator the WordPress Cloner

Back up or Clone Your Entire WordPress Site with Backup Creator Ever had that sinking feeling when you clicked on your site and it was gone?  If you want to prevent it keep Reading! You signed in and all you got was a Blank Page or maybe even a 404 with an ad from Host […] ...

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