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Hurry Up Run and Get Healthy

For all those guys and gals who are sitting behind a computer all day long. I didn’t really mean for you to hurry up and run to get healthy. Think I really meant just hurry up and do something for yourself!

Here is something to watch to get you


 5 Exercises To Fix Hunchback Posture Caused by Slumping Over a Desk or Computer All Day

I haven’t really lost it. but after blogging around a lot lately, I kept reading these little bitty comments  like:

  • “think I need to head back to the gym,”
  • been so busy lately haven’t been outside,
  • need to watch my health,
  • not enough exercise…

so…maybe get motivated…

I was very lucky to find this video by Marc Perry the founder of Built Lean!

It is just what the doctor ordered!

We all tend to do the same things…get so engrossed in finishing a task like uploading all those emails, writing a new blog post, updating plugins!

The list is endless.  But our time and good health aren’t.

I also noticed that my back and “computer posture” weren’t so great.  When you get into

the habit of slumping over while sitting and working it can become painful after awhile.  5 exercises to fix a hunched back will work…if we take a break and do them.

Mini or little workouts can be scheduled through out your day, even if it is just getting up and walking around for 5 minutes at a time.  Be surprised when you aren’t so tired and sore at the end of your working day.

Hunch back exercises aren’t going to fix a real hunch back if you don’t start them before your bad posture becomes permanent.

What do you do for a break or exercise while working?

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