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Copy Writing Skills

With the help of  Cararta Skipper you can begin learning copy writing skills Visit us today to get your Free Membership in Power Writing  to upgrade your copy writing skills.  Practice makes Perfect if you Have Help !Just to start you thinking,  I have included these two  Videos of Gary Halbert at a seminar explaining how to […] ...

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SEO On A Different Path – Incredibly Effective!

SEO isn’t just H1 and H2 and some Tags and Keywords!  Marketing has joined the group. Sometimes SEO is just doing what will get your page or post or YouTube Video ranked.  Make Sense? Here watch this short video about a  Plugin, then I’ll explain. This  Plugin –  called simply The Hangout Plugin May appear […] ...

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Leverage Your Marketing Skills: Social Marketing Works

Leverage Your Marketing Skills and Become a Professional Marketer Facebook is approaching the threshold of looking like an overcrowded marketplace instead of an online backyard cookout with friends and family. Gossiping in a group or posting on your wall about your recent vacation or how and where you traveled can inundate your sidebar or news […] ...

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Pinterest What? Find the How at Marketing MiniClasses

Review: Marketing MiniClasses-What You Get When You Join! Helping you to Succeed with all the Support you Need is blazed across the top of the membership home page, if you just type in the url and go to see what it is all about!. Or just click here to take a look!   http://MarketingMiniclasses.com/   or […] ...

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Viral Videos How This One Happened

Viral Videos, Accidents or Planned? Was this one Planned? I couldn’t take my eyes off this when I first ran across it on YouTube. The Number of views in less than a week are astounding.   Now it turns out that it is a project created by College Students completing their Media Degrees…..to be deemed […] ...

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