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Amazon Money Machine Review

Amazon Money Machine is a Double Dipper

Amazon Money Machine

Amazon Money Machine

Amazon Money Machine does something different. 

Not often that you can buy a program with 3 programs inside. That is why I’m calling this one a Double Dipper!  Just like the Ice cream cones at the cream shop…maybe I should have said Triple Dipper! 

My friend Paris has created a totally unique PLR package to help people who would like to sell PLR but lack the time or skills to do it for themselves!

A surprise inside the package is the information and help that you get for using three great Money Machines inside of Amazon!

Want to Write a Kindle Book?

If writing and publishing a kindle book is on your bucket list…he has you covered.  There are resources listed for some of the more complicated things, but just to get you up and Doing…this will work! 

Here is an excerpt from the program  Just to give you an idea of what is inside! 

We hope the following money making models will help inspire some ideas of what you can do and give you a head start when getting setup.

Amazon Money Machine Overview

Now that you understand why Amazon is a great platform to setup your money machine, we need to talk about your options.(referring to some info I didn’t copy!)

There are three primary options when it comes to making money on Amazon:

  • Publish a Book Publishing a book on Amazon is one of the first ways you could make money. Amazon has taken this beyond the basic paperback with the creation of the Amazon Kindle Program.
  • Sell a physical product If book writing is not your thing, you may want to consider creating your own brand of product. You can have the product shipped to Amazon’s warehouse facilities and they will manage the fulfillment process. This is called Fulfillment by Amazon.
  • Promote Someone’s Product There is also an option an option where you can make money from Amazon by promoting other people’s products.

Helping drive customers to Amazon can make you money.

This is called being an Amazon Affiliate.

Which one should you start with?

The process of creating your Amazon Money Machine follows these same initial steps.

Which one is right for you will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend initially and the kind of work you are prepared to do.

In the following sections, you find an overview of the money machine creation process and a description of each Money Machine.

Use the information to help determine which option will be right for you to begin with.

Where more detailed information is needed there are resources listed.  Some free and some paid, depending on how involved you want to get into that particular Money Machine!

Want to sort it out?  Take a look at the sales page for

Amazon Money Machine by clicking Here  I bought the PLR and am using it already. 

Of course following good marketing habits, I have included an affiliate link so that if you buy, I just might make a dime or two! 

If you have any questions, get in touch on Facebook and find my Internet Money Store and post a comment on the post I did about Amazon Selling Machine! 

Internet Money Store



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Review: Dave Nicholson Says What are the Simplest and Best Ways to Make Money Online

Well, What are Some of the Ways to Make Money Online, According to Dave Nicholson?

I can tell you upfront, from reading what Dave Nicholson has to say, a way to make money online isn’t spending your day reading blogs and flitting around Facebook and Twitter making comments…

Don’t know about you, but I put some thought into the comments I leave on others blogs and their posts that I read, Facebook and other Bloggers  Website included. For months now I’ve “played” the game of blogger.

As a result I used up all that creative energy that I formerly put into posting on my “sites” as I call them. Looking back I can see the error of my ways. No updates and a steady decline in what little traffic and authority I had built up.

Picture of World WordPress

WordPress is used all over the World

Just so you can take a look and decide for yourself, here is a small sample of some of my sites:

  • http://SkipperWorks.biz
  • http://SkipperWorks.com
  • http://ArthritisReview.net
  • http://SkippersBestBuy.com
  • http://SkippersBestBuy.biz
  • http://InternetMoneyStore.biz
  • http://sugarcontroldiet.info
  • http://SugarControlDiet.com

How to get Started All Wrong!

I didn’t set out to comment here and there and thereby gain back links to my own blog (actually just glossed over any mention of “back links” didn’t know what they were, didn’t care).

What I discovered was a treasure trove of information, offered freely and with good intentions by some blogger Super Stars (in my opinion).

I never commented except occasionally to say Thank You for some helpful information I found in someone’s post or page.

And since I was looking for some information and help in correcting some problems that started showing up on some of my “sites” started paying attention to people who knew a lot more than I did about what to do to fix things.

How I got to Where I am Today With My Help and of Course Google’s Birds

As I have noted before in another post, I started taking a John Thornhill course and acquired my very first Human comment.

This was on the “site” I was working on and the comment by none other than Sergio Felix  from http://marketingwithsergio.com/video-branding-101/ not his old Place of Business, but where he is now.

Note that Sergio has a background and education as an IT so his advice should be taken seriously!

Then followed.

After this  I  became acquainted with Barry Wells http://barry-wells.com/  who seemed to always have experience and a ready solution for many of my oops with WordPress that I was trying to solve!

Host Gator is very helpful, but as they are quick to tell you, they don’t support WordPress..talk to your website designer…(which is me, so talking to me wasn’t helpful).

How to end up without a working Blog!

  • So I continued on my merry way,
  • reading and commenting.
  • .Facebook,
  • Twitter and on a
  • growing list of favorite blogs,

but I started leaving something out:  Writing and posting on my own sites. 

This new direction, along with the continuing problems with my sites and spending hours doing repairs and endless chats with HG support,

left me without the motivation, creativity and Time needed to do what I should be doing to maintain my sites.

Where Did I Spend my Valuable Time?




I could acquire a list each day of ten or more other bloggers who had commented on these blogs with shared information that was useful to me.

But if all I’m doing is reading, learning and then commenting to show my appreciation for what I have learned….

there is no time left to implement what I have learned.

Of course Sergio and Barry were on this Must Do list (never made a list, just went where I wanted to).

For example, clicking on the above links to verify they work, I spent some of my valuable writing time reading and commenting on Dan’s post about

Here are the Top 10 Prioritizing Tips you don’t want to Miss!


And Adrienne’s Blog is loaded with her Thankful Thursday post which consists of  links to exciting things you need to know and put on or fix or update on  your blog….ooooh.

John Thornhill is a little behind..he was still on a rant about JVs that you promote for, but when you do a launch they somehow seem to be missing.

Well, JVs are  something to keep in mind for someone getting ready to do a launch, but I need something to launch… so it is filed in that dungeon of things I might need to know...

However John does have a pre launch check list that you can download that is Roast with the Gravy so if you are in that mode..check it out.

So since none of the above made any contribution to Making Money Online, but actually shows how to not make money or add value to your sites, lets get back to my review of Dave Nicholson’s 2008 offering.

So, How Do You Make Money Working on the Internet?


Dave has an h2 way down the page and this is how it reads:

What are the Simplest and Best Ways to Make Money Online

Dave Says:

I often get asked the question “how can I make money online”, the answer in short is to do a little work each day, creating, adding to and increasing your streams of income.

Great Tip, but it sounds like you already need a “stream” of income flowing!

OK, so where can you get started creating these ‘streams of income’?

Dave continued with his advice.

I have listed a few of what I consider the simplest and best ways for you to get started, don’t try to bite off more than you can chew, simply start with one method at a time and gradually increase after you feel you have completed one method to the best of your abilities.

Remember, these methods will possibly create you an income for many years to come, so keep that in mind when you are creating.

– See more at: http://www.dave-nicholson.com/blog/what-are-the-simplest-and-best-ways-to-make-money-online/#sthash.F9cHgteY.dpuf

Dave lists several methods along with a description that fills out and amplifies the information.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Provide a Service
  • Social Networking
  • Advertising
  • Create Your Own Product

Then Dave goes on to give the Advice you need to pay attention to.

All of these methods will create a stream of income. 

He also believes it is smarter to have more than one stream of income.

But.  In order to make this work…pick one..Just ONE and try to implement it and get it going.

In other words, we are back to Focus and Prioritizing your goals, your work, your time management, your mindset…..

Straight from Dave Nicholson’s Mouth:

“Now take one of these methods at a time and try to implement it as best you can, try to do as much as you can yourself, that way you will learn more and it will save you money.”

So, what should you take away from this?

Number 1.  Don’t do what I did.
Number 2.  Do what Dave and just about any good Marketer will tell you to do.  (if you can’t remember, see above!)
What he is telling you to do, still works in 2014, 2015 just as well as it did in 2008, just update the methods a little here and there and
Most Important…Do It, because you can make money on the Internet.
From a Webinar I watched last night…45 minutes of continual talk.
The Gold?
Here it is:
to make money on the internet
all you need
1. product
2 converting page
3. targeted traffic: you need (according to the statistics) 100 real people
to look at your product
to get just 1 (one)
to buy.
So one more time
1. product
2. converting page
3. Targeted Traffic

Can you do this? 

Have you done this?
I’d like to know.   
Did any the above suggestions work for you?  Were any of them on the table when you were learning how to create an income for yourself by taking advantage of using a computer and the internet?


Now take one of these methods at a time and try to implement it as best you can, try to do as much as you can yourself, that way you will learn more and it will save you money. – See more at: http://www.dave-nicholson.com/blog/what-are-the-simplest-and-best-ways-to-make-money-online/#sthash.F9cHgteY.zG2gl7p8.dpuf

I often get asked the question “how can I make money online”, the answer in short is to do a little work each day, creating, adding to and increasing your streams of income.

OK, so where can you get started creating these ‘streams of income’?

I have listed a few of what I consider the simplest and best ways for you to get started, don’t try to bite off more than you can chew, simply start with one method at a time and gradually increase after you feel you have completed one method to the best of your abilities.

Remember, these methods will possibly create you an income for many years to come, so keep that in mind when you are creating.

– See more at: http://www.dave-nicholson.com/blog/what-are-the-simplest-and-best-ways-to-make-money-online/#sthash.F9cHgteY.dpuf

What are The Simplest and Best Ways to Make Money Online? – See more at: http://www.dave-nicholson.com/blog/what-are-the-simplest-and-best-ways-to-make-money-online/#sthash.F9cHgteY.dpuf
What are The Simplest and Best Ways to Make Money Online? – See more at: http://www.dave-nicholson.com/blog/what-are-the-simplest-and-best-ways-to-make-money-online/#sthash.F9cHgteY.dpuf





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Review Renegade Affiliate Blueprint by Chris Cole.

Chris Cole has a video that explains what Renegade Affiliate Blueprint is all about and how the Renegades operate.

The attractive thing about doing business online is that you can easily find information that you need and resources that will help you make more money using lesser effort.

However, that is not always true.

There are many marketers, big ‘gurus’ who often sell you products, training courses and yet don’t give you the full picture of all the things you need to do to set up your business.

I definitely have purchased programs from  marketers who charged me ridiculous prices for information that were lacking and incomplete.

It took me a long time to finally figure things out on my own and point my energies to begin slowly building up my business.  But I’m still not earning enough money.

I wish I had a blueprint right from the start – a blueprint that takes me step by step through the setups and pinpoint the exact things I have to do and follow to set up my business easily.  I’m still working on developing my business.
Good news for you…

I was looking through the various launches recently and noticed a very different product that caught my eye within the pile of many others. This one single product is pure gold: Renegade Affiliate Blueprint by Chris Cole.  Actually I got access to this program as a bonus  from another program so I got a discount on the purchase.

Need a Map to success?

Like me, Chris had it the hard way and worked his own way up except I’m still working.  He knows exactly what his readers need – a blueprint. I took a look at the Renegade Affiliate Blueprint package and was impressed…
The content was so precise and to the point that I fell in love with it at first read – Chris did away with all the fluff and unnecessary information that would detour you. He cuts right to the bone and takes you by the hand as he guides you through setting up your own affiliate business.

One thing to mention right here, the first video is going to be about getting started and he discusses the fact that this is a BUSINESS.  There is a somewhat long discussion about you and your qualities and your goals.

Listen to this video until you understand what he is talking about.

This is not about using this program to make instant money, it is about setting yourself up so that you are in charge of your Business and developing the correct VIEW of your business and What YOU need to do to become successful.
If you are lost on your online venture and need a map and compass back to the right track… Then, this is it.


Chris breaks down the details and explains to you properly what you need to know and tells you exactly what you need to do. With his easy to execute action steps included in the chapters, I believe that this system would work wonders for people who are looking to start up their own business.

Covered in 3 compact modules, Chris takes you through the basics of internet marketing to generating traffic and even breaks down the various types of money making strategies to give you a better idea of what kind of business would suit you best.

My favorite part is when Chris talked about the “Cash Cow Campaigns” in module 3 of his Renegade Affiliate Blueprint system.

This section was pure gold even for me. I learned a lot from his teaching and I believe you would be able to too!

Take a moment and take a look at what he has to offer, give Chris a chance to change the way you do business forever.  If you would like some help with copy writing which seems to be an eternal problem go read here.

Give yourself an opportunity to start making more money the easier way out now.

You won’t regret it.


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Can You Succeed at Making Money on the Internet in 30 days?

There is this Program called

Succeed in 30 Days. 

It even says you can Make Money Today!

Well, I’ve decided to try it out. 


Succeed in 30 Days Claim Your FREE V.I.P Membership
to this Amazing Marketing Course
worth $197

Limited Number of
No Cost
Memberships available.

Visit Now to Secure
Your Copy
via Instant

Here For FREE V.I.P Membership


This particular program I got as a “gift” in an email from Richard legg.  So, I’ve followed the directions for one of the ways to make money.

I copied the provided email with all my links inside….I did send it as html  which isn’t always the best thing to do …may skewere the results a litte.   But I didn’t want to take time to set up the program on my server to cloak my links so I did it inside html.

Went to a Solo Ad place and they were running a special  12,500 subscribers x 3…. so I did the credit card thing and am supposed to receive verification that the emails  are on their way withing 24 hours.

So Now it is a waiting game. 

Think I’ll make my ad money back?   Here is a little sample of what it says you can do with this program.

Complete all the steps to maximize your income!

  1. Email all your contacts
  2. Use our Tell A Friend script (can’t use they closed it because of member Spam!)
  3. Set your Email and Forum signatures
  4. Place Top Sponsor Ads
  5. Add Graphics and Banners to your site
  6. Add a “Magic Button” to your site
  7. Place a review on your Blog, and send Solo ads
  8. Use these Free traffic generators
  9. Place pop-unders and pop-exits on your site

I *urge* you to use at least steps 1-4. You can use these even if you do not
have your own website. If you do have a site, we have ready made graphics
for you to use, the HTML code is already created and embedded with your
affiliate link. Just copy the code in the boxes and paste into your pages.

Guess I’ll sign into FaceBook and Twitter and do a little damage, come back here and read and see what else I can do.

Keep a look out!  I’ll Post again.


P.S.  I did as many as I could in the time I have to work today.  Think the solo emails and this post and FaceBook and Twitter will be enough?   

Update July 20th.

Just checked the stats on the sales page….no sales today.  12,000 emails were sent on the 18th.  Have two more mailings to go.  Hope better results than this.  If I get no clicks, I’ll be sure to list the solo mail provider so we can remember where our money went!




Use This FREE Tool to Increase Sales by 912% to ANY website – Instantly!… Click here!

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Review: PP Marketing Commission Introduced by Kevin Fahey

Need to Start Making Money Online Fast?

PP Marketing Commission a Life time Marketing Program and Elite Marketing the Upgrade

Received an email from Kevin Fahey, and couldn’t resist looking at his most recent offer.  Hard to believe

what I was reading.  A Complete Affiliate marketing program with Optin pages, Sales Pages, Funnels, 20

follow up emails and eveything done for you.  No website to pay for or maintain….Just fill in a few forms

and you are in business.

Three things you do need, a PayPal account, Aweber, sign up for three affiliate programs and decide on

your traffic source…solo emails or PPC  several choices, but you do pay for this.

Very interesting thing on the sales page was the Support Button, and boy did it work.  Chatted live and received a link to the chart below so I could look at the differences in the programs.

Interesting facts:  time tested products have a refund rate of

  0.0103% Refund Rate.

The basic package is PP Marketing and Elite is the upgrade.  The big difference is that PP Marketing  has no monthly fee.  Elite adds on sales funnels, but does have a monthly fee.

There is NO REFUND offered.  Reason?  You are purchasing a service:  setup of site and if you choose your autoresponder.  Look over the list below then if you want to see what the offer looks like in full raging color, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

PP Marketing Commissions
Compare PP Marketing Commissions and Elite Group 2012

Click here to see more details.


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Killer Content the Easy Way


Killer Content, a different way to fill up your site with content, or post articles on Ezine or

anywhere you want.

This is a simple to use software that searches for content using keywords, you look it over, decide what you want to use, then you can edit, spin or use as is.  

Read below, I copied part of the description of what it does.  At the bottom is a description of how to use articles to create an eBook just as easily.

All the buzz going around about Killer Content is there for a reason and the program is definitely living up to all the hype.

Killer Content is getting ready to go viral in a big way, believe me.

To say this is a full featured program for creating an online presence that will dominate any niche you are is an understatement and does a disservice to the program.

For the first time someone (Socrates Socratous the creator) has compiled an unimaginable amount of extremely high quality content and married it to a “thing” that is hard to describe.

It is a data management program, but that sounds too complicated and if I call it a word processor that sounds too simple.

Whatever title you want to give this program is up to you, but it is the most powerful tool to search and manipulate data a marketer will ever need while at the same time it is as simple as editing a document.

Let me walk you through this to give you an idea what I am talking about.

You create a project; this is as simple as clicking on the word “new project” and typing in the name of your new project.

 Then you search the list of only God knows how many super high quality articles.

You don’t just search this list randomly, although you can if you want.

You search this list by Keyword. Yes, you type in the exact keyword or phrase you want and the filter will generate a data base of thousands of articles with your specific keyword.

When you open an article you can edit and change the article any way you want, right there like you were on your favorite word processor.

With a click of a button you can even “spin” the article right from the same screen with a very powerful spinning program.

When you get the article the way you want it then you just save it to your project.

Then you just repeat the process over and over until you have as much content as you want in the project you created.

Now you go to your project to complete the process.

You can auto-post your content directly to your blog.

The auto-post program lets you control every aspect of how the content will hit your blog. You can set times and dates for each article to hit or you can just send them out all at once *the choice is yours,* but to just have a choice at all is something amazing.

Just because you are posting your content doesn’t mean the fun will stop there, you can generate an ebook in pdf format directly from your project window with a single click of a button.

Click, BOOM! An instant ebook with chapters arranged in the order of the article numbers in your project.

Once again, you have full control over the look, feel and layout of the book and it is less complicated than a word processor.

Like I said, I don’t know what kind of a title you would give a program like Killer Content, but if I ever meet Socrates I want to shake his hand.

 I highly recommend this system.  

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Review: Massive Income Mulltiplier No WordPress Needed

Click Here to watch a Video if you are in a Hurry!

Ever wanted to do Affiliate Marketing without all the headaches?  Setting up a site like this (well not exactly like this! maybe a little better organized)!

Setting up Aweber, HostGator, writing emails, creating content, check the spam comments, go do some blogging to create backlinks, squeeze pages, sales pages, download links……….

Well, go take a look at this program,  site and webhosting included,  you study a downloadable PDF FILE, watch a video and start creating money pots.  They don’t go away, they just stay in place and keep making money.  

I have a copy of the program, no big download needed, it is hosted on sellers server program, Read the PDF file, watch the how to video and go make money!  It is a funny or different arrangement, everyone who joins the program works together with other members to help each other….good backlinks to good sites sets very well with Google.  It is an Internet Marketing Community and of course the bigger it gets, the stronger it is.  Don’t you want to join us?

Until today, all the big social networks enjoy easy money from selling Ads on YOUR content pages (for example your facebook profile page). No More! Mass Income Multiplier will change everything. And for the first time ever, an advanced software is built to siphon the commissions directly to the content owners, meaning the end users!


It basically does EVERYTHING, more specifically it addresses the three most important aspects that an internet marketers must handle:


1. Site Creation: MIM allows users to create content pages with affiliate links embedded in just a few clicks. Each content page can have videos, texts, rss feeds etc… A content page can be created in 30 seconds. Everything will be handled automatically.


2. Traffic Generation: Now it’s the most exciting part. MIM is a complete content sharing system. Our brand new concept is:  Social networks like Facebook are making money from our shared contents, so why don’t we make our own money?


With MIM, your content will be shared in a network of thousands of users. The traffic to your content pages will go viral as your pages will be shared VIRALLY. Your backlinks will be built automatically and you can take advantage of the sharing features on Facebook, Twitter (MIM will handle that)… but in the end, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MAKES MONEY FROM YOUR CONTENT.


This is a very powerful concept that will change the entire industry forever.


3. List Building: MIM integrates with a built-in autoresponder and optin forms. So you can save some money from other autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse. Your leads will be collected from your content pages automatically.

If you want to see and hear the rest of it GO HERE NOW.


  • It’s web-based – No installation needed. Users just login and implement a few simple steps.
  • It has free hosting, free domain, free built in email list builders.
  • It’s easy to use – No experience/previous knowledge required.
  • It automatically generates affiliate sites with monetization links. Then it allows users to share all of their contents in one place.
  • It has built in advanced systems such as analytic report systems and comment systems



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  • What the World is Looking For

  • What the World is Searching For