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SendReach The New Autoresponder on the Block: Review SendReach

Got an email from my friend Chris Munch…He is all excited about this newly launched Autoresponder, SendReach.

Want the Details?

What is SendReach?

The following is a sample email provided for affiliates of this product..it does a great job of

explaining what SendReach is and what it can do.

What SendReach can do for you.

“Once in a great while, something truly revolutionary comes along that’s so overwhelming advanced, it honestly changes everything.

This is one of those times, and it’s not hype, it’s HUGE. –>

Virtually everybody who’s marketing online uses an email service provider that delivers both broadcast and autoresponder email messages, right?

If you’ve ever lurked in forums or talked with any number of online marketers about the usual crop of autoresponder companies, you’ve undoubtedly heard grumbling about at least some aspect of all the providers they’ve used.

SendReach has a solution for all these problems and more

  • Poor deliverability,
  • unable to easily change providers
  • and move lists, unresponsive customer service
  • and being banned for being a marketer who promotes income opportunities are common complaints.

As of today, those issues are all a thing of the past, because… SendReach, the quantum leap forward in the evolution of email service providers is now open for you to use and profit from the future of email marketing.

–>  Briefly, SendReach:

* Gives you the highest inbox deliverability of any provider, period

* Allows you to import your active lists from other providers

* Hands you 11 different innovative ways to get opt-ins, including one clicks

* Automatically collects public demographic data on your list members

* Lets you target your mailings by age, gender and location data

* Has SMS text messaging integrated at the lowest done-for-you pricing

* Plus way too much more to mention here…

When you realize that everything SendReach delivers is so far beyond what any other email service provider does for you it’s staggering.

Originally, the word was that it would be priced at a premium above all the other well known services because it’s simply so much more valuable.

During the introductory roll out, they’re price matching the lowest prices from all the top providers in the industry,”


A special offer for a LIFE Time One time Pay Account with no monthly Payments ends shortly.

They’re grandfathering you in for life at that price if you lock in an account right away. This means today February 28th.

This really is one of those rare occasions when it will pay to take a look and take action right now, or sorely regret it later.

Go grab your account at the lowest prices in the industry (you’ll get a 30 day no questions asked refund guarantee), then thank me later by putting all its amazing features and power to great use, okay?

Yours for massive success,


P.S. SendReach is blowing the minds of top marketers everywhere. It’s undoubtedly going to take over the top spot as the go to email service provider of choice.
Get your lowest price for life locked in now, while the introductory offer stands.

–>Check Out the Offer Hope You are In Time!

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