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Review: What Are Podcasts? What do Podcasts Do?

What Are Podcasts?    What Do Podcasts Do?


Expert Author Cararta Skipper

This review will take care of explaining the What a podcast is and what a podcast can do, so just keep reading!  I wrote this article as a review of Robert Plank’s Show  as detailed below!

Review: A Robert Plank Podcast, “How to Write an Article in 6 Minutes.”

Robert Plank is a well know author on Ezine Articles and now even becoming well-known on iTunes because of his new “Robert Plank Show” which is a Podcast.  I was listening to one of his weekly “shows,” featured at his blog http://www.robertplank.com/006-articles/  this one called “How to Write an Article in 6 Minutes (Podcast #005)” when I decided to listen and work at the same time.

Contrary to Robert’s usual procedure for doing training, there wasn’t a concentrated section of this podcast focusing on “How to Write an Article in 6 Minutes.” If you have ever gone to one of his webinars conducted with partner Lance Tamashiro, then you are aware that he will announce what the webinar is about and plunge in, full steam ahead until the bitter end… almost without taking a breath it seems!

What did get mentioned today in the podcast was the fact that many article directories now require a minimum of 400 words to get an article published! Since Robert is a great fan of “short and to the point articles” this meant that a little more “meat” would of necessity have to be added to the article body.

Since he had already done an analysis detailing how many average sized sentences are included in a 300 word article, it was immediately necessary to upgrade the statistical analysis revealing how many sentences are necessary to make this magic number of 400 words!

Robert also addresses the fact that when he is writing articles he goes by a formula or structure that works for every subject under the sun. All of his works (of necessity) have a place to start and a way to return to that starting place when you get to the end so you can sum up and complete the journey through the article.

Something he mentioned (I have a problem with this One!) is that it is sometimes difficult to stay on subject for the article. Robert loves numbers and statistics so includes them in almost every article he publishes! (as a result this is where he will get off subject!).

But back to reviewing this podcast on writing an article. The purpose for writing an article is to inform, pre-sell, sell, or for any other reason you want to write an article, including getting links back to your site from the article directory!

Now for some more of Robert’s podcast: He is teaching how to write an article in 6 minutes by verbally walking you through the actions. To begin on this writing trip, get a timer and set it for 6 minutes and start writing.!!!

You should have at least three ideas or how to do its or why to do its that you answer in your article. He reiterated the well know guides that asking a question, detailing a number of ways to do something or just expressing an opinion (permitted in an article) will fill your article body with good content if you take each of the three ideas that you decided on and elaborate on them.

The kicker is that all the ideas need to be somewhat related as to subject so that you can make an outline similar to this and you can say:

  1. Writing an article is easy and quick if you break it down into sections.
  2. A Beginning or introduction of 50 to 100 words,
  3. Three sections explaining your ideas in the introduction to the tune of 100 words each!
  4. To close it off, you go back to the beginning and reemphasize how you have explained all with the information listed above.

What is funny, on this podcast about how to write an article in 6 minutes, Robert does gets off subject by telling everyone to go download a typing program and practice so they can touch type… just type without thinking and things will go faster…

The Major thing that I have noticed about Robert’s podcasts and some of his articles, is that he includes without fail a certain amount of instruction that will assist anyone who is interested in whatever topic he is talking or writing about.

In the case of publishing articles, a person should be doing this in order to improve their marketing and search engine position and definitely using Robert Plank’s suggested formulas and writing tips will make success at this never ending task possible! And his suggestion for brushing up on your typing skills will make the task easier!

So my take on podcasting is this: if you get over zealous and include extra information… then just leave it in. Someone will find it helpful and you won’t have to edit your podcast!

His major suggestion is to take one day (actually only 6 hours) and write as close to 100 articles as you can, divide them up and submit some to his favorite article directory, (he said, “Always submit here first as the articles are reviewed by humans and will not be accepted if the exact content is found somewhere else.”). Then take a few of the articles and use to create your own products, use some to post as a guest blogger and post some on your own blog!

Robert reiterates; “Start and finish the job in one sitting!”

Since the Podcast I listened to while I was doing this review was 60 minutes long, I should have produced 10 articles… Which just goes to prove, I’m not Robert Plank, but I try!

Now to finish off this review: You can record an article instead of typing it out and if you do your set up, then you can post it on iTunes, on your website or even your Facebook pages.

You can let people listen instead of read or read while they listen if you have recorded your blog post, all of which explains a lot of what a podcast is and what a podcast can do!

It is suggested in many podcast programs that you make available a transcript of your podcast (pdf) which makes it internet friendly very similar to the way captions are offered on YouTube videos.

The final word is this: a podcast is simply an mp3 that you have made following one of the numerous programs available, that you have posted it somewhere you think people will enjoy listening to it and have used this old and familiar format to add a little more value to your posts and pages and messages.

A search of my hard drive revealed “podcasts” dated back as far as 2007 (even one by Howard Stern), so this isn’t a “new” overnight sensation, it is just becoming popular again because of all the new phones with extra memory that can handle them! So maybe we are witnessing the reincarnation of another marketing tool!

There is more information, even some details about how to set up and really use podcasting as a marketing tool available on my website. There is a link in the resource box (plus you will be able to listen to the podcast and find out Robert’s favorite Article Directory!).

Happy Talking!


For an in-depth review of a PodCast program visit http://Skipperworks.info/ and look in November, 2012 archives or search for “Review: Robert Plank PodCast Crusher.”

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