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Can You Build an Email List….Just Using Articles on Your Blog?

Still working on building an email list…. Know I need one, Think I want one, but have a feeling of dread at writing emails, emails email …… Don’t mind writing articles, even comments aren’t bad… but emails……………….hard time connecting I know, I’ll just copy Robert Plank’s  emails to me…. put them in a file and […] ...

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So You Want To Build an Email List

Build your email list! Heard that before somewhere? It is so prevalent that it is like mosquitoes  in a Florida swamp! I’ve been working lately, on building an email list after having a WordPress Website since March 5, 2011. When I first got started working on Al Gore’s  Internet, everything I saw was about “Get […] ...

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How to Build an Email List: Fast

How to Build An Email List Fast That Produces Real Income Still not making Real Money with all your Internet Marketing Efforts? If you are like me, you keep working on your site or blog, doing the articles and comments and endless Tweets on Twitter or likes on Facebook. Are you still buying those offers […] ...

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