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So You Want To Build an Email List

Build your email list! Heard that before somewhere? It is so prevalent that it is like mosquitoes  in a Florida swamp! I’ve been working lately, on building an email list after having a WordPress Website since March 5, 2011. When I first got started working on Al Gore’s  Internet, everything I saw was about “Get […] ...

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SEO Keywords for the Future: Audio not Written Text

Is the future of SEO and Keyword Optimization Changing? Is the future of SEO for keywords wrapped in Oral queries and not what you type in on your PC or mobile keyboard? I started my morning with my usual habit: Log into C-panel and check the links in awstats on SkipperWorks, trying to figure out […] ...

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Review: How to Get over 850,000 Visitors Per Month to your Website

How to Get Visitors to your Website  is something you should know before you set up a site Knowing how to get visitors and generate traffic to your website is always the first thing you should think about when setting up a blog or website, because if you don’t have traffic, why bother! Since I am […] ...

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Generate Website Traffic

If you’re an online marketer, you always need to generate consistent traffic to your site on a daily basis. Once visitors arrive at your site, hopefully a certain  percentage of them will  become your subscribers or leads. This is called constant lead generation, and every successful business always have some kind of lead generation system […] ...

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