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Copy Writing Skills

With the help of  Cararta Skipper you can begin learning copy writing skills Visit us today to get your Free Membership in Power Writing  to upgrade your copy writing skills.  Practice makes Perfect if you Have Help !Just to start you thinking,  I have included these two  Videos of Gary Halbert at a seminar explaining how to […] ...

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Can You Build an Email List….Just Using Articles on Your Blog?

Still working on building an email list…. Know I need one, Think I want one, but have a feeling of dread at writing emails, emails email …… Don’t mind writing articles, even comments aren’t bad… but emails……………….hard time connecting I know, I’ll just copy Robert Plank’s  emails to me…. put them in a file and […] ...

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SEO Keywords for the Future: Audio not Written Text

Is the future of SEO and Keyword Optimization Changing? Is the future of SEO for keywords wrapped in Oral queries and not what you type in on your PC or mobile keyboard? I started my morning with my usual habit: Log into C-panel and check the links in awstats on SkipperWorks, trying to figure out […] ...

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5 Power Copy Writing Techniques That Keep Readers Interested

Want to Know How to write Power Copy that Keeps Readers Interested? Here is the Answer: 5 Tips for writing great copy Effective copy writing is a must if you are engaged in selling on the internet.  Discover the 5 tips that you need to capture your readers attention, scale it up to hypnotized interest […] ...

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