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Google Searches in a Graph: Blogger, Money, WordPress

What is going on at Google.

Searching Google for Blogger, Money, and WordPress and ended up with the searches displayed in a Graph. Similar to this one.  

Google Trends Over the Years

Google Trends Over the Years

Graph of three searches.  Think you know what is popular?

Have had this graph on my site for almost two years.

What is interesting about it is this one fact, for two years WordPress and Money have battled it out for the number one position on the graph and Blogger rides the bottom.

Since February, 2014 this battle between the keyword Money and WordPress changes every day…

When I click and go to Google, I can access trends and get other types of  up to date information.  Related searches include some interesting stuff…  Have a look: this was a continuation of the search for “money”. 

Google Charts and Trends

Google Charts and Trends can show some searches related to what you are searching for.

You can pick up your own graph from Google if you would like to display it somewhere on your site.

I’m posting Google Graph in this post because the widget space at the bottom of the page isn’t large enough to display the dates at the end of the lines. 

Previously displayed the chart at the bottom, but removing because of page loading considerations.   Always something! 

By the way search in Google Trends to find the charts.   Sometimes have good suggestions for another article on what you are searching for. 

Not sure I’m interested in getting results for “cheating in video games”.

Just a whimsical offering today.  Get tired or everything always being serious.  Life is Fun.

Hope you had some here today.


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