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Marketing Got You Down? Here is a Solution that Often Solves The Problem

Marketing isn’t always Easy! Running a Blog and posting endless content is fine, if it helps your readers and at the same time increases traffic to your site and even helps you make a little money once in awhile! I love helping people solve problems…it is just part of my nature, but I also need […] ...

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SEO Keywords for the Future: Audio not Written Text

Is the future of SEO and Keyword Optimization Changing? Is the future of SEO for keywords wrapped in Oral queries and not what you type in on your PC or mobile keyboard? I started my morning with my usual habit: Log into C-panel and check the links in awstats on SkipperWorks, trying to figure out […] ...

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Barry Explains How to Add Affiliate Banners to Your WordPress Blog SideBars

Ever wondered why some blogs have such nice, neat, organized side bars?  I know mine get out of hand often, when I get carried away! Recently I went over to visit  a Facebook Friend at his site called Barry Wells’ Blog and really liked his idea of placing 4 smaller sized banner ads in one […] ...

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Review: Cash Blogging Tactics by Stefan Dyke

The Secrets You Need to Blog for Cash John Thornhill Endorsed this Course and he is an Expert at Cash Blogging!   “Discover How YOU Can Easily Make Money Online Using This Simple Blogging System!” “Find Out How To Create Your Very Own Empire Of Blogs Bringing In Real Cash! You Can Start Today, Even If You’re […] ...

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