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Google Searches in a Graph: Blogger, Money, WordPress

What is going on at Google. Graph of three searches.  Think you know what is popular? Have had this graph on my site for almost two years. What is interesting about it is this one fact, for two years WordPress has always been in the number one position on the graph and Blogger rides the […] ...

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Review: Dave Nicholson Says What are the Simplest and Best Ways to Make Money Online

Well, What are some of the Ways to Make Money Online? I can tell you upfront, a way to make money online isn’t spending your day reading blogs and flitting around Facebook and Twitter making comments… Don’t know about you, but I put some thought into the comments I leave on others blogs and their […] ...

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Google Died Everything was gone!

In the middle of the night…really  Yesterday, April 23, 2013, 7:16:46 PM except it was really 1:16  in the morning a.m.  for me….. I’m working on my site still trying to get rid of those ru sites that have infested it, or at least two of my sites…..all of a sudden all my work pages […] ...

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Video How to Create a Blog Site

Video number one in our series. I’m working on a series of articles,  made a challenge for myself, Must write and publish on Ezine and this site 10 articles related to “How to Create a Blog Site!” Here is a link to the  first….submitted to Ezine and approved and now posted here Read As I […] ...

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How to Create a Blog Site

Still Trying to Figure Out How to Create a Blog Site? Starting a blog is very easy now. Grab a host, a Domain name, install WordPress using Fantastico and you are in business! Right. What isn’t easy is creating a successful Blog! I’ve looked around and searched Google for some tips on Start a Blog […] ...

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Review: Bloggers RoadMap

John Thornhill did a review of Dan Sumner’s Bloggers RoadMap that was launched today.    The Product looks and reads like its name:  The Bloggers Roadmap.  A quick read of the information included in the ebook scans as a complete product that stands on its own feet.  I understand there is a companion offer of […] ...

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