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Barry Explains How to Add Affiliate Banners to Your WordPress Blog SideBars

Ever wondered why some blogs have such nice, neat, organized side bars?  I know mine get out of hand often, when I get carried away!

Recently I went over to visit  a Facebook Friend at his site called Barry Wells’ Blog and really liked his idea of placing 4 smaller sized banner ads in one larger ad to help reduce the clutter in the  sidebar.

Considering that it is done with a Free to download software (Kompozer)  and Barry’s instructions in the video embedded below, the Price is absolutely right!

This process is new to me, and may be new to you, so I borrowed his video that tells you exactly how to do it and installed it here!   His post had several other very functional ideas to help with this side bar organization so you might like to take a read, after you find out how to make 4 ads into one!

I know that I am guilty of finding something new, can’t live without it , so into the sidebar it goes.  At one time I had two side bars on this blog,  both loaded with things!  Give away offers, things to buy and just things to go and read!

We really should put as much thought and planning into the side bar as we do the layout of the whole blog!  Coordination of  ads to blog content should be mandatory!  Also, I have reached the point where I am setting up to begin building an email list.  In the course I’m looking at by Dave Nicholson there is the mention that people must be able to see your optin  or request to join your list and not be distracted by other things on the page.

If Google  AdSense can connect ads to content and  do it while not even sitting there looking  at our Post…surely we can do it while typing in a post or page!

Our Sidebars on our blogs, should be a directory of desirable  places to go and things to check out,  Not a huge Neon Blinking  Sales Sign dragging our visitors off into the Netherlands never to return!

Watch the video below and learn how to make four affiliate ads into one banner ad on your blog sidebar.

Redoing  your sidebar should make it more productive by creating a  blog that is  neater, organized and attractive to visitors thereby increasing your subscriptions and membership.

So make some changes today to  enhance your blog!

Take a look around, if you have a suggestion for us, please hit the Comment Box and let up know!…. Or if you think we are on the right Track, give us a LIKE!



You can visit Barry here:  http://barry-wells.com/are-your-sidebars-working






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