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Backup Creator Review Almost 100,000 Users

A recent review of Backup Creator revealed that over 963,000 plugin are in use.  That means it   is closing in on being used by over
One Hundred Thousand happy users.

I Count myself among them.  Having purchased it on the day it was officially released,

I have used it ever since on any site I have put up. Prevent the dismay that comes from breaking your site and don’t know how to fix it.

This works for that too.  Just do a backup before you make changes each time…do your work and if ok, back up again..so you always have two currents backups.

This site in particular has been rescued three different times because I was lucky enough to have it installed. 

Nothing worse than navigating to your site and getting an error code instead… Oh Happy Day! or not even an error code just a plain white screen, or even worse one of those fashion conscious guys with a mask and funky music, pointing out that he now “owns” your site.

Take a short trip and watch the training video…there is some good training included..how to use this plugin to service clients..doing backups, clones, move sites from server to server..even provide security in the form of safely stored backups. Watch video here.

If you are into installing sites for clients, would it be nice to have a “template” site with all the plugins, legal pages, etc in place and just have to install, edit the content and it is ready to go?

I have used it to move sites from one server to another…
Very simple get your domain, name servers pointed then install a fresh WordPress on the domain in the new server.

Upload Backup Creator plugin, hit restore and send it to get the backup you have saved, either on your hard drive, S3 or dropbox…Three or Four clicks and the work is done.

Just like Robert Plank says somewhere in the video, “click, click, click and it is done.”

Just an added note, the greatest gift from this plugin is the assurance of an easy fix when the Hackers come calling. 

If you have a backup of everything on your site then the clean up and repair is a much happier and worry free undertaking.  

Enough chatter from me, go watch some great training on how to use a plugin to make a living.

  For Real.


I really love this plugin it has saved my site more than once.

Move your WordPress Site or Back it Up in Less Five Minutes

How to Move Your WordPress Site  or Back it Up in Less Than 5 Minutes

Backup Creator the Magic WordPress Plugin Is the Answer!

Don’t Get Caught without it.

Clone your blog or just save your blogs.

You can create a blog setup you like, monetize, install all your plugins,  do all the back end work, copy it with Backup Creator and install it on any domain you want.

Different content and a new Title on each will create a completely NEW WordPress blog.  Even plugins and widgets are transferred and arrive working!

If you want to know what it can do, this site has been completely reworked for a coaching class on WordPress setup I am taking.

Want to see what it looked like before it got demolished?  Go here:  http://SkipperWorks.biz

I changed the theme and started over here after the transfer.


If you need some more information, Click and Go Here.

Backup Creator the WordPress Cloner

Back up or Clone Your Entire WordPress Site with Backup Creator

Ever had that sinking feeling when you clicked on your site and it was gone?  If you want to prevent it keep Reading!

You signed in and all you got was a Blank Page or maybe even a 404 with an ad from Host Gator to sign up for a penny? This will never happen to me again.

Backup Creator is the Solution to Missing WordPress Websites!

I now have Backup Creator, to be exact this site  before it was changed was transferred to http://SkipperWorks.biz/

I backed up this site that I am working on for a Thornhill coaching class…I wanted to transfer it because this site has some more work to be done and I rather liked the look of the other theme that I was using.

It took me about five minutes (I have an old computer and a slow ISP) to install this plugin, create a backup and install this complete site with pages, posts, categories, plugins EVERYTHING working!

Instant Backup Instant Clone

Just click one button and your backup is automatically created and shipped to the secure destination of your choice. It can even be moved from one server to another.

Protect Yourself

Whether you have a blog that you use to keep your family updated on your latest vacation, operate a successful online store or create websites for other people you will feel better knowing that your blogs, websites and templates are just a single-click away.

 Clone-It Technology

The proprietary Clone-It technology ensures that you can quickly and easily deploy unlimited number of client sites pre configured in just seconds if you are a developer.

Want some more information?


  • Simple. Safe. Secure.
  1. Easy to use.

Simply point, click and relax knowing that your websites and blogs are safe and secure and the best support I’ve ever had. I wanted to use my favorite email instead of my pay pal email to power the plugin. Sent off a request to support and Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank responded and the Emails weren’t from an auto responder.  Have already received an update,  no need to do much housekeeping,  just get rid of the old versions, you don’t lose your backups,  JUST DOWNLOAD, INSTALL, ACTIVATE and use the newer version.


What I like is I can back up my total site, download the backup to my computer and as soon as I get another portable drive for backup (trogans ate my other one) save the zip file there and be completely secure.  Of course it would be possible to store a copy on your server or a cloud server.



 Here is a new item by Robert Plank,  Notepad that hangs around.

This  is a really cute trick!   Notepad that you can use on your membership site to keep track of where you are and where you”ve been.  Just Click Here to go Get It.

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