SEO Keywords for the Future: Audio not Written Text

Is the future of SEO and Keyword Optimization Changing?

Is the future of SEO for keywords wrapped in Oral queries and not what you type in on your PC or mobile keyboard?
I started my morning with my usual habit: Log into C-panel and check the links in awstats on SkipperWorks, trying to figure out what keywords are being linked to!

If you aren’t in the know, I’ve had a huge problem with this nice collection of Chinese bots…haven’t figured out if they are really searching for information or just spamming my site…I mean 1,868,323 “Hits” so far this month and going strong.

They all link to one article….every one. I had almost as many 400 errors as hits from them. Took a chance and changed the title of the article…just added one word to the front end of the title and edited the perma link.

My Chinese bots dutifully followed the article, so now I am getting a soup can full of 302s instead of 400s.

But this interesting experiment isn’t what I want to talk about today!

Do You Spend To Much Time Learning SEO and not Doing?

I, unfortunately tend to stay to much in the “learning” phase of blogging, instead of the Doing it Now and make some needed cash! Just to put things into perspective, I definitely have a deficit when it comes to doing my SEO….find a good keyword and some extras and write an article including them all.

Think I was following a link from Lisa Magoulas and ended up on and started reading an article by Will Critchlow about using voice queries to do searches on the phone….

His initial take was that voice navigation instead of typing in keywords wasn’t going to make it!
In his own defense he presented a lot of reasons why he came to this conclusion….The whole article is here: for your convenience in checking it out!

To make a long story shorter, Will thinks  that Google has developed and is refining  the process of doing “audio or voice” searches which combines minimum input with your personal information to return the results you want immediately.

Remember that laughed at social sharing thing called Google + that hardly anyone uses?   Hangouts?  Google Chat?

SEO and Your YouTube Videos…Sound Counts as Much as Text?

I know from listening to Ray Lane the Video Guy that he recommends repeating your YouTube video title and your major keyword (which should be in the title) when you begin talking on your videos…all for the SEO benefits…

He seems to think that these “Audio” keywords are just as important or even more important than those tags we enter and keywords sprinkled into the description.

Since Keyword optimization is part of my active quest for ranking my site (wrong goal, Google ranks Pages not sites!) I was happy to run across this article and some of the gold included.

It all goes back to why some of my videos rank quickly and others just sit there unless I Tweet or Facebook them to get some traffic! Definitely videos with a voice over, even not keyword optimized seem to do better than the ones with music.

Since you can now end up with a Google or is it Youtube transcription on your video…should you be doing your own transcript and attaching it to your videos?

If one is attached, you can edit it and include your marvelous keywords in the first line and sprinkle them down in the body and at the end….just as if you were writing an article to post on your blog…

Somewhere I read that the transcript doesn’t even need to make sense, just give the “robots” an indication of what the video is all about.

The reasoning was that most transcripts furnished by Youtube often don’t reflect exactly what is being said in the video…so the theory expounded was just add your keywords where you want them.

Which brings me to the real reason I was so interested in this article about Voice Querying instead of typing in keywords. I am looking for a program that will take the audio from a video and type it out for you….Instant transcript…instead of paying a service (can’t afford right now) to do the time consuming work for you.

I’ve looked at several add ons in Google Chrome but they aren’t rated that reliable just yet.

Anyone have the name or a link to a program they have used to produce transcripts that doesn’t break the bank?

I’d be interested…leave a comment and let me know!

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10 Responses to “SEO Keywords for the Future: Audio not Written Text”

  • Ray on June 12, 2013

    Totally agree, which means all those Animoto videos people make may become pretty useless soon.

    • Cararta on June 12, 2013

      A lot of them are probably useless already.. I made a couple of videos on YouTube with
      cartoon characters, but they do have Speech…
      Have a few floating around that are slides and music..which to me is easy, but I know from
      comparing them with the ones I’ve done with voice over…don’t get as many looks.

      Have you done any testing to see which is more effective?
      Music or Speech?

  • Luke Lovall on June 12, 2013

    My music backed videos are ranking well and have none with voice overs to compare. interesting article!

    • Cararta on June 14, 2013

      Hi Luke,

      I have several with music only and some with voice overs. With all things being equal…correct keywords, titles and tags,
      from my few videos, it seems to me that I get rank quicker on the voice overs as compared to the music videos.

      Limited information from me, not that many total videos!


  • Barry Wells on June 13, 2013

    Hi Cararta,

    Have you added a robots.txt to try and deal with the bot problem?

    You’ve really got me thinking here with the videos and adding keywords into what we’re saying. I think I do naturally but will have to make a point of doing so in future.

    I don’t know of any instant transcription tools Cararta but maybe Dragon Naturally Speaking? That may be a long way around though…

    Best of luck,

    • Cararta on June 13, 2013

      Hi Barry,

      It got me to thinking when I read that article about “Verbal” keywords. I knew already
      in my mind that Google had to have a way to access what is being said on videos…otherwise
      how could they do transcripts????

      And another thing I had already noticed, on YouTube if I was trying to get a video listed in a
      certain category eg: Sugar Control Diet or Fight Type 2 Diabetes that it was much easier to at least get listed in
      the first 5 or so on videos that I made and Talked on, rather than just slides with music..

      All with a lot less keyword stuffing in the description and in the Tag area…

      As for the bots, haven’t checked them today, but yesterday I bit the bullet and edited my htaccess file
      and copied the whole page of bots that Host Gator recommended to add..(even told me how to do it) site is
      still here and loading, so I must have done it Right!
      I might be messing up, Maybe I have a huge following in China for Skipper Works! (Ha!)

  • Sergio Felix on June 14, 2013

    Hey Cararta,

    I found the suggestion on saying the title of your video in the beginning interesting, not sure if it actually helps in ranking but hey, if YouTube is “smart” enough to recognize a song why wouldn’t it recognize words?

    As for the transcript goes, they are actually helpful and they do help rank your videos. I know this from a some highly trusted resources.

    I mean the transcripts that you submit yourself, not the automatically generated ones and I actually cringed when I read “the transcript doesn’t even need to make sense, just give the “robots” an indication of what the video is all about.”

    That’s the EXACT reason why Google had to come up with all the Panda, Penguin, etc., kind of updates because of people ruining it for everyone else.

    The transcripts are there for a reason, let the impaired know what the heck the video is about, not to “sprinkle keywords for the robots and to not make any sense”.

    I’m pretty sure that Youtube is already taking care of the transcript situation (if it’s being abused already) you know, programmers are always one step ahead in the game.

    It’s silly to try to win at a game in which your opponent controls all the rules.


    • Cararta on June 14, 2013

      Hi Sergio,

      Agree with you on the transcripts…

      Went back to the YouTube Guru that suggested just sprinkling in keywords into the
      transcript, just to verify for myself that he did say that is how he uses transcripts….seems he now has an account problem with YouTube….this might be the reason?

      Like You and Daniel Sumner always say…follow the rules…so guess it wouldn’t hurt to check your transcripts and
      correct misspelled words or wrong words, but don’t go adding and sprinkling around.

      Just make sure if you are doing a Voice Over Video to repeat your title and maybe even say this is what we are doing today….
      So have a script for at least the beginning and end of the video…I tend to do them like I post…
      Just start and do, but if you are in this for some money besides the Giving and Helping, then it is becoming more and more
      Important to Plan What You Do.

      All of which I’m sure you’ve discovered in your epic Product Creation Journey with a 1,000 videos.

      Thanks for taking time out of your busy day for a visit!


  • Adrienne on June 14, 2013

    Hey Cararta,

    I’ve been told to not rely on the stats on your server because they are never reliable.

    If you visit your own blog 10 times a day it will be counted so that’s something to consider as well.

    First time I’ve heard this about the videos and I’m not surprised that the voice recognition would have something to do with ranking keywords. Of course I’m not sure how all of that works but I’m sure there’s no harm in repeating the title just to be on the safe side. I mean what do you have to lose right!

    That’s really very interesting and I know with my hearing loss that the people who do want to enjoy videos appreciate the transcripts. I had this conversation a few years back who is a big advocate for the hearing impaired. I know I’ll probably be heading in that direction in my future with the way I’m going.

    Thanks for this share and enjoy your weekend.


    • Cararta on June 15, 2013

      Hi Adrienne,

      I think I have a hearing deficit growing also, just in certain ranges. I
      use Profits theme on this site and am having a terrrrible time understanding
      Welly Mulia’s videos on how to set it up…

      Even went to YouTube, but they aren’t any better there! He has a low voice
      and I call what I hear a Mumble Roar without enough volume!

      I often wondered about the sound on videos, if it would make a difference,
      especially after they started furnishing transcripts…If they can type it out
      then their little robots (bots?) can read it.

      Even on some of the “Biggies” videos featuring their latest songs, they have
      someone do an into and of course it includes the Artist’s name and the Song Title.

      Back to work for me, trying to set up an optin page, think I am going to have
      to resort to making a list. Did Aweber, partly…but still need to upload
      the ebook, get that url, insert into the thank you page they get after signing
      up…so complicated even with a theme “that does it for you” if you have all
      the nuts and bolts in place!
      Have a nice weekend…It looks like we won’t have rain for a change!


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