Review: YouTube Traffic Generation

YouTube Traffic Generation for Your Website!

Figured out how to use YouTube to generate real traffic to your website?


I haven’t really either, but I tried an experiment after I looked at these figures.

YouTube Traffic
92,100,000 results  Bing
SearchAbout 168,000 results (0.26 seconds)  google

YouTube Traffic Generator  (google)
SearchAbout 1,620,000 results (0.23 seconds

YouTube Website Traffic  (google)
SearchAbout 112,000 results (0.14 seconds

There is all this Traffic going somewhere.

I’d like some on my website!   Wouldn’t you?

I recently attended a webinar about traffic and was told change the way I look for keywords on YouTube.  It isn’t Google!

Here is a video I made about a Diabetes site that I work on all  the time, traffic is building slowly, but I’d like more! Faster!

Since this is my First Live Voice over video…just did it for practice,  I let a friend,

Sergio Felix  look at it and he said run it anyway. Sergio  said I should make my new videos shorter,

but use this one  “as is!”

So I did.

Need Help Using YouTube Videos to Generate Website Traffic?

Don’t know about you, but I’d like some help in doing it right!

I found this program while I was doing all the above searches for this article…..clicked wrong  and there it was!

It seems to have everything thing I need listed.

Loved the Sales Page, has all the information listed about how to really cash in on YouTube traffic.  Not the usual hype.  If no equipment shows how to do 30 second videos using your PC with voiceover.  Very skillful Keywords search training.  The short videos produce and there is a mention of training on how to use them for back links to your site.

Practical information….not just theory!

Haven’t had time to go through it yet, will do so as soon as I finish this post (had it planned already about using YouTube to get traffic to MY diabetes  website!)

You can check it out here!  Just click below on the link.

Click here to view more details

This is my affiliate link, so be warned, if you like it as much as I do and buy, I just  might get paid some compensation…If I set it up right.

At least go read the sales page, some great ideas there!  All about generating and sharing YouTube Traffic Generation.  No time like today!

Click here to view more details


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