Pinterest What? Find the How at Marketing MiniClasses

Review: Marketing MiniClasses-What You Get When You Join!

Helping you to Succeed with all the Support you Need

is blazed across the top of the membership home page, if you just type in the url and go to see what it is all about!. Or just click here to take a look!


Marketing MiniClasses

Marketing MiniClasses

or later if you want a detailed list of what is in this Membership see it on
the Sales page and check it out here:  This is my link to the sales page, so if you want a complete  explanation  of what is on offer this is the  place to read about the Marketing MiniClasses and how it is set up.

Since I was surprised with a gift of membership….picked by Barry Wells….I was aware that part of
the gift required a review of the Membership posted on my Blog as part of my acceptance and use.

Unfortunately at the same time as I acquired this opportunity to become a member of a group that promised help when you need it...just ask a question and get an answer, I became involved with Host Gator in having to redo almost every blog or website I had listed in my account with them because I was using to much CPU.

Never occurred to me to come back to the membership and ask for help….just kept plugging along on my own.
Used almost three months of time that I could ill afford to eventually solve the problem!

At the same time, there was a hiccup with the Membership site…they decided to change their setup and did, so sometimes
when I came back to watch a WordPress video or look for something…I sometimes had a problem logging in, because my Gmail
email address that I use to get updates from the membership kept hiding them so, finding what I wanted to use was a chore!

But, I really wasn’t alone.

Barry Wells, my chosen mentor…(I abducted him from Facebook and could always manage a comment with his name
highlighted so I’d get an answer or suggestion to help me out with my struggle with Host Gator!)

Also because he was added onto the Membership staff, he noticed
my unsuccesssful login efforts and got my correct log in information to me via Facebook Chat which meant I got it right away and didn’t need to depend on an overloaded email box!

I do a lot of posting, sometimes on Twitter and my Facebook Fan pages, but felt I had a problem with using Pinterest!
So today,  I’ll not be doing a complete review of this whole membership program.

Barry did a great review of the Membership and posted it on his Blog
You can read it here:  Marketing Mini classes All is Revealed  that details every thing on the site!

Plus there is another great review written in May by Donald MacLeod :  Marketing MiniClasses   Which details every hidey hole on the site!

I like this small excerpt from Barry Wells article (Link Above):

Sharing is caring…
If you’ve enjoyed this post and the tour of Marketing Mini Classes then please use the tools available to share it with your friends and followers. Who knows, it could be just what they have been hoping for.

Now down to the real business of this post.

I decided that since I am a member (still in good standing) to use the course that is provided on how to use Pinterest.
Found my new credentials, logged in, opened up the course…and starting watching the videos.
One thing I’m happy with is that they are short!

Learn How to Really Use Pinterest!  The Easy Way.

It makes it much easier to go sign into my Pinterest account and work along with the videos as
I learn things I never knew about Pinterest!

Since we are all involved with blogging for two good reasons….helping others learn what they need to know to hopefully become successful bloggers and at the same time earn some income to help support our efforts, then using Pinterest as a Social sharing place seemed logical!

I was grateful to discover that Pinterest at this time doesn’t seem to mind links to your website or even affiliate links!

A Membership With Great Support

A Membership With Great Support

So I went to Pinterest and made some changes…edited       some of the descriptions, because you can put a working  link in a description!

Take a Look!

Now that is a great  improvement over what I had there     before!

I still have some more work to do to finish the complete

Pinterest course,  more than half way through.

Sharing on Pinterest is the clue…just like sharing on

Facebook is important.

Something important I found out in this course is the

importance of using keywords….even on Pinterest SEO


If your curiosity isn’t peaked yet, I think you need to go

to Facebook and join our group….comment and get  acquainted with some of the members or our group.

Here, I’ll make it easy:   Marketing MiniClasses on Facebook 

If you know a friend who is having a hard time learning what they need to know about Blogging, Using Videos, Marketing and trying to make money on the internet…then share our Marketing Miniclasses with them.   Since I am only about one half way through the Pinterest program, I’ll come back at a later and update on what else I have learned.  Cararta Likes Marketing MiniClasses

20 Responses to “Pinterest What? Find the How at Marketing MiniClasses”

  • Barry Wells on October 16, 2013

    Hi Cararta,

    Thanks very much for the kind words and the review of the Pinterest miniclass, I’m really pleased to hear that it’s helping you over there 🙂

    I’m pleased to hear that you got your CPU issue resolved just a shame it took so much of your time.

    Sorry you were unable to log on for a while, as soon as I noticed I put that right and knowing you on Facebook it seemed the fastest way of getting your details to you.

    We had to change memberships platforms and that meant having to rework part of the site, which is why it was changed around…. But all good again now 😉

    Be sure to check out some of the other miniclasses Cararta… There’s more coming 🙂

    Thanks again for the kind words Cararta and for linking to mine and Donald’s reviews.

    All the best,

    • Cararta on October 16, 2013

      Thanks Barry,

      As you can tell from this post, I wasted a huge amount of time working on
      something by my self that I was completely uneducated on.

      It is funny, I didn’t seem to have a problem with WordPress and my sites,
      then back in January started having problems.

      Hope they are gone, but you can never tell.

      Have got to go back and finish my Pinterest videos. Seems I read somewhere that
      they do not like direct affiliate links, but said ok to direct to your site or a page
      on a site that might include your link on it.

      Like the new view inside the membership where everything is so well laid out, makes it
      very easy to find what you want to work on today.

      Thanks for the advice on the header…took 30 seconds and fixed!


  • Donald on October 16, 2013

    Hi Pal,

    An excellent post. I haven’t been on MM for a while. Haven’t been doing much. After reading your post I’ll have to get back into the swing of things. Pinterest is something I haven’t done much really, opened an account and added some prints but that’s about it.

    Thanks for the mention, appreciate that. As for Barry, what can you say. Great guy, helped me out a few times and if you struggle he will actually do it for you. Was having a problem with opt ins etc, helped me out. It’s such a long time I have done opt ins etc might have to ask for help again…lol. I have just remembered, when they changed the set up of the site. I haven’t changed the banners on my blog, they don’t work, best get that sorted.

    I am also going to close down my eBay shop and un list my products. Sols one item in as many weeks and not worth the monthly fee. Anyway, sorry for digressing. Good luck with your Pinterest. Let us know how you get on.

    Kind Regards


    • Cararta on October 17, 2013

      Hi Donald,

      Thanks for the look in.
      Don’t worry about digressing….I do it even in the middle of an article!

      I almost bought one of those mini programs about Pinterest, but thought I remembered seeing something in a list of videos available on Marketing MiniClasses so saved some $.

      One of the reasons for my interest was a statistic that I saw on the effectiveness of different places to get traffic to your site or to a product you were selling …If I remember correctly Pinterest rated a hefty 23.2% while Facebook and Twitter were both under 3% twitter almost non existent now (this figure was for conversions from organic not paid traffic).

      I don’t remember if they defined conversion as just giving you an email address or actually clicking on a link.

      Well, Ebay for me is a dirty word. All I ever did on it was lose money for listing things, don’t believe that if I read and memorized every word of John Thornhill’s Power Seller that it would have made any difference!

      If you want a good link cloaker that you can change the affiliate url in and it will change it for everywhere you have the link posted, give me a shout out or PM on Facebook. You can also substitute a similar product if you are unhappy with the one you have in there now or as happens sometimes the offer is pulled!

      Optins I’m getting better at, so if need help and Guru Barry is busy, post in the forum at MMC for help…that way when you get an answer, it will still be there the next time you need it, plus as Steve King reminded me,it might just help someone else!


  • andy moore on October 16, 2013

    Looks good. Seems if you’re using WP then you can use Pretty Link Lite for your aff links to Pinterest. Try it. It’s a WP plugin. May be what you’re looking for as it has the url of your site in it.

    • Cararta on October 17, 2013

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the suggestion. You can enter affiliate links in it and it
      also adds your site to the link so that to Pinterest it appears as a site link
      not a affiliate link?
      Actually I have a link cloaker on one of my sites that might fit the bill, this Pretty Link Lite, when I went to WP org to read about it seems to have a problem with posting ads on your dashboard which many people felt unacceptable..

  • Steve King on October 17, 2013

    Hi Cararta

    That’s an interesting read. I hope you don’t wait as long next time you have a problem 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Pinterest Boards once you’re up and running.


    • Cararta on October 17, 2013

      Hi Steve,

      Think you are right about the asking for help. More heads are better
      than one. I work alone and just never occurred to me to get help, figured
      the pocketbook needed to be open and ready.

      What I have gradually found out is that others have run into the same problem and
      often can tell you in a minute how to fix something you’ve worked on for hours.

      Plan to return and finish my Pinterest shortly and will certainly post an update!

      Already found out that I can remove and rearrange things to make it organized, but also
      discovered that I should keep some non related general interest things for people who aren’t
      looking for Internet Marketing or WordPress information.

      For Pinterest, Variety is the spice of life as long as you have a Nice Picture!

  • Change Your Mindset on October 18, 2013

    […] I’m actually reviewing one of the Marketing Miniclasses on my blog at the moment: Learn How to Really Use Pinterest!  The Easy Way You can check out what is on Marketing MiniClasses click and go […]

    • Cararta on December 7, 2013

      Nice, good videos and training at Marketing MiniClasses.

  • Silviu on October 19, 2013


    Nice post and beautiful image created for the membership site.
    I do not use Pinterest now. I used it in the past and I will use it again with a business account. Interesting. I didn’t know they allow affiliate links.
    Pinterest is beautiful, attractive and exciting when you have your own products and your own pictures to post there. I learned a lot of things on Pinterest, good and bad.
    The good: very powerful attractor. When you post a beautiful picture, it is shared (re-pinned) by hundreds and hundreds of people and it brings you followers.
    Also, it gives you a beautiful aesthetic experience.
    The bad: you have to be very careful with the pictures you re-pin. The best is to use your own pictures. Otherwise, you will get copyright warnings or even worse.
    All in all it is a great network and it deserves it’s place in the social media world.

    Have a wonderful day

    • Cararta on October 20, 2013

      Hi Silviu,

      I agree with you about the use of photographs on Pinterest! I try to pick things to share that have great photographs or graphics of their own. I have few photos of my own that I would share publicly except for my garden and Dogwood tree.

      Recently read about a blogger with a problem because he used a photo he had bought in a PLR package…labeled as free to use, but it wasn’t. Even has a disclaimer about getting correct permissions..especially if the pictures are of people.

      Unfortunately now Pinterest seems to strip affiliate ids from links…in other words if you are selling an Amazon product..the link will go to Amazon without your id which isn’t what you intended.

      There are various suggestions for getting around this…like making a video, post on Youtube and include your link in the video and the description and it will work. Or, if you use a nice image on a review of what is being sold it is quite permissible to post a link back to the review on your site. More than one way to skin a cat!

      Thanks for the reinforcing advice about being cautious in the use of others images.


  • Adrienne on October 19, 2013

    If it’s one thing I’ve learned since I started really blogging Carolyn is to ask for help. Yep, I don’t know everything and that’s pretty darn obvious. I know that Barry is always on the ball supporting others and it sounds like the membership area is another one that is willing to help.

    Glad you finally dove in after getting things situated and made Pinterest a priority. I know it’s a great site if you have the right information to share and sounds like you definitely do.

    Glad to hear your thoughts on their site and thanks for your review.


    • Cararta on October 20, 2013

      Hi Adrienne,

      It is funny Adrienne that you should mention Barry and Help in the same breath! I know he is busy,
      but he is always there if you need a hands up. Not just for me either! If just one in ten of all
      the people that I know he has helped joined Marketing MiniClasses it would be over run!

      The interesting thing about this membership is the fact that the “classes” are mini. I had on my paper list of things to do today…go finish
      the Pinterest training…it is easy to get distracted and leave things sitting. The way the Pinterest class is laid out it is easy to go back, select a video and review something I’m unsure about.

      Old habits are hard to kick…and one of mine is to figure out things for myself…which I’m finding out isn’t an asset with “fixing” problems with WordPress websites even though they are touted as being easy!

      Thanks for coming by for a visit.


  • Change Your Mindset on October 21, 2013

    […] I’m actually reviewing one of the Marketing Miniclasses on my blog at the moment: Learn How to Really Use Pinterest!  The Easy Way […]

    • Cararta on December 7, 2013

      Check out Marketing MiniClasses. This post was written as the program was
      being used. Go See what is talked about!

  • Sergio Felix on November 7, 2013

    Hey Carolyn,

    I’m not too familiar with Steve’s work but I’ve seen Mandy and Barry’s websites before and I know their work is top notch and can’t recommend them highly enough.

    About your hosting problem, I remember logging in to your cPanel before I think? And I told you to better start from scratch since everything was too messed up for even attempting to fix up (so much screwing with htacccess parameters, so many subdomains, so many databases, lots of plugins per wordpress installation, etc)

    It was literally “so many of everything”.

    I know you had a lot of content and didn’t want to start from scratch again and that’s perfectly understandable, I think I would honestly have just bought a new hosting account and slowly move site by site (recreating them, not copying and pasting the files from one server to another) until I had everything done, then just request to HostGator to reset completely the old hosting account.

    With their anniversary that just passed by, you could have used their 50% off on any plan (even if you already have an account with them) and get a secondary account. They always make another 50% off day on Black Fridays just so you know.

    Apart from that, I know you’re in superb hands with Mandy, Steve and Barry and Barry has always been about over delivering value.

    Hope you’re doing good and look forward to seeing your first successful marketing websites very soon!


    • Cararta on November 19, 2013

      Hi Sergio,

      I did have my hosting account reset following your advise.

      The biggest problem I’ve had is not the sites so much as bunches or hordes of Chinese bots
      along with a few ru ones as well attaching to several of my domains.

      Host Gator finally helped me with a three page .htaccess page that screams “Don’t Come Here Anymore.” Plus
      I made a quick trip to China and complained…think that did more good than anything after I finally found a place where one of those things was hosted and they supplied an email address for abuse. Hope they didn’t behead
      the guy running the bot shop!

      Something else interesting, I found the ru linker who was linking to my SugarControlDiet site and this one….with every Russian
      video site in business that featured Paid cohabitation (if you get my meaning).

      There were over 70 PDF files loaded with links, often two and three pages long, each line some poor dupe like me, getting slaughtered. He was living the good life, using a Church Forum that no one ever monitored, Bradley Anderson checked it out for me, said the script on the site had not been changed in over two years.

      I called the church and requested cease and desist. My traffic fell off a little, but now in Awstats from Host Gator AND Google Analytics the keywords displayed are no longer acne, those Fake Bags and Sunglasses.

      I haven’t spent much time at Marketing Miniclasses..overwhelmed with other things!.

      That Black Friday…do they do that on the day after Thanksgiving also? I used to think it was at Easter!

      Don’t think you are getting off the hook, I’ve been watching some of your videos when I can get in. Like the little tricks and
      short handy. Always had a problem with numbered and unnumbered points until you showed me how!

      Have a super Honey Moon and come back wired for Go!


  • Donna Merrill on December 30, 2013

    I didn’t know you were going through all these problems. When I do I shout it out on Facebook. There is always someone to come to the rescue.

    I know you are in good hands with Barry because I’ve known him a long time. He is one guy in the industry that won’t let you down.

    Using your ideas on Pinterest is awesome! Good Luck with it.


    • Cararta on January 2, 2014

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the sympathy! and the advice!

      You are right about Barry, If he can’t help you find the
      solution he knows who might know! With his new job at Marketing Miniclasses plus
      his own blogs and programs, I don’t know how he finds the time…but he does!

      One thing I have found out about Pinterest is to get any results, you really need
      Great graphics and Photos..and with all the Legal Beagles running around, use
      your own as much as possible.
      Happy New Year again.

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