Pinterest Changes Now! Banning Affiliate Marketers Links


I was reading along on Facebook and ran across this article
about Pinterest. Seems they are now banning affiliate links.


Here is a small excerpt from the article….

“Build your own blog / brand
Provide added value
Link back to your site from third-party venues
Build a list
Create a relationship with those on your list
Care about your readers
Market to those people as if they were your friends and family

The message is and always will be – work to build a business (emphasis on WORK).”

Since I had learned a hard lesson already, dealt out by Google through YouTube I was a little leery when it came to Pinterest

Pinterest Post Free Ebook

Pinterest Post Free Ebook


Even though Everyone said, Pinterest allows affiliate links, but I had this
doubt way down in my soul.

So for the most part, when I pinned anything
on Pinterest…that should have had an affiliate link in it…

I instead
linked back to a post on my site or

to a shared page site that I use and
let the affiliate link exist there…

either as a banner ad in the side bar

or a text ad in the content.


 So except for a couple of videos pinned from YouTube that had

links in the first line of the description…everything was intact…..

All my links were to Posts or pages on my site or something that I had liked and

shared from someone else and the link was to their content on their website.

The moral of the whole story, is to build your own business, don’t depend on someone else or something they are letting you use.

Keep in mind, that if you don’t own it, you don’t control it. I’m not saying don’t use Social Sites or other programs,

just handle with care…you are a “renter” paid or unpaid. So your stay can be limited by your landlord….

I mean have you ever taken the trouble to read YouTube’s terms of Service especially when you are signing up to use something new? 

I always notice that little threat so artfully inserted into that mountain of text:  This is being offered for free to use, but at a later date we might charge for this…Google, who just happens to be YouTube’s landlord.

Unfortunately the same thing can be said for paid programs that you use, especially if they are web hosted and not in your control. …..
Doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes things disappear and your house built on someone’s property comes tumbling down when the foundation is removed.


Have you ever had a nice surprise like that?  I’d be interested in the details. 

Seems almost like they had a Secret

Super Power Social Sites Webinar and forgot to invite us to attend.


That is the reason, I started this article with the ending of the one I read.  Still true.  Depend on what you build and what you own and control.     

Agree or Disagree….


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4 Responses to “Pinterest Changes Now! Banning Affiliate Marketers Links”

  • zora on February 18, 2015

    Thanks Artagene , Fantastic and informative article. Many, many people that are using pent-rest with affiliate link should read your great article .Good Job.

    Zora Blume

    • Cararta on February 18, 2015

      Thanks for the Thumbs up Zora.
      I was lucky, have some Pinterest, but was always very
      cautious with what I posted.

  • Mayura on March 1, 2015

    Hi Arta,

    Wow… I had no idea about the ban and I’ve never intended to pin away affiliate links in the first place either. Thanks for breaking the news for me 🙂

    I know almost all my blogging friends doesn’t pin with affiliate links either, but still there are opportunists doesn’t worry about the right and wrong. Isn’t it? 🙂

    Again, you have an excellent advice for us all who are using Social Media as well. Either it’s Pinterest or Facebook, paid or unpaid, we shouldn’t be abusing the platform.

    Now… this post getting pinned on Pinterest and hope Pinterest folks will learn about it as well 😉

    You have a lovely weekend dear 🙂 Of course, with brownies.


    • Cararta on March 2, 2015

      Hi Mayura,

      Sorry the news shocked you.
      I read the news on a Facebook post so went and checked it
      out for myself.
      Seems the problem was caused by two organizations that did automatic
      pinning, which led to spam, which led to server overload, which slowed Pinterest down,
      which led Pinterest to ban those links
      which include tracking..which is most affiliate links.

      That is a bunch of Which s!
      Almost makes me thing of witches! Regardless, a little common sense and caution should be
      included when using someone else’s hospitality.

      Of course Pinterst is like Twitter and Facebook…you need an income to keep running a free
      to use service, so I would imagine that if you want Pins with links in them to something other
      than your are going to pay.

      Thank you Mayura, I did have a great weekend…our ICE finally melted, plus I have almost
      eaten all that huge bag of Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle. Almost paper thin sheets of crunchy Chocolate. Yummy.

      Cheers to you!

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