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Omar Martin asked the Question: Are You doing The Right Thing for Right Now!

Omar Martin Questions and Explains about “ARE YOU DOING THE RIGHT THINGS FOR “RIGHT NOW”? Omar Martin was answering a question about how a beginner or even a little more experienced “marketer” could improve their results and begin to earn some income using affiliate marketing. One thing I have heard Omar emphasize over and over […] ...

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The Bloggers RoadMap is Live Today by Dan Sumner

  Changes Happen. You can download The Bloggers Roadmap for Free Today! Updated part of this page, including the download link.  Daniel Sumner has been busy doing other things, so he gave out a link so you can check out and download this great program gratis!  If he changes the link again, you’ll be notified […] ...

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The Challenge: Mindset and Making Choices

Mindset and Making Choices.. Bloggers and Marketers make choices every day that affect whether they succeed or fail.  Mindset and making correct choices is an integral component of real life and not limited to what you do on the internet. Ever watched a friend struggling to change their mindset and habits or make a decision […] ...

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Pinterest Changes Now! Banning Affiliate Marketers Links

Whoah, I was reading along on Facebook and ran across this article about Pinterest. Seems they are now banning affiliate links.   Here is a small excerpt from the article…. “Build your own blog / brand Provide added value Link back to your site from third-party venues Build a list Create a relationship with those […] ...

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Review: How to Create an Infographic in an Hour!

Well, a review of how to create an infographic in an hour means either being an infographic guru or finding out where and how to do.  Inforgraphics:  What are they?  For the uninformed, Infographics are an excellent tool to use to consolidate huge amounts of information, statistics or even related facts that you want to […] ...

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Review: 7 Indispensable Content & Website Graders

Review? Is it useful to use website graders or audit your content? 7 Website grading tools can Make a Difference ! Using website graders for auditing your content (for free!) is an indispensable tool for helping to keep you in the flow of providing quality content that provides value to your readers and insures rewards […] ...

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Getting to Know You!

Post by Artagene Skipper. ...

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Robert Plank and Podcast Crusher Featured on iTunes

Creating a Podcast was a little nerve wracking.  the mindset thing is the problem.  Once you dive right in and start working.  Nothing to it!  I created this podcast to post on Facebook, but there seems to be a problem about installing an MP3…you can upload a video, but NOT an MP3.   Here is what […] ...

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Backup Your Website and Clone New Sites

Backup Creator Ultimate Backing up your website and cloning new sites using the backups is a feature in Backup Creator Ultimate.   Many backup systems do what they say: backup your website, but they don’t let you use the backup to clone new sites. The system included in this very functional plugin can be easily translated […] ...

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News Flash: New Social Media Site

Post Pictures on Social Sites Get Paid New Social Media Poster. Grab your Photo, Tag it and Post to Social Sites Get Paid The First Social Network to pay you for posting pictures! Watch a short video for details on how you can make even MORE money by connecting all of your friends to our […] ...

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