Omar Martin asked the Question: Are You doing The Right Thing for Right Now!

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Omar Martin was answering a question about how a beginner or even a little more experienced “marketer” could improve their results and begin to earn some income using affiliate marketing.

One thing I have heard Omar emphasize over and over (in coaching classes at My Unfair Advantage) is that each person who aspires to live the much touted “Guru Life Style” is in for a rude awakening. 

There is no Shiny Magic Button.

When he begins to talk, if you want to succeed, then you had better listen.  Lets start listening now to some home truths he shared in our group.

Here’s a basic concept that eludes most people. I didn’t get it at first either but when it finally clicked, things started happening MUCH faster for me.

People always say “Model Success” – and it makes perfect sense right?

If you want what a man has then “do what a man does”. Great saying.

Omar Martin asked the Question

Omar Martin asked the Question


you’ve got to understand that what a man is doing NOW to grow what he has

is NOT the same thing he did to GET what he has now.


Let me break it down for you…

  1. Those things I was doing daily in my online business to get to 5 figures were totally different than what I had to do to get to 6 figures.
  2. The things I had to do daily to get to 6 figures were totally different than the things I had to do to get to 7 figures.

Those things I’m doing daily NOW to get to 8 figures are COMPLETELY different than the things I was doing when I first started.

I mean some “core” things are the same: like checking emails and stuff like that, but then again, even a lot of those functions are much more streamlined now and I use assistants for a lot more things now as well.

The Lesson to be Learned!

The lesson to be learned here is that if you’re just starting out but trying to model EXACTLY what I’m doing now then you’ll probably fall flat on your face.

Notice I said “probably” cause there’s always that superstar that can jump into the game, take one look at what I’m doing, master it and then get even BETTER at it then me.

The Key to Adapting a Business Program.

  • *The key is to follow the steps I took to get me here, using the knowledge of how I broke through certain barriers and it will help you do it even faster than me.
  • *If you are expecting to jump on the scene and make 6 or 7 figures in a matter of months or even in your first year then you’ve got a rude awakening coming bro, and it’s gonna hit you right in the face. HARD.
  • *This is a business. Period. If you think of it ANY other way you’ll fail.
    I don’t give a sh** what anybody says. Chances are if they tell you something different, they’re just trying to sell you something.

Most start up business out there don’t turn a profit for the first 5 years and that’s IF they make it past year number 3. This varies by industry, so do some research.

Do yourself a favor and stop trying to get rich tomorrow and stop looking for that easy button because this sh** right here takes hard freaking work.

Anything that’s worth anything always does.

  • There is no coach out there that can teach you work ethic and conviction.
  • And there’s no product out there that contains them either.
  • You’re either determined or you’re not.

The cool thing about being an ONLINE business owner is that it takes very little start up capital, and you can build it piece by piece from your lap top in a spare room like Melinda and I did.

  • We had no extraordinary technical skills what so ever.
  • We just had conviction 
  • Funny thing is that with enough conviction everything else falls into place.

Pick your level of participation, check out how Omar lets you copy his Work Plan.  Read More


P.S. Reworded a little, but most of the above is from a post on Facebook inside the My Unfair Advantage group page, explaining why you can’t just be a beginner and start copying what Omar is doing right now and expect automatic success and why you will run into trouble.
Thanks for  reading.

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8 Responses to “Omar Martin asked the Question: Are You doing The Right Thing for Right Now!”

  • Linda on March 22, 2015

    Hi there Cararta,

    Great tips here – but every person has their own perception of how fast they want to make money, so I do believe some can and will make it within a year – the others we are dragging along wondering if it is really

    But the truth, it IS POSSIBLE, just depends on how much time, money, etc you have to get the business going…for me, I am just stuck cause of things I am not going to post on here 😉

    Good luck to you!

    • Cararta on March 22, 2015

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks for coming by. Your site was so neat and organized…
      Hope you didn’t get overwhelmed with my busy place!
      When you get stuck for time and money, it is very difficult to
      make progress.
      Good Luck back to you!

  • zora on March 22, 2015

    Hi Cararta, Your blog is looking lovely nice and tighty . Nice layout on the article . Keep up the good work.

    Until next time
    keep going forward

    Zora Blume

    • Cararta on March 22, 2015

      Hi Zora,
      Thanks for the feedback. Didn’t see a problem with
      CommentLuv, had your comment in the pending, waiting for me
      to approve.
      Will check the setting…I don’t allow singing up and using keywords, maybe you are used to doing that? Will check the settings, but here in Admin it looks fine!
      Come for another visit and get more choices for your option of posts to leave.

  • Mayura on March 23, 2015

    Hi Arta,

    Excellent post with food for thoughts 🙂 A topic for wonderful discussions.

    Learn and adapt – We humans naturally good at that. Aren’t we?

    Eventhough some businesses doesn’t understand the value of adapting or risk assessment, they naturally does for the survival or another factor drives ’em to that. Isn’t it? 🙂 I’ve seen it in local businesses and among bloggers – for them it seems like a difficult phase they made through.

    I’m with Omar on adapting to each situation or milestone of our business with different strategies. But again, I think it revolves around the perspective of our success too.

    You know, many of us trying to follow the traits of successful people in order to achieve success in their lives. It gives hope for some extent, but critical success factors are different for each person or business. Hence I believe everyone has a different story of success – learn but don’t follow it blindly.

    Don’t you love those comeback stories of bankrupt businesses and homeless entrepreneurs even with lack or resources? 🙂 Like Linda mentioned, it’s possible. I believe it’s us whom stopping from our own success.

    You have a successful week dear 🙂


    • Cararta on March 23, 2015

      Hi Mayura,

      A Whole article in a comment! Omar gets started on something and fills in all the blanks!
      I think the most critical information is discussed where he says that you
      either have a work ethic or don’t.
      No one can give it to you. It is something inside that pushes you to do your best or to at least do. It isn’t sold in a package that you can buy from a coach or guru.

      Plus he did discuss trying to follow others. If you are beginner, then that is where you need to start. Can’t start at the top like a lot of the “Push Button” hyped fodder for sale screams out at you.

      It is always, in everything, start at the bottom and grow.
      Plus you learn along the way when taking this trip.
      If you are lucky, you find a map that takes you on a road with most of the pot holes filled in.
      Glad you made it by. Was getting ready to put this back in the drafts.
      Sale at MUA is now over till they decide in 6 months or so to open it up again.

  • Donna Merrill on August 6, 2015

    Hi Cararta,

    I like to follow Omar…a fascinating man. I know his story from rags to riches and how he followed his path.

    When it comes to work ethic, one needs that in order to succeed on which ever goal they choose. There is no magic button, no get rich quick scheme. What it comes down to for me is having ethics.

    We can learn from Omar and others, but we do have to know ourselves. We can always take a learning curve and spin it into our own way.

    We are unique beings and once we know who we are and how to deliver information to others in our own voice, it works well.


    • Cararta on August 12, 2015

      Hi Donna,

      Can’t agree with you more about Omar. I try to make it to the MUA weekly webinar. He records part
      of it, but to me the best part is what he calls “Housekeeping” and he answers questions, either pre submitted or typed into the chat box.
      One thing for sure…integrity and working to take care of your subscribers, visitors or customers are
      at the top of his list.
      People will connect with someone who is “real” so best thing I can say is: Learn and use what you learn in
      your own Voice exactly as you said.

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