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Mobile Marketing Why Use It?

Check out this training.

I’m listening to a video that comes with this program about tapping into a Mobile Market of over 3 billion hungry buyers…
and wants to put the secret of BANKING BIG in your hot hands!

One of the tips being explained is one that makes sense. Before you start using
Mobile Marketing, determine the age of your targeted prospect. Why? People over 40 are not as likely to respond to text messages…they might respond better to voice messages directing them to your website which they can access on their PC!

Keep in mind also that some people, especially older users sometimes have limits on their number of calls and won’t appreciate unwanted commercial spam that costs them money. Younger users are very text savy and most of the time text messages aren’t limited, so this one fact may be an important factor in what method you choose and what you market. Make sense?

It is possible to build a virtual superhighway to easy mobile money!
But you had better follow the rules for using text for marketing. There are complex laws and rules and regulations in place and before you start, you had better know the rules! And follow them!

There are systems that automate text marketing. This program doesn’t include one. What it does include is information about how to market, what kind of messages to send and that really important one…how to use mobile squeeze pages and what to integrate into them.

Incentives must be included in offers to get customers to subscribe. Make sure the “gift” is really valuable and helpful, otherwise you miss your chance!

Ever wonder why, despite your best efforts
and the never-ending promises of all the “guru” sharks,
you end up being not successful and clueless?

Could it be because you buy programs and they leave out that important information about how to use what you have bought?

I don’t mean the step by step instructions on how to set up a program, but that intangible that makes the difference? In other words, the extra steps that end up making the difference in whether the program works or not?

This guy found out why!  And the answers he’ll give you will
start you thinking.

But the solution he offers will give you tangible hope
and REAL MONEY beyond your wildest dreams, but only if you Do Something!

I’ve never seen anything like this before. Some of the final words in this video are that if you know how to run an email marketing campaign then you can do mobile marketing.

You must keep in mind that receivers of your mobile messages may have to pay for receiving your message…so it had better be valuable to your possible new subscriber and fulfill a need…plus include a strong call to action!

A lot of information to remember, but get the video and listen to it several times…each time you will learn something new!


Want to see what I mean?

Look at the Mobile Income System

Underground Traffic Blueprints

and see which one will be more useful for you. I can’t decide for you..that’s your choice.  Both of these programs are older, BUT the basic information of how to use Mobile Marketing is there and still applicable.

In other words you are getting terrific basic understanding of how to use mobile marketing, set it up and that all important INTANGIBLE :   how to combine the step by step with the knowledge of how to measure, track and make an informed decision of what is working and what won’t work.

You aren’t Coca Cola or Macy’s so you must know how to use the system on your budget.  Text marketing is so successful because 94% or better of text messages are read immediately upon receipt…how do you think that compares to reading emails, letters received in the mail or clicking on banner ads on a website?  Think!

If my little article got you to thinking, Share by using one of the links below. It might help someone else!


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