Membership Cube Review

Ever wondered how a membership site works and

how you can make money from a membership site? 

Here is a partial review of Membership Cube:  The Creator of Membership Cube tells all about

working together with a friend to make some nice money by “re-purposing” different kinds

of content to create a membership site.

Robert Plank explains how he and a friend set up a membership site, made money from it on a

monthly basis, but sold it and made money on the sale.

Case Study #8: Dailey Seminar
(“Build it To Sell It” $40,000 Payday)

The second membership site I ever created was built from a bunch of interviews I recorded with a close internet marketing friend.

Here’s a secret I probably shouldn’t give away: the best way to start joint venturing with someone is to simply record 20-minute interviews with that person.

Everyone teaches you to “interview an expert” but the reality is you should instead interview someone in your same niche, on your same level, and get them to interview you as well.

On some interviews, I had 4 questions to ask him. On others, he had 4 questions to ask me. We started using those 20-minute audio recordings as bonuses to our products, but I wanted to make some real money from them.

The end result was a membership site called Dailey Seminar. In addition to the audio interviews, I created fifty-five 20 minute video presentations, he created fifty-five 20 minute video presentations, and I bought the rights to 55 different products.

We launched the site with a year’s worth of content already created in December 2008 and got about 50 members to join at $47 per month. It dripped out a new video every day of the week on total autopilot.

The site made us about $2,000 per month ($1,000 each) for 4 months before we sold it for $32,000, with a year’s worth of content loaded up and ONLY 50 members.

Total profit from that project: $8,000 from the monthly memberships plus our $32,000 buy-out = $40,000 from spending a mere 2 hours per week creating videos.

Interested in Creating your Own

 “Membership Site?”  

Do you think you know what a membership site really is?

Here’s all a membership site is: a place where people can login using a username and password to get to their stuff.

Everything the “gurus” have taught you about membership sites is WRONG

You NEED to have at least 3 successful membership sites to really make it online.

The problem that I see is too many focus on creating one site.

They spend months or longer creating the “perfect” content.

The problem is…

lack of members…

It is much better to rethink how you create these type of sites.

All you REALLY NEED is to be one step ahead of your longest subscriber.

It makes more sense since you can  correct and create the content they need..

Plus you can start earning immediately instead of “someday in the future”

From the pen of Robert Plank, renowned Blogger, posted today by Cararta.

Go here and read more about setting up membership sites that make money.  There is no time like now.  Continue Reading  just click on me!

Since I own Backup Creator from Robert Plank (there is a link to it somewhere on this site) and have followed him and Lance Tamashiro  since September, 2011 feel like I know something about them.  My experience with BC and several other products I have bought from them is this:  No review of  Membership Cube would be complete without mentioning SUPPORT  which I have found to be great for all the products I have purchased and everything I have purchased WORKS! 

If you didn’t click above to read the full description of what is available with Membership Cube (LAST time I looked it included wishlist)   Click here and go Now!

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  • zora on May 1, 2013

    Thanks Artagene,

    Nice blog! I got some good tips and tricks .Thanks again and have a good day.


    • Cararta on May 1, 2013

      Hello Zora,
      Thanks for the visit….

      Hope you found some really useful info…
      I like looking at new things and trying! Sometimes good, sometimes bad
      but keeps life interesting.

      Thanks again for your advise to revisit my John Thornhill coaching videos…think
      you are right…the easiest way to conquer a problem is with a good mentor who
      provides the tools you need to do the job!

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