Marketing Got You Down? Here is a Solution that Often Solves The Problem

Marketing isn’t always Easy!

Running a Blog and posting endless content is fine, if it helps your readers and at the same time increases traffic to your site and even helps you make a little money once in awhile!

I love helping people solve problems…it is just part of my nature, but I also need to acquire some cash every now and then just to keep the show on the road.

To be exact, my younger sister remarked recently that I loved telling people what to do and how to do it -more than I like to eat. Hmm…not so sure about that, but:

Is Your Traffic Not Converting?  Just Friendly Lookers?

I ran across this slide show by my friend Jeremy and thought I’d share it with you.

If you have traffic to your blog, but what you are selling isn’t breaking the bank then take a few minutes and enjoy this.

You will learn some truths about Marketing and Conversions….the real secret to survival in this world of cutthroat competition.

Enjoy and leave a comment below or a Like  as a Thanks for sharing!

The link above goes Back to Youtube where This slideshow was posted in 2010, but every word on it is just as true today as it was two years ago.  Evergreen Advice.

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6 Responses to “Marketing Got You Down? Here is a Solution that Often Solves The Problem”

  • Adrienne on December 3, 2013

    Hey Carolyn,

    Is your sister right? I can’t imagine that she is but some people just have that specific disposition.

    That was very cool of you to share Jeremy’s slide show. He made some very good points here so thanks for that. He’s definitely right so I’ll agree with him there.

    Hope your week is going well and talk to you later.


    • Cararta on December 7, 2013

      Hi Adrienne,

      Ha! Think my sister is almost right. I do love showing and telling people what and how to do things,
      but I love to cook and eat!

      For example on the telling part: I posted somewhere about my helper who is a youngster, not employed right now and
      helps me around the house sometimes. Last time she came, I walked her through
      installing a new lavatory and counter in my bathroom.

      She was pleased, after she got over her Fear, and I was extremely
      pleased because I found out two very important things about her:
      1. She can listen and understand directions, will ask a question if
      she doesn’t understand.
      2. She will follow directions and completes the job.

      The reward for me was that look on her face, after I checked out her work and gave it a thumbs up.
      It is rewarding to be able to help people do something that they don’t think they can do.

      Now to Jeremy…I watched the slide show on YouTube and decided to share. As I stated before,
      Evergreen Information and fits right in with your ideas of not pushing on people to buy and
      giving good information, just to help!

      We are looking for and Ice Storm here tonight, talked to My helper and she said if the electric
      goes out, come on over and even bring my two cats and Hambone, the Beagle. They use a wood stove
      for heat..

  • Susan Neal on December 10, 2013

    Hi Cararta,

    I’m not trying to sell anything from my website at the moment, but thanks very much for this helpful slideshow, which has some great tips. I particularly like the emphasis on effective communication with your readers, which I’m sure is crucial, also his first point about being subtle – adverstising that’s too in your face can be very off-putting.

    Thanks for a great share, Cararta :)

    • Cararta on December 11, 2013

      Hi Sue,

      Agree you completely…effectively communicating with your readers
      is a must, whether you are informing or just trying to sell.
      I love finding
      new (at least to Me) things and doing reviews….which are easy to turn into
      sales letters if you don’t keep a foot on the brake.

      Loved the be subtle…myself..a reminder I sometimes need!


  • George Nieves on December 10, 2013

    Hi Cararta,
    Great post! Thank you for including Jeremy’s slides. You are right every word he said then – is just as relevant today! Thanks for sharing!

    • Cararta on December 11, 2013

      Hi George,
      I love running across information that holds it value, even though
      time goes by. Takes awhile to read all the slides, but well
      worth the effort!….

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