Liz Tomey Coaches How To Use PLR to Make Money

Liz Tomey has been using PLR since 2004 to make a gracious living! 

As part of her PLR love affair, 

she has always shared her expertise and information with students. 

I recently went through most of the training of her SixFigure PLR Academy… and it is Work!.

Live webinars everyday, with home work….

But when you get through, most of the other students in the class had a product created, and selling it.

And in our closed group, people help each other, for real.

Want to get acquainted?  Think she is back on her Facebook Daily Live…where you sometimes get to listen to the crickets when she is running late and sits out on the screened in back porch.

That Screen might be ok for the bugs, but saw a video recently where a Alligator decided to take a swim in a screened in Pool…..not far from where she lives!
Here is some info in a video about the SixFigure Plr Academy…you might like it!

Liz Explains what she will be teaching at SixFigure PLR Academy.

Went through my old computer just looking and ran across this.

MyMakeMoneyOnlineCoach  from 2012, Think it was a combination of Liz Tomey and Jeff Dedrick.

Was a great membership site with live training webinars each week.

Since I was busy at the time with other things, didn’t pay attention and do what she told us all to do. Typical.  One of the 98%!!!!!

This SixFigure PLR Academy is going to be a trip.

Don’t remember how long it runs, but if memory webinar every day with home work.
That is how you end up with a working PLR Product to sell…by 21 days.
Get the theory, get the knowledge, the resources and get it done.
Kick Butt coaching if I ever saw it.

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