Know What You Want From Your Blog!

You are ready to start setting up your blog: You’ve got your domain name, hosting and even set up Aweber!

You might even know what you want to Blog about,  but one intriguing element is missing!

Very often, this one thing is over looked and is so essential to this process of creating a blog that it can determine the success or failure of a blog before it hits the whole wide world!

What am I talking about?

This: did you ever go sit in the corner and decide what you want from your Blog?

Do you know what you want from your Blog?

I mean other than the obvious: you want to blog about something that interests you or is in your field of expertise

and you want to earn some cash while showing off what you know!

Did you ever give even one little thought to what you would get out of all this work?

Other than  earning  a little cash if you are lucky and investing  hours and hours of work creating content, dealing with mishaps and the eternal house keeping that comes with a WordPress Blog,  have you found your prize, your reward….that elusive intangible that will keep you going?

Altruistic concern for your prospective readers and potential customers may even be part of the foundation of this blog that you are creating or if you are like me…..already created!

That’s nice, but it is not enough.

I’ll be completely honest. I never really thought about what I wanted from my blog.

Not this one,  not the one I created before this about Diabetes.

What changed?

I had a visitor  named Sergio  come visit this  “website” and leave a comment.

I always visit a site and check out the commenter before approving so over I went.  

I loved his blog…filled with posts that people seemed to line up to comment on and even comment on each others comments.

Friends,  from all over the world, talking to Sergio and each other using the comment box to leave their approval or disapproval of his latest post or interesting program or camera or what is changing on Facebook or Youtube or what Google has gone and done Now to help all the bloggers out (Ha! OUT is the word, out and gone!).

I’ve finally decided what I want from my Blog, other than the items listed above.

What do you want from your Blog?

Do You Know yet?

You need to get this right, now before you go ahead with creating your Blog.

I’d like to know what you have decided is essential for you to get out of your blog,  if you know!

Share your thoughts on What my Blog Gives me in the comment box!

15 Responses to “Know What You Want From Your Blog!”

  • Cynthia on January 17, 2013

    I think that a lot of us start off thinking that we have this great message. I will admit that a lot of people that I visit have some great information. When I started my blog, I had a good idea of what I wanted. I did not know how I was going to get there or if I will but I want to set up an online magazine style blog that would caterer to everyone where I could talk about real issues. I did get a little of nervous and backed off for a while but I am learning to be myself and write about life issue. I am loving it. I might not be Oprah every but I will be proud of what I create.

  • Adrienne on January 17, 2013

    Hey Cararta,

    I remember when Sergio was blogging on a different blog and then one day he told us he was quitting. I was so surprised because I loved visiting his place.

    Well it didn’t take long before he was back with a new blog, a new domain and new content to share.

    Like many, he has come a long way and I love that he’s been very vulnerable and shared every step of his journey.

    I think a lot of people don’t really think about what they want to get from their blogs but make money. That seems to be on most people’s minds. But glad you presented this question because it sure will get them to thinking.


    P.S. By the way, your Twitter ID isn’t set up in your Tweet button so you might want to check that out.

    • Cararta on January 23, 2013

      Hey Adrienne,

      Where do you get the time!
      This post was a long week in coming! I usually sit down and just
      type away, but this one (part of my self challenge) I kept cut-and-pasting and moving things
      around…made it harder than it really was.

      I don’t know if the Twitter thing is in Comment Luv or the Social plugin will have to go in the back
      play around. Thanks for the You need to Fix it.

      My computer is once again afflicted with double clicking, go in and change it to slow but it doesn’t
      fix it. I end up with things I don’t want if I’m not extremely careful.

      Talking about Sergio, the first time I went to his blog, his post was about a trip and a wedding,
      I didn’t see any ads and wondered how does he make any money? He did have a resource page, but
      I didn’t click on it for along time…Think he did the Chop and Change shortly after that.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts, always appreciated.


  • RobG on January 20, 2013

    Hello Cararta, good topic and I’m sure we can all relate to this one. I mainly want my blog to encourage people to take chances and start building the website they have always wanted.

    You see most people think these days you need to be a guru, in order to launch a website and we know that’s not the case.

    The reason I say this is because there’s some much information online to help you achieve your online goals.

    Not to mentions the large number of people that are willing to help you a long the way.

    Thanks so much for a great topic it was very interesting to see what others think also. Have a wonderful day my friend.

    • Cararta on January 23, 2013

      Hello Rob G,

      I really enjoyed your How Do Bloggers Start Their Day? Hey You, Wake Up.
      Really wish I could accomplish as much as you seem to in such a short time.

      As I told George who commented above, I challenged myself
      to write ten articles about starting a blog and to
      NOT include: get a niche, get a domain or get hosting
      as one of the things to do to create a Successful Blog! Think about what your blog is giving you.

      You are right, there is endless information available from Google search, but what is interesting
      to me is the fact that I’m finding much better guidance and information on the friendly blogs
      I visit.


  • George Nieves on January 20, 2013

    Hi Cararta,
    Thanks for this great post! This is a crucial question to ask oneself. What do they want from their blog? What do they want from their business?
    That’s where planning comes in. You have to know where you’re at, before you know where you’re going.
    Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!
    I wish you much success in 2013!

    • Cararta on January 23, 2013

      Hi George,

      Glad you connected with the post! This one took a long time to write as I had to really
      stop and do some thinking. Usually I just sit down and go, but this time I kept rearranging
      what I was saying…cut and paste and then do it again.

      Wasn’t sure when it was finished that it was what I really wanted. Then I remembered a sort of
      pact with Sergio last year….Nothing gets done if you wait for perfect..the post would still be in
      draft or pending folder!

      Same for with the success in 2013.

  • Sergio Felix on January 22, 2013

    Hi Cararta first of all, a massive thank you for the shout out on your article.

    And secondly, I have to congratulate you for having figured out what you want to achieve with your blog!

    What you’ve said here is super spot on, we normally tend to start out with our first blog not having a clue what we are supposed to write about.

    To answer your question, what I try to do with my blog is to build my trust and authority to whoever decides to read my articles.

    I normally talk about how to do specific things but I also like to write about daily stuff that happens to me, as long as it has a valuable lesson that someone else can benefit from.

    I try to achieve that by being transparent, helpful, down to earth and always willing to help.

    There’s not many blogs like that but I do know a few bloggers that go there and beyond, such as Adrienne Smith for example! 😉

    Thank you again for the shout out Cararta and hope you’re doing good, your blog is starting to look a bit more serious now, good job!


    • Cararta on January 23, 2013

      Ho Sergio,

      Thanks for the visit and the insight, always welcome from you…The Tell It Like It Is Man.

      It has turned really cold here and I’ve had to do some minor repairs so
      I’ve somewhat neglected my blogging…

      but I think it is more important to get
      the threshold insulation replaced because Hambone my biting beagle somehow managed
      to chew it up when I didn’t take him with me to town one day. At 17 degrees outside
      it comes in pretty Cold under that Kitchen Door.

      Re: The Question…It is something to give some “Targeted” thought to. It is more than just providing helpful information and being trusted as it is directed to your inner soul
      and what you will get from the blog…not what you give even though your reward may be tied to the giving.

      Appreciate your visit with all you have on the table, completing your project.

      I’ll be holding my breath, waiting for the big day.

      I love Adrienne’s Blog…kindred souls, she always writes like I think, if that makes sense?


  • Cararta on January 26, 2013

    Hi Cynthia,

    Thanks for the input…
    Your niche is a little outside
    of ours, but it is necessary to
    know how to get things done and
    Blogging with other Bloggers is the way to acquire some Great Information.


  • Pauline on January 31, 2013

    Hi Cararta
    Many people set up a blog and put a couple of posts on and then sit back and expect things to happen….you have to plan things out first and really know what you want from your blog and how you are going to achieve it.
    What I want from mine is to help others just starting out and to build up relationships with other bloggers, of course to make some money along the way would be nice too lol
    Thanks for sharing, I love Sergio’s blog too 🙂

  • Lisa on February 27, 2013

    Cararta, when I first started to blog I had no idea about comments and community. I was just blogging to help some people that always emailed me for advice on their websites, etc.
    Once I started to get comments and commented back it bacame a whole new world for me. I realized blogging is social too.
    I still want to help people but I try to write more quality posts now that people expect more from me. I try to just compete with myself. Whether writing longer posts or getting more comments.

    • Cararta on March 5, 2013

      Hi Lisa,

      Didn’t mean to ignore you, but you were trapped in the SPAM!

      Doing some work today, having a problem with Gravatars…..mine! mostly….
      Don’t know if it is commentluv or maybe a twitter plugin I installed and it
      wants to take over!.
      I’m learning about the the writing and the commenting! For a year at least, I’d visit blogs
      and read and leave….
      Challenge for myself now…if I read, must comment!
      I’m trying to write shorter posts….my mobile audit says I write to much…
      Blamed it you do and blamed if you don’t.
      Come again.

  • Yogita on April 2, 2014

    Hi Cararta,

    Your wrote a wonderful blogpost for newbies. No wonder to start something without any aim is completely useless same goes with blogs. Just to create a blog and publish few articles is not a sign of being a successful blogger. Blogging needs lots of efforts, patience, a aim to work and lots of time.

    • Cararta on April 17, 2014

      Hello Yogita,
      Welcome to Skipper Works. Glad you enjoyed the blogpost.
      It was written for newbies, including myself! Wish before I started
      I had run across a few articles that offered a few pointers on how much
      work there really is in making or creating a blog.

      Having a plan always helps. It is like taking your map with you
      when you go on a trip. Much easier to get to where you want to be
      if you know in advance where you want to go.

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