What You Ought to Know About Email Marketing

It isn’t the Old Days. You Need to Do More.

Email Marketing With an Email List Has Changed.  Did You?



Using Email Marketing to promoting products and services via email used to be easy about a decade or so ago, because email was still pretty new and people were excited to get mail.


Those were the first words I read in an email from my marketing friend who knows email marketing.  Then he said:


Now all that’s changed.


You need to be on top of the best email strategies in order to get readers to open, read and click on your links. 


Then he explained and offered three tips to use with email marketing.  Because there are just some things that you ought to know.


Here are three tips to boost your response rate…


1. Give People a Reason to Open Your Emails

Here’s a funny thing…

People sign up for newsletters and then they never read them.

Sure, they have good intentions, but when the newsletter hits their inboxes they see nothing compelling enough to make them click on the email and start reading it.

The solution?

You need to write juicy subject lines that virtually compel people to open your emails.

For example, here’s a boring subject line:


“Weight loss tips”


Here’s a better one:


“The #1 secret for getting rid of belly fat –

you won’t believe this!”


Which one would you click on?

If you’re like most people, you’ll click on the second one because it arouses your curiosity and promises a benefit.

(take a look at ‘Inbox Economics’ for more).


2. Gain Your Readers’ Trust


So, you created a sweet subject line that got people to open your email. Now you need to create good content so that they read your entire email.

As a bonus, if they like what they see in one email, then they’re more likely to open and read your future emails.


So how do you gain readers’ trust?

Like this:

  • * Be honest with your product recommendations. If you wouldn’t recommend it to your mother or your best friend, don’t recommend it to your list.


  • * Give your readers what they want and expect. If they signed up for golf tips, give them the very best tips you can. If they signed up for your list expecting to get discounts on products, then be sure you offer those discounts frequently.

3. Get People Used to Promotional Recommendations


Sometimes people think they have to “nurture” their list by giving only 100% free content for the first few weeks.


NOT true!


You want to give your subscribers the very best recommendations for products and services, which will of course include paid offers.


That’s why you should promote paid offers from email #1, which also lets your readers know what to expect from day #1.


Okay, so those are three proven tips for boosting your response rate-but these are really just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to know what one of the net’s top marketers knows about getting readers to open, read and buy from your emails, then go Read what he says Click Here.

Now just to stir the pot, a mentor I am following (very successful) says you need to layoff the selling and give people a chance to get to know you.

With that said,  would you send selling emails from day #1 and every time? 

Two different  Marketers, two different points of view.




Gets confusing doesn’t.  

So study up so you can make some changes to upgrade your email marketing to this new year! 

The tips and strategy and best practices change from year to year. 

So Change Yours!!


To Your success,


P.S. If you knew the same email marketing secrets of a man who’s been making a living online for well over a decade, how much money would you be making?  He talks here:

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