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Kindle Answers has the Answer!

Can’t decide what your next Kindle book will be about?  Kindle Answers answers the question for you in a way you wouldn’t believe!

A nifty set of coding will scout around Yahoo Answers and bring back the questions and answers for any subject you are interested in writing about.  Just suppose you are interested in Dog Training and have written  a book on same.

All you have to do is unpack Kindle Answers type in dog training and let it do its work.  Look over the quetions and answers and you will probably discover several types of dog training that you left out of your book.  But lucky you, there are answers to all these questions just below them and many have a source listed so it saves  you hours of work!  Take a look at this video:

How to use Kindle Answers to find the Answer in a very short time!

After you get your book written you need to promote it.  Right?

Well,  all those questions you researched for about Dog training on Yahoo, are just sitting there without your answer………… open up Kindle Answers and go answer some questions. You can leave a link back to your website, being careful not to link affiliate products etc. in Yahoo answers as they will close your account in a second for violating the site use policy.

Think this would save time and simplify your book writing?  Make life easier because of the help that comes with this software?

You can watch another video when you click on the link below and  scroll down the page past the video above  that  will explain the promotion suggestions   in this software called Kindle Answers.

   Click and go Here.

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