Is The Art of eBook Creation Lost Forever?

Do You Know How to Create a Real eBook?

How do you create your eBooks and reports?


Do they look the same and read the same as every other one you download?

With all the free reports going around and ad swaps lately, I have download and and read a great deal of them.

You know the type of reports I mean, standard format, single column, eBook title, basic contents page and body.

I never really gave it a lot of thought until today when I downloaded The eBook Cycle.

I downloaded the eBook from a guy called Daniel Sumner and, naturally I was intrigued to find out the differences between his eBook and all those stored on my hard drive.

I mean what could the difference be? His tag line for the eBook is:

Create  Convert  Cash-in!

There was an  immediately itching to know what he had to offer, what is so special about the eBook Cycle I thought?

What made it different?

To my amazement, this was no ordinary eBook, no standard format, single column, basic contents yada, yada, yada.

When I opened it, it was visually stunning, full of colour, graphics, tips,  hints and very cool formatting.

I just had to keep Reading.

Working my way through the eBook I immediately found that, this was no 10 minute knock up!

There was time, effort and dare I say it a Lot of Love in this Mini Masterpiece.

The eBook Cycle flowed and took me with the flow!

I read on, hypnotized absorbing everything Daniel was writing about, propelled into a  visualizing dream because of the images he had integrated into his eBook.

I learned  a very important lesson in report writing.

This eBook snagged and immersed me  in Real Learning, like when you are at school and there is that one teacher  who can light a fire and make the humdrum of lessons disappear and Learning suddenly becomes exciting.

Its a strange feeling when you read The eBook Cycle.

Daniel engages you so much, you sort of feel like you know him and believe what he has to say.

He lets you into his world and you feel grateful for the information he is providing, and at the same time he is encouraging you to get to work to create your own eBooks and do better than you did before or begin if you haven’t ever created an eBook.

In The eBook Cycle Daniel teaches you:

*Why you should write an eBook
*What format to choose
*Getting started
*Essential includes
*Getting your eBook ready
*Free or paid eBooks
*Sales pages and squeeze pages
*Payment processors
*Marketing and traffic
*And a whole lot more

I’m very impressed with this eBook to say the least and will return to it when I begin working on creating  my  report or eBook.

It is definitely one for the book shelf and future reference or in my case Front Seat on the Cloud Bin!

Best of all, and I don’t think you are going to believe what I am about to say.

The eBook Cycle is FREE.

This is a 100% Free download for you today.  I don’t think that I need to say more, so go experience it for yourself by clicking:


Give it a good read and please come back here and let me know if you like the different setup and (much easier to read!) what you learned about writing your own eBook!

By the way, Dan also released his Bloggers RoadMap today.  If you want to see an Outstanding Sales Page with Graphics, Color and Content that are Remarkable…come back here after you download The eBook Cycle and click on my name below to check it out!



2 Responses to “Is The Art of eBook Creation Lost Forever?”

  • Sergio Felix on October 2, 2012

    I already went through this training and I believe it is one of the most comprehensive guides on book creation.

    I’m already a fan of Dan Sumner’s products and I have to say I have very high quality standards.

    Great review and I’m glad you seem to have enjoyed the book as much as I did! ;-)


  • Cararta on October 3, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I do believe that if followed that this could make a difference for anyone wanting to create a much better eBook than what is currently flooding our email boxes.


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