Hurry Up Run and Get Healthy

For all those guys and gals who are sitting behind a computer all day long. I didn’t really mean for you to hurry up and run to get healthy. Think I really meant just hurry up and do something for yourself!

Here is something to watch to get you


 5 Exercises To Fix Hunchback Posture Caused by Slumping Over a Desk or Computer All Day

I haven’t really lost it. but after blogging around a lot lately, I kept reading these little bitty comments  like:

  • “think I need to head back to the gym,”
  • been so busy lately haven’t been outside,
  • need to watch my health,
  • not enough exercise…

so…maybe get motivated…

I was very lucky to find this video by Marc Perry the founder of Built Lean!

It is just what the doctor ordered!

We all tend to do the same things…get so engrossed in finishing a task like uploading all those emails, writing a new blog post, updating plugins!

The list is endless.  But our time and good health aren’t.

I also noticed that my back and “computer posture” weren’t so great.  When you get into

the habit of slumping over while sitting and working it can become painful after awhile.  5 exercises to fix a hunched back will work…if we take a break and do them.

Mini or little workouts can be scheduled through out your day, even if it is just getting up and walking around for 5 minutes at a time.  Be surprised when you aren’t so tired and sore at the end of your working day.

Hunch back exercises aren’t going to fix a real hunch back if you don’t start them before your bad posture becomes permanent.

What do you do for a break or exercise while working?

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6 Responses to “Hurry Up Run and Get Healthy”

  • Adrienne
    on December 3, 2012

    Hey Cararta,

    Those are great exercises and I wish they would work for me. Unfortunately, I have a sway back and have had it since I was young.

    My parents asked me when I was young if I wanted to wear a back brace which of course the doctor recommended. I said no so they didn’t make me wear it. They just knew I would take it off as soon as I got to school so why waste the money right!

    I wish they would have made me wear it because later in life I’ve regretted that decision.

    Adrienne recently posted…Why Some Automatic Settings Are A Very Bad IdeaMy Profile

    • Cararta on December 3, 2012

      Hmmm think the exercises are for upper back, not your lower back problem! mostly shoulders and stretching muscles in upper back and chest….

      something I need!

      The back is very flexible…bones and muscles with habits that can be changed. Check out Physical therapy lots of new stuff…you might be surprised.

      You sound like my nephew…he had his braces removed from his teeth…16 and went to the Orthodontist alone.

      Big row…but he won and now wishes he hadn’t!



  • Tonya Stephens on December 4, 2012

    Hi Carata,
    Now I see how you did a 6 min post!
    I wish it was that easy every time!
    I just spent about 12 hours on a 5 min video…but it looks effortless.
    Anyway thanks for thinking about all of us bloggers out there sitting at our desks for unlimited hours a day. We need a break and what better way than to work on our posture while we take that break.
    Thanks for posting,

    • Cararta on December 4, 2012

      Hi Tonya,
      Thanks for the thumbs up!
      I know I get involved in doing tooo many things at one time, spend endless hours working and forget about me.

      My Early New Years resolution is take care of Me so I can keep slaving…went looking for these exercises and think I found a great gift!


  • Sergio Felix
    on December 4, 2012

    Hey Cararta, that was a really great and informational video.

    I normally don’t notice it but after working for some time on my computer I do realize I’m all curved forward and always try to correct my posture but I normally do this when my back hurts already.

    Thanks for the reminder on getting back to do some exercise, I haven’t done much of that in a long time.

    Sergio Felix recently posted…The Power Of Writing Your Goals Down On PaperMy Profile

    • Cararta on December 4, 2012

      Hi Sergio,

      You sneaked in when I wasn’t looking.

      My shoulders are getting all slumped over so I decided to find a cure.

      I got lucky, this guy is really good.

      Sent a link to a couple of friends who are going to try it as well.

      We need a sign, Body first, Mind Second and then become a computer slave!

      Keeping an eye out on your moving…

      Not in love with those jalousie windows in your Dad had them in his old house, but replaced them for security.

      Several ways to fix on the inside without damaging the door, or else get a really good alarm system!

      You still didn’t find the shaving stuff, or are you abstaining until the Launch is over?


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