How to Make Money with Web Design Easy Niche Sites

Review Of How to Make Money with

Web Design Easy Niche Sites

Bought the program, looked through it, haven’t started installing yet!

Downloaded my Niche sites and put in a Folder to explore later!

Except I couldn’t resist exploring the Niche on Photography which included an article on Digital Photography which I am interested in!

Seems most of the skills learned with a regular camera apply just as well to the Digital except you get to skip the darkroom and paying for prints unless you want something printed….most of the time can do that over the internet.

So, if I’m able to install my wordpress on a domain and upload this like a theme, which you can do using wp-admin if it is zipped, there shouldn’t even be any heavy duty ftp….which is easy, because  I like using c=panel file manger or wp-admin instead of file zilla or whatever program is there!

Probably have to install a css file to make it work!

Take a Look here at the Video.  Describes a bit of what is included.  You can click on the link below the video to take a look at the WSO!…there is a video on it that gives a lot of information and the Sales page is dynamite.



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