How to Build an Email List: Fast

Rapid Subscribers

$100+ Plus A Day While Building an Email List

How to Build An Email List Fast That Produces Real Income

Still not making Real Money with all your Internet Marketing Efforts?

If you are like me, you keep working on your site or blog, doing the articles and comments and endless Tweets on Twitter or likes on Facebook.

Are you still buying those offers that promise the world and deliver just another credit card bill?

Invested in one of those pricey MLMs with forever monthly fees?  Still trying to recover your investment but can’t figure it out?

Just wish for once you could get your hands on something that Really Works and builds a dedicated Affiliate Marketing Email List  fast?

Then there is always a statement on the Sales Pages….If you’ve made it to this page then I’m sure you’ve heard the Guru’s Mantra, “The Money is in the List”  but none that I have bought and met and used so far can really get me to the point of making my own money.

Don’t know if it is their fault or mine.  Maybe I’m missing a step or two and the magic just whizzes right on by!
I’d love to be able to  write and mean it when I say, “Until Today.  Want your Aweber Stats to look like this?

Chart Aweber Email List

Watch your Email List Grow Every Day

How to Build a Targeted Marketing Email List

I’m in a Facebook Group run by someone I count as a Friend.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw an Offer on his page.  He had allowed David Kirby to post a link to his latest launch, or (maybe relaunch would be a better term)….and the reasons why?   David Kirby has updated and expanded his Rapid Subscribers program and wants to let everyone use what he is using to grow his email list of subscribers, like using fast forward to watch a video!

David reveals that he updated and is sharing because,

“The Internet Changes Every Day….”

Programs must be kept up to date to work and

“This Offer is for My EXACT $5,667.87+ A Month ULTIMATE LIST BUILDING SYSTEM…

This will show you EXACTLY how to get QUALITY SUBSCRIBERS as fast as possible. I also show various other methods I use myself and the EXACT traffic sources I use too plus so much more!”

Is there a Con in this Program?

I’ve gone through some of the  information on this product…the only con I can find is that there is an up sell for more help…up to you to decide. But the inexpensive WSO price for the initial offer gives you a great insight into  what you need to get started.

How Does it Work?

Building an Email List Fast has nothing to do with:
How to Disappoint your parents in 61 seconds by dating a girl they hate

What it has to do with:
is being able to Copy & Paste David Kirby’s EXACT


Rapid Subscribers & Sales V5.0

The Goal is To create an affiliate marketing email list that grows and makes money while it is growing!

It will work Like The Monster the Kali Muscle Story  a video for muscle builders and mind builders because it is innovative like Kali who had to change to survive and did.

This system for fast list building has also changed so that you are building a list using the exact methods that has allowed David Kirby to make $5,667.87 plus a month, because it is the Ultimate List Building System and what works for David and my friend (I’ll explain below) will work for you if you do what you are instructed to do.

This is a system so powerful that it produces ultra high quality 400 to 500 subscribers every day, after a few weeks of Activating and using it.

Now that doesn’t compare to the 7,820,000 plus people who watched Jennifer Lopez’s, “Live it Up Ft. PitBull” in two days….

But compared to most list building programs, David Kirby’s $5,667.87+ A Month ULTIMATE LIST BUILDING SYSTEM….. is awesome.

What David is offering is his exact $5000 + per month Ultimate List Building blue print.

It is his personal blue print to success…

And to put the icing on the cake, it is a Copy and Paste system.

This Build an Email Fast system is designed to grow fast and you learn how to make money from that list at the same time while it is growing (according to my friend who is using it).

If you truly want to know how to build an email list in the fastest easiest way that is filled with quality subscribers that open your emails and buy your products or affiliate offers that you recommend, then you need this ultra powerful and fast Free TO Implement copy and paste simple list building method.

What you get is Real Traffic and Real Results.

How do I know it works?

I was referred to this program by my friend who has added over 3000 subscribers in the last   few weeks.  He is now able to sell solo ads directly targeted to his niche.

Because he has helped me in the past with problems on my Blog, and I noticed in his posts on his Facebook group that he had gone from adding 25 subscribers a week to adding subscribers in Hundreds…. I asked him how he added so many so quick….

He revealed he is using David Kirby’s Rapid Subscribers & Sales and the best part of it was that he was already earning money, while still continuing to build his list.

He requested that I not publish his name, because he is still working his day job until he builds up enough income to kiss that Day Job,
“Good Bye!”

In my mind I am wondering if I can  use a complete copy and paste system, included in a step by step course with free updates for life, to finally build a real email list that is an asset?

One thing giving me hope is the  hardcore 60 days full money back guarantee..???  Use it and build a list or get all your money back!!!

Learn and Earn at the same time.  My friend using this program has used purchased solo ads as part of what he is doing to get his list building effort into high gear.

By choosing the right sellers he has been able to more than pay for his purchase with the sales generated by the ads, plus acquiring his own new subscribers at the same time.

This part about this program is important 

Because the internet changes every day so what you use for Marketing and Email List Building must change with it or you get left behind.  David Kirby promises to keep this program up to date.

I know from reading as much as I can and even buying email list programs, that there is a basic formula to list building, but this one seems to have an extra twist that puts it on fast forward.

Plus there is that tantalizing statement from  David Kirby that he will keep you up to date when he makes a change in what he is doing

If you are interested in building an Internet Marketing Sales Email List filled with Responsive subscribers, who not only subscribe but buy,  then check out what David Kirby has to say about his program by Reading More Click Here.

What do you think?  I’d appreciate your input!  I love reviewing programs and this time, because I have a referral from someone I really trust, who is using the program and getting results, think maybe just maybe I’ve found a winner!.

Have got to quit writing and make some changes, so I’ll talk to you later.  I did sign up as an affiliate so if you click and buy, I might just make a buck!

Here is a little video I posted on YouTube.  After You watch, I’d appreciate a comment below (on this page)…or a Facebook Like or a Twitter Tweet!  Enjoy! (the commercials are longer than the Video!)


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4 Responses to “How to Build an Email List: Fast”

  • Adrienne on June 1, 2013

    Sounds intriguing Cararta and I hope that you’re able to really build your list with this system.

    It might be something I look into in the near future since I’m in the process of creating my own product right now. That will come in handy for that reason for sure.

    Appreciate you sharing your experience and those of your friends. Those are the types of recommendations that I prefer.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


    • Cararta on June 1, 2013

      Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for the Approval…Building an email list is so important, and
      most beginning Bloggers, like me put it at the bottom of the pile.

      I went to one of Frank Salinas “hangouts” and one of the things he talked
      about was this one fact: He couldn’t believe how long it took him to realize that
      his own email list was more important than anything else.

      I know he makes a lot of income from sending solo ads…but now only sends large ones, in
      the thousands, don’t even think he will send as few as 500!

      Basically, a good email list is your insurance..your own traffic that doesn’t depend
      on SEO, Google, Bing, or anything.

      There is a big “But” attached to emails…I think with Facebook Chat
      and more being added that email may lose some of its impact for marketing.

      Guess we will have to wait and see!


  • Sergio Felix on June 13, 2013

    Hey Cararta,

    I guess in the end, list building really depends on WHAT you are building that list for and HOW are you building the list as well.

    I never offered anything but blog updates on my website and got N amount of subscribers in a whole year, it wasn’t responsive and honestly I was just wasting my time.

    Now I created a freebie (which is of great value) and now I have tripled my initial list size in only one week and everyone is super responsive so that’s gotta say something now, doesn’t it?

    I wish you all the success in the world with this program and if you can create something yourself to give away I think you’ll be in a better position to develop even a bigger following and more connected to you.


    • Cararta on June 14, 2013

      Hey Sergio,

      I agree with you on the create something yourself part of the list building.
      I’ve gone over this program with a fine toothed comb…It has some new to me tips on
      creating your an email list, but the fact remains…

      If you use the provided “gifts” which are useful and productive, you are only receiving part of
      the benefit of spreading the gifts. Of course part of the use is to
      Not edit or change
      the gifts which are already coded with your information and will work, but the creator does retain
      some affiliate links for himself….OTO’s….

      Which I think is fair, if you are going to let him do the work and use his product…then he should
      receive a reward!

      However, If you do it yourself and people opt in, then it goes to reason that they can expect the same quality and
      usefulness from future information you share.

      Just wish that when I first started building sites I had paid more attention, even to John Thornhill when he
      said “Build and Email List”….what I didn’t get is if you want to earn a living on the Internet…an email
      list of Interested Subscribed Friends who like and need what your are offering

      is Just as Important as your Blog or Website..maybe even more.

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