Google Died Everything was gone!

In the middle of the night…really  Yesterday, April 23, 2013, 7:16:46 PM except it was really 1:16  in the morning a.m.  for me…..

I’m working on my site still trying to get rid of those ru sites that have infested it, or at least two of my sites…..all of a sudden all my work pages began  to not load….

Google Graph Died

Google Graph Died

getting either a server error or timed out……so  tabbed over to the front of Skipper Works to get a copy  of something,  scrolled down to the bottom:   Saw this, so I took a screen shot just in case….It had been working fine 5 minutes earlier.

Take a look:    As you can see, the graph went from working to  nothing is just a few minutes!   While I watched the page, the graph stopped and started its slide down to the bottom and then quit.

Absolutely quit working.

Nothing else was working either.  Page by page, using FF and Chrome  I ended up with nothing open and a computer desktop full of  timed outs and server can’t finds.


Cashed it all in and went to bed, expecting to see a huge headline about Google going down in the middle of the night…but zero, zilch…nada….not a word.

Google either didn’t hiccup or I imagined this…???

Well, you decide.   I did watch that graph just stop and slide down to nothing.

It was back on  like the next day….was live when I started on this post….scroll down to the bottom of the page…should be on the left….Alive and Well!

My Imagination?  well….not quite…there is that screen shot….  what was earthshaking was watching those lines start to slide….then hit bottom…first time in months that the inquiries for WordPress have been under about 98 on the graph….they started slipping a couple of days ago….down to 89…..might have something to do with all those

HACKER attacks on  WordPress.

What Do You Think?  Guess the Internet really hiccuped and I’m the only one who noticed?

What else is funny is the times are wrong in the graph but think they use a different time zone that US central which is my time….

Were you snoozing at about  1;45 a.m.  and missed it too?

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  • Adrienne on April 25, 2013

    I definitely can’t explain this Cararta but I didn’t have a dip at all. Nothing has affected me with any of these attacks although people did try to hack my blog. They didn’t win though, I’m pretty well protected or maybe they just didn’t want to bother with those few attempts they tried.

    Sorry you had this issue but glad everything is back up and running again.


    • Cararta on May 1, 2013

      Hi Again Adrienne

      Everything seems to be up and going normally?

      Thanks for the sympathy…

      Have spent a harrowing week trying to figure this out….guess it is worth it in
      the long run….
      Gets me to thinking…why would someone try to hack and take down people’s sites?

      Guess some are inspired by their religion?
      Not naming names…but it seems that
      a lot of spammers and hackers come from the same regions inhabited by these wonderful
      dedicated believers who seem obsessed with the debasement of anyone who isn’t a member of their particular beliefs… they seem to apply the same standards to women and the prevention of education for same….


  • Sue Neal on April 26, 2013

    Very mysterious, Cararta – like Adrienne, I haven’t noticed anything fishy going on, but you have the evidence to prove it, so something strange clearly happened.

    I’m pleased everything seems to be back to normal now and hope it stays that way,


    • Cararta on May 1, 2013

      Thanks Sue

      Still a mystery…but things seem to be normal…have put off
      checking HG Awstats other things to do today!

      Still keeping an eye out!

  • Lisa on April 26, 2013

    Very interesting Cararta, I’ve seen this recently with a non-Wordpress site. I hope all is okay with yours. Must be hiccups with the server? That’s my guess 🙂

    • Cararta on May 1, 2013

      Hi Lisa,

      For some reason I decided to screenshot and copy…
      Still don’t know what happened or why…but my little Google chart at the bottom
      is back and working…
      Still a puzzle…Might have been HG, my computer, Fire Fox????

      A good Mystery!

  • Dita on April 27, 2013

    Hi Cararta,

    This is a very interesting situation. I hope you did not get hacked. I was checking for broken links on my site and your links came up. So maybe there is something strange going on with your site.

    I sent you an email (artagene). You may have to check your spam box. The subject line starts with From Dita.

    I hope your site is OK.

    All the best,


    • Cararta on May 5, 2013

      Hi Dita,

      Spent an hour on HG Chat…no help…they did scan the whole setup and no Malware present….a relief!

      I scanned site with your suggested drlink and it said link is broken…

      Think I have figured out the problem…scanned with Scuri and it lists pages scanned. There are three pages listed as Skipworksinfo and one of them will not complete, gets a 404 now to figure out what and where!

      I have two problems caused by WpSuper cache, left over junk in my htaccess file and in my config sql file, so guess I help a Very Smart Helper….

      • Cararta on June 14, 2013

        Redid my htaccess file, added robot txt and a file a mile long supplied by Host Gator
        to ban unfriendly robots. Waiting to see if this solves the problem!

    • Cararta on June 14, 2013

      Hi Lisa,

      Site is fine…I mean it is still here. Have done a lot of updating of htacess file, keep checking,
      no visible hacking, just nosey robots. Still need to work on some broken links.

      Think Barry mentioned an easier way to do it with a plugin recommendation he found on
      someone’s blog. Will have to check with him and see!

      Thanks for the empathy…needed! I get a little down with some of this technical stuff!.

  • Sergio Felix on May 2, 2013

    Hey Cararta, did you consider a downtime from your hosting company?

    Sometimes you can access your site (because it’s into the cache of your own computer) but it doesn’t necessarily means that is online.

    Not sure but it could be a possibility!


    • Cararta on May 3, 2013

      Hi Sergio,

      I did think about it!

      Two days later I was looking at Google analytics for Skipper Works and there was a chart showing more

      than 200,000 “hits” at the same time as this was all going on….now when I looked today…can’t find

      it! Will have to check my backup from HG and see if they were doing their backup.

      This kind of background stuff I’m not good at! The spike went up and then down as quick as it went up.

      You might be right…I’ve scanned with everything I can think up and site comes up clean, so think just

      forget it and move on!

      I usually use PC Tools Registry Mechanic to clear everything at the end of each day (all the cache,

      privacy etc.) and then use Malawarebytes anti-Malware to scan my computer, but at the time I was working

      I would have had a full load of cache!

      Maybe a big todo about nothing!

  • Barry Wells on May 5, 2013

    Hi Cararta,

    Sorry to hear you’ve had all this going on. I’ve not heard anything from anyone else reporting similar.

    I’ve no idea what could’ve caused this, other than server going down. If it was any form of hack they’d have stayed long enough to do their dirty deeds.

    I once lost all my websites and email addresses, thinking it was my server i tried getting onto my hosting but they’d vanished as well. tried email from a web based account and it was returned.

    In panic I went to a forum and entered a thread about my issue. I got a reply saying my sites were up and running ok and that he’d checked them all 🙂 I told him I still I couldn’t see them so he suggested I turn everything off: PC, Broadband, router etc. So i shut the whole system down for a couple of hours, booted up and hey presto everything returned to normal.

    Strange thing technology Cararta, sometimes we’re better off hitting the switch. Not to say that your issue was the same as mine, but both strange.

    Good to see you’re back up and running, I bet the feeling of relief was fantastic…. I know it was for me 🙂


    • Cararta on May 9, 2013

      Hi Barry,

      So nice to see you out and about. I’m sure the new baby has made a Happy place in your heart.

      I’ve spent some time trying to figure this out. HG scanned for malware and said Clean! So can
      take that off the table.

      I do have a problem..Dita says when she was checking links, that Skipper Works shows up with a broken link.
      I used a site to scan and also Sucuri SiteCheck.

      Results O.K.! But I do still have some strange numbers that show up after on my site address in the url after
      the correct url is entered and traveled to…sometimes not on the first page, but if you click to go to
      another page or post, they show up.

      Also have some left overs in my htaccess file and the config sql file from when I
      removed WPsuper Cache plugin…that may be the problem?

      With the bad neighborhood scan, before it showed three pages for the url with one not working, but I haven’t a
      clue how to find.

      Google webmaster tools say I don’t have a sitemap, but I have a plugin and Alexa and submit all the time,
      wonder where they go?

      Any bright Ideas?

      • Barry Wells on May 9, 2013

        Hi Cararta,

        Yes the baby has brought great joy to us all, he’s perfect 🙂

        I’ve recently ran a broken link check and cleaned all the dead links from my blog…. Yours wasn’t one of them so your links weren’t broken when I ran my test.

        Maybe they were slow to load which can also flag them up as links of concern etc.

        I’ve heard recently that the caching plugins have been targeted due to some weaknesses. I tried using the super cache plugin but it made my blog look a mess in Chrome so I changed back to W3 total cache.

        With the sitemap yours is working perfectly Cararta. If you go to your domain and add /sitemap.xml it’ll display correctly.

        Go to webmaster tools and down the left you’ll see Optimization under that you’ll see sitemaps. Click there and in the top right you’ll see add new sitemap button, click it and you should see your domain/ than add sitemap.xml and hit the test button. It should then display your results.

        Best of luck, Barry

        • Cararta on May 11, 2013

          Hi Barry,

          Thanks for the heads up on site maps! I had just completed about two hours with Webmaster Tools, kept getting an error saying I had no sitemap….finally got an error on the plugin…saying had error when trying to submit site map xsl (not xml)
          so I just typed in a url submission for the the sitemap and it is now there, but not indexed yet!….

          Not one ru link in my stats!….Don’t know how or where, but they are gone..might be Wordfence for WSD security, whoever, I’ll take it!

          Have a nice “rest of the weekend” and
          keep enjoying the Baby!


  • Harleena Singh on May 14, 2013

    Hi Cararta,

    Sorry to hear all that you went through. I haven’t heard any of this from my known ones so far.

    It does look pretty mysterious, unless it was a hack attempt and the hackers weren’t really to get across. One can never really say what it was, though I’m glad things got alright soon enough.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Cararta on May 14, 2013

      Hi Harleena,

      I think you are right about the hackers…I had HG scan my whole network and it came
      back clean…
      but that doesn’t mean that somehow something didn’t sneak through!

      A Lot of traffic this afternoon and some spam comments from China are sneaking into
      the pending….Plus my little Google Graph stopped working again..

      Guess I can use it as a Notice to troubleshoot.

      Loved your post on Time Management….Time is Life not money
      We need to keep that in mind.


  • Alan Ashwood on November 4, 2013

    This is very odd.

    I have no idea what I would have done in your situation, but I do know the sinking feeling in your stomach when these types of things happen

    I was hacked about a year ago, and lost three of my sites – the ones that were making money!

    Even the backups were corrupted, losing 3 years of work.

    I hope your problem is resolved – and stays that way.


    • Cararta on November 19, 2013

      Hi Alan,

      Running behind a little! Only have 215 Spam comments left to check.

      Went to your site, nice post about security…but couldn’t leave a comment…my security
      vetoed it?

      You are Right About Barry Wells, good friend, smart and willing to help when he can…came
      for Adrienne Smith so you are keeping good company!

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