Free WordPress Backup Plugins

Do Free WordPress Backup Plugins Work?

I just got an email from Robert Plank, creator of Backup Creator a plugin I’ve been using since September, 2011.  It is extremely useful for me as I’m still in the learning stage when it comes to WordPress.  His email about free WordPress backup plugins is below.

Sometimes I edit things I shouldn’t and I need a good backup option because  my site will develop a problem!  Shortly I plan on changing the theme I am using here because I really don’t like the double sidebar….would much prefer a single side bar or maybe no sidebar at all and put all the ads and junk on a resource page.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, whatever I decide to do, I’ll backup with Backup Creator and have my site safe, so if I really screw up I can put it back with about three clicks.  I will admit that one time I did have to get host gator to clear out the junk…..then I installed a new Wp install, installed my Backup Creator plugin on the admin page and clicked restore….site back in just the time it took to upload!

Anyway, back to Robert’s Email: This is what he had to say.

We’ve been talking the last couple of days about
backing up your WordPress site and keeping your
data, hard work, and your business safe…

By now, you might be wondering, aren’t there some
quote-unquote “free” WordPress plugins available
to help me backup my site?

Sure… there are tons… except:

1. You don’t know if they are kept up to date

2. They don’t backup all WordPress plugins and

3. They don’t allow you to restore your site to a
DIFFERENT location (very important)

Basically, I have tried all the free WP backup
plugins and I hated them… several in fact,
“seemed” to restore the backup… but as soon as I
clicked any links on the blog, the blog crashed!
(sound familiar?)

That’s the exact reason I made Backup Creator,
because the free ones didn’t cut it and the paid
ones were too difficult to use.

Get Backup Creator right now (there’s an
unconditional 30 day money back guarantee so you
can try it out) and get it right here:  

Backup Creator Click Here to Watch Video That Explains it All!

What Robert left out is something else important,  I tried another “paid” backup plugin…sort of pricey but the main thing was it didn’t work like Backup Creator does…..

Let me Explain…..I’m not a techie genius, I’m learning as I go, so the other plugin I tried to use  had some lines of text that you had to go somewhere and put them in (never figured it out) think ftp was involved.   You installed it from the Admin Plugin  just like a regular plugin, but after that things went downhill……I decided it wasn’t for me and got a refund!

Now with  Backup Creator, you sign in, copy your license info and then you download the plugin to your desktop or a file (I named mine Backup Creator).

Then sign into WordPress Admin on your site and go through the regular plug in install except you upload from your computer, click install and it is there.  Hit the settings on it, enter your information…it will ask for what you should enter and you are in business.

That’s it.  no text or php to find a place for or  anything else.

Robert’s Newest version of Backup Creator Elite even includes a choice of automatic setup  to backup your site and sent the backup to the storage you specify…or sends you an email letting you know it has been done.

Lance Tamashiro has a quick video here that explains eveything you want to know about Backup Creator including the fact that you can even “backup” a huge membership site  and with the magic of Backup Creator install it on another server or domain…total time?  Just how long it takes your server to upload the zipped backup package.  Everything works when it arrives and all your plugin settings and links are exactly the same as before the transfer.

Take a Look…Tell me more About Backup Creator

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2 Responses to “Free WordPress Backup Plugins”

  • Adrienne on January 14, 2013

    Hey Cararta,

    Knock on wood I’ve never had to actually use any of my backups but I also don’t just reply on a backup plug-in either. I’ve heard that a few of the free ones really do a good job but they don’t back up everything. That’s why it’s best to backup your files from the cPanel itself.

    Glad you’re happy with this plug-in and it’s worked well for you.


  • Cararta on January 15, 2013

    Hi Adrienne,

    This plugin backs up everything…I think.. I know that you can take the back up and install it on another server and everything will work….You just have to start with a fresh install of WordPress…

    Also there is a backup created on the server, but I always download a copy and store elsewhere.

    When I first started setting up this site, I ended up “restoring” it several times with BC…..less techie and easy!


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