Creating High Value Content Video or Copy Writing

Creating High Value Content is a Formula


It doesn’t matter if the content is for a Sales Page, a Presell page on a blog or a Script for a Video or even your latest blog post, it all comes from the same source: You.

The process of creation can be as hard or as easy as you make it.  For example, if you need a sales page,

then there are some rules you need to apply and having a writing formula for sales pages to use and follow will certainly ease the pain of this task!

Just to give you an idea:

It all goes back to the Eternal Mantra:

  • Find  needy people with a Problem
  • Find a Solution to the problem
  • Package and market your problem solving solution.
  •  Skip any step and you are in  trouble.

What works and why it works.


When presenting your solution,  you need a way to get agreement from your prospects.

What can you present to get agreement started?

On webinars, I’ve noticed a lot of questions from the presenter that are requesting a YES response.  So….. formulate a question or two and ask for answers.

This is the Problem that no one seems to be able to solve.

Do you have this problem?  

Do you need a quick and easy solution?   Just to get the YES juices flowing.

Separate the opportunity seekers from the buyers who really use what you are offering and reduce refund requests at the same time.

Good questions to ask:

  • Do you buy things and then don’t bother to  use them?
  • Do you evaluate what you buy with this standard:  Will it help me make some money?
  • Do you buy because it is new and is just something you want to buy?

There are other ways to get the response you are looking for so read others ideas and add to what you have found here..

People are always looking for a better solution to their problems or a quicker, easier way to do something that isn’t even a problem.  They will jump for joy when they think they have found one and with some strategic planning and luck it could be you and your solution.

Remember to include quality and a real working solution that benefits the buyer more than what was paid….next time you make an offer they will remember what they got and how useful it was.

Your job is simple. 

Find a real Problem (with as many people who have this problem as possible),  clearly describe and define this problem so that anyone with this problem can embrace it as their own.

Offer the solution to the problem, whether the solution  is yours or someone else’s that you are recommending or promoting.

Instead of a Big Buy Button on the bottom of your page, do a pre sell…..

After you have defined this Unsolvable Problem,

Get the prospect to visualize life without this problem…then furnish a link to the sales page by telling them to read more here to find the solution.  Read more …..

In other words:

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