Creating a Blog with John Thornhill

How Not to create a Blog-See Below!


I’m taking a 16 week course from John Thornhill learning how to really set up a WordPress “Blog”.

This was originally written on Sept 15, 2011, It is now October 7, 2012 and I’m Starting Over!!!!

I’m now on week two, setting up a Blog and I ‘m having a problem. 

Update…over a year has gone by.  Must admit I got distracted with the “Push Button Junk”….my computer hard drive is overloaded with JUNK.  

So I stopped following my plan…got into buying those Make $5,000 a day in 30 minutes a week on your laptop at the beach!  Ha!

 My Complaint above on week two was not the reason I quit! 

John’s videos shows WordPress the way it was about two years ago..  There is an update with the video that explains that WordPress moved the menu to scroll down the left side of the page instead of across the top….not a biggie, the inside workings are still the same….I’m working through it.

Learning some things I never knew about WordPress.

We are now into setting up and using categories.

I have about  ten sites and not one of them have anything in the categories other than the WordPress  links mostly because I was afraid to try.

The setting up the Blog with links etc. is interesting.  Not sure yet how it works.  I set up some links in the blog rather than using the menu on the left and amazingly some  appeared on the page when I clicked preview to look.

Hmmmm….wonder where those other two went? I’m still at it.

See comments below…Michael Slater another of those Knowledgeable Sharing Whizzes came by and told me, Categories don’t show up until they have something in them…so there!

Visited the self help and coaching blog which is like the break room at work…everybody puts in their two cents  right or wrong.

I still have two categories I set up that don’t appear when I “visit” the site.

They are there in the dashboard, but not on the page. Well, I don’t really have a page yet…this is it, still being worked on. I’ll publish now, can change it later  or make a post to continue this conversation… (I pulled this off and put it in Drafts so I could Update things a little.)

Well, I’m published, but still at it.  This is the most helpful course I have ever lucked on even if some of the videos have a different looking WordPress.

I go and read in the coaching help forum where other students are also working through the program.  A real community for a change.

This really nice guy Sergio Felix who has an awesome blog at Marketing With Sergio  came by and made a comment on the another post I made about this class!

He is also taking this course and likes to check out what other members are doing!

Bet if he had it to do over, he would just LOOK and leave.  I bug him endlessly for information and help…which he ALWAYS graciously gives.  If you go, read his about page…his mind is an encyclopedia filled with all that techie  stuff that for me is hard to understand!

Some of the members in the Coaching Class  already have nice blogs and sites but say they feel the need for more understanding of WordPress and how to really use it.

If you would like to join me you can click on the link below and get a great bargain….John Thornhill’s $497.00  16 weeks of coaching for an unbelievable  $19.99.  I checked several other places and it is still listed at a much higher price.

No links below or above, (not true Sergio said leave a link to John ) but for the rest, I am creating a Resource page and putting all the commercials there…so if you find something interesting navigate over there and find it.

I’m behind in my lessons.

Life sometimes interferes, guess I’m like most people, it is more fun to post what you want, instead of posting what you should.

I Have a lot of gaudy stuff added on here, but I’m more conservative at my other site.

This one is sort of FUN!  Come have fun and Learn what you need to know to be able to Really set up a Blog to earn Money and help others at the same time by giving out some good information they can use!

One thing I didn’t mention is how you end up learning about Marketing John’s way…it is included not as “Module” but more as a moral honest, be helpful and you can succeed.

John ThornHill’s 16 Week Coaching Program.  Click Here to find out more.

Not.  Sorry this program has officially “Sold Out” and been closed down, I included a link above to a reasonable offer for coaching.  Go Check it out.

There is another post that came after this one that I need to update.  Think I’d better go do my Resource page next, plus go back to school and learn to spell!  

I Keep leaving that  second C out of encyclopedia  and making the c in resource into an s…

I love comments…good or bad (mostly good!)  so take a second and do a LIKE or Comment.  

Suggestions are welcome!


P.S.  Can’t resist  here is a link to an audio Interview of Dan Sumner by John Thornhill…you can click and listen while you are reading here…It will open in a new page, just click the tab to return here…you can listen and look at the same time!  

To Listen Click Here

13 Responses to “Creating a Blog with John Thornhill”

  • Cararta on May 16, 2012

    I’m way beyond week two on this course. Still have my ups and downs, but I still think this course is the way to go for someone who is “New” or a Newbie.

    It has a ton of good instruction and the focus is to Learn what you will need now to set up a site and add to it in the future.

    Decided to use my comment box to “update” instead of updating the whole article.
    Good idea? Let me Know…..
    You can Reply!

  • Michael Slater on June 9, 2012

    1. Your new blog categories won’t show up if you have no posts in them.

    2. Only really a good idea using your comment box to ‘update’ if you are happy for post not to be at top of your home page.

    • Cararta on August 8, 2012

      Thanks Michael,

      You are probably right! Never thought about it quite like that. This is a Learning blog at any rate and a comment from an expert is always appreciated! Now if you are a Theme whiz….that is my next project!

  • Sergio Felix on October 9, 2012

    Hey Cararta, thank you for the awesome mention on your article and this was a post that I really truly enjoyed!

    Not because I’m mentioned but because of the structure you’ve used.

    I really like knowing a little bit more about the author and you’ve accomplished just that and dragged me into the story which by the way I think you’re doing an amazing job.

    Nice work and by all means, DO use your affiliate link in the end of the post, it IS expected! 😉


    • Cararta on October 9, 2012

      Ho Sergio!

      What a nice visit!

      Thanks for the thumbs up, means a lot coming from you with your very personal Blog.

      One of the things I like best about your posts, they are friend to friend: not an “Expert” making a dissertation.

      Will try to find my link for John and put him back in because even though a few of the videos are a little “old” what you can learn from him is priceless.

      Come again!

  • Adrienne on October 9, 2012

    Hey Cararta,

    I also like the layout of the post, going back and sharing with us a year later. Where you are and starting over.

    I have no doubt that John’s course is a winner. I remember when Sergio was doing it as well. Yep, he’s another buddy of mine too. Great guy and so helpful.

    Keep up the wonderful work and you’ll have a lot of help now.


    • Cararta on October 9, 2012

      Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      I think it will be much easier with the support of friends to expand my point of view about completing the course.

      I think…no know that the deeper I got into the course, kept getting SCARED about the mention of “creating” my own product and decided just plain affiliate marketing would serve me better.

      Hind site is 20-20. So it is time to dig in and do what I should have done to begin with!


  • James Hughes on November 20, 2012

    Hi Cararta

    Great post and a great blog. I’m liking it over here.

    John Thornhills course is certainly an excellent one, good luck with the rest of it 🙂

    James Hughes

    • Cararta on January 25, 2013

      Hi James,

      Thanks for the Up. Much appreciated.

      Question, do you have good luck with eBay?
      I still have a
      bad memory of my first endeavor on the internet with Doba and eBay…was a complete downer!

      Guess I’ll have to take time to visit and read your post to get an idea of how you are using eBay for traffic (they sure have a lot of…if you could figure out how to get them to share!)


  • Philip on December 20, 2012

    I don’t know this course but I bought Johns traffic solution and it took my blog to a whole new level. I can only advise any newbie or even advanced marketer to follow Johns and Dans blog closely. I do and it helps a lot.

    If you do need any help with wp check my blog or contact me 🙂

    Regards Phil

    • Cararta on January 25, 2013

      Hi Phillip,

      Thanks for the visit, the comment and the offer of help.
      Sometimes I run into strange problems, so I’ll be sure to put you on my list of Friendly People to Know!

  • Pauline on December 21, 2012

    Hi Cararta

    John’s course is very good and I am sure you will conquer it, just go at your own pace and there are so many people here to help you, you only have to ask 🙂
    This post is very good so keep up the great work.

    Have a great weekend

    • Cararta on January 5, 2013

      Hi Pauline,

      Working a little slower than I would like on completing the course…as I explained to Adrienne Smith am trying to get set up to develop an email list, so I had to move a domain from Fat Cow to my HG account…no sense in renewing and paying for two hosts…reason being I’d like to set up to use with the email program…store my giveaways there, much shorter and easier to deal with!

      Thanks for stopping by and it looks like you would be the very person to help me with that “storage” set up!


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