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!Just to start you thinking, 

I have included these two  Videos of Gary Halbert at a seminar explaining how to sell

 Emu Oil.

It is Funny and instructive at the same time!    

Just below the first Video is  the Second part!  

Just so you will know, It isn’t really about Emu Oil, it is about anything you want to sell Online or using Snail Mail,  Ads in a magazine, or on TV:   it doesn’t matter.

What is important is  to develop a  different point of view to write good copy that will sell.   Change your ideas especially about  a  Products Features and a Products Benefits because they are  two entirely different things.    Features describe what the product will do.   Benefits are what the Features Produce.

Many times we get lost in describing  features as benefits,  Just a quick example:  We have a software that will automatically post our pre-written content to our blog.

The Features are:  1. automation of a formerly manual time consuming  task.  2. Can be set to post the number of articles  we want on certain days or dates:  especially useful on membership sites!

The Benefits Are:  1.  time saved so can do  more work in less  time,  2. Keeps site up to date  improving Google ratings because blog always has fresh content.  3  Better ranking improves site traffic with the added benefit of  improved  opt ins to mailing list and more onsite  sales.   All of which translate into……More Money!   The Ultimate Benefit.    If the plugin has been tested then it  would be easy to describe all these great benefits using facts and figures

             Like  “I sold $1001.98  more in two weeks and added 123 new subscriber to my email list.”  after installing this Marvelous plugin. 

The idea is easy, once you break down  what you are selling into its real parts:  Features….what it can do… and the Important Part…Benefits.  Suddenly copy writing become clear as a bell and much easier to deal with.

Of course copy writing has a lot more to it than just enumerating  features and benefits.  There is the Human element that needs to be engaged with what we are saying or it is all in vain.

Listen to Gary Halbert in the videos below and you will get a lesson in sales strategy plus some tried and true Tips on copy writing .  He is using a flashlight to read what he wrote because of sight problems that were later corrected with surgery….

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Just in case you get caught in that trap called Writers Block, I have added a link to a friends blog about overcoming this Big Block to Productivity that sometimes catches up all.  Check out this article at  Adrienne Smith.

Or for something interesting in the way of a writing helper go Read Here

13 Responses to “Copy Writing Skills”

  • Cararta on April 16, 2012

    Gary Halbert is selling Emu Oil. But the real gold is how to sell Emu Oil or anything else.

  • Adrienne on November 5, 2012

    Well that was interesting Cararta and I’d love to get my hands on that cream. Yep, he sold probably everyone in that room and not just the women on that one.

    Copywriting is not my strong suit, I admit. I would love to get better at it though. It’s something I still need to work on.


    • Cararta on January 13, 2014

      Hi Adrienne,

      Copywriting is an ongoing battle!

      There are some rules and a few short cuts that help, but in the long run it is time or money…..

      Time if you can figure it out and do it yourself and get something worthwhile or money to hire someone who does it better.

      Working on this cute little almost blog…reworking the articles…
      It has a very strange url
      Think I did the setup wrong!

  • Donna Merrill on January 18, 2014


    Wow….This guy has it down perfect. It makes me want to buy it.

    Copywriting is a very difficult thing to do. My hubby is good at it. What I do is write a very long winded thing, give it to him and he cuts it up and edits it.


    • Cararta on February 28, 2014

      Hi Donna,
      Wish I had a helper!

      Yep, that cream he is talking about was a run away success..until the FDA
      stuck their foot in. They claimed the cream might be carcinogenic (no facts no proof)
      but closed it down!..think it used titanium oxide which one rat test showed might
      cause lung cancer if inhaled huge amounts …1999 study, couldn’t find anything more
      must be an overreaction by fda.

  • David Haines on January 18, 2014

    Hi Cararta, thank you for this post. It was very informative. Although I wasn’t impressed by his presentation skills, what he did manage to do is sell by telling a story. Stories sell.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Cararta on February 8, 2014

      Since the two videos shown were taken from a sold out seminar that he presented (2004 System Seminar on Internet marketing in San Francisco, California)..someone
      must like his presentations!.. He did have a vision problem that was corrected by surgery
      before he died and one of the things often emphasized in his work: use stories to sell to
      connect to the human element.
      That copy he was reading from went on to sell Millions of dollars worth of Deception for TOVA. Think he
      lived in the Florida Keys a great deal of the time, so besides being somewhat laid back, I think you could also
      say he was the Frank Kern of copy writing, but to disorganized to be a Tim Ferris.

  • Susan Neal on February 6, 2014

    Cheers, Cararta – very entertaining videos. And, like Adrienne, I’d love a supply of that magic cream!

    Emphasising benefits rather than features is a really important copywriting principle – the trick is to figure out which particular benefit to focus on – the one thing that’s powerful enough to make your customer want to get their credit card out of their wallet.

    • Cararta on February 8, 2014

      Hi Susan,

      You know, they sold a ton of that cream, but because of a negative reaction to the wrinkle hiding chemical added,
      had to remove it from the market. It allowed to much Titanium dioxie to be absorbed. You can buy the wrinkle hiding makeup, but not the
      cream anywhere that I know of! (Titanium dioxide used as a sunscreen was classified as “possible” carcinogenic in 2006..but none observed in humans, even in employes at manuf. companies).

      Agree with you about the benefit focus. You can do all the keyword research you want, but if you can’t cross that
      invisible line and relate it to and find Real people who are creating all those searches and statistics, then you still have a Buy Problem!
      Guess the best copywriters must have a knack for finding and focusing on the benefit that people Want as opposed to what they need,
      because I’ve heard it said over and over: “People buy what they want, not what they need”.

  • Amiti on February 12, 2014

    Hi Cararta,

    I’m impressed. That is the way to get business done. A good businessperson can do and succeed almost in nay niche, by using that kind of technique.

    • Cararta on February 28, 2014

      Hi Amiti,

      Gary Halbert was a master copywriter.

      I agree with you, apply his techniques successfully and you can sell,
      but note, one thing he remarked on was how to sell….asked his audience
      what is the one thing you need to sell Hamburgers?
      After listening to responses from the students, he replied, “A hungry Crowd” is
      all you need to sell Hamburgers.
      Now translate that and you’ve got it made.

  • Sergio Felix on February 17, 2014

    Gary Halbert is a genius.

    I haven’t written much sales copy myself but I have attempted to do some of it and it’s definitely something I need to learn more about.

    Not only because of writing sales copy alone but because it is great persuasion knowledge which it always comes in handy when selling our products and services.

    Great videos, thanks Cararta!

    PS. I’d have bought the cream too lol

    • Cararta on February 28, 2014

      Ho Sergio,

      I agree that Gary Halbert was a genius at writing selling copy.

      I subscribed to his son’s email list and for about a year got one of Gary’s archived newsletters about once a
      month. Definitely a good read.
      I have run across a few templates that will help organize your writing,
      but that is really just the tip of the iceberg.
      Something briefly touched on by Gary in one of the videos is
      “the human element” and getting in touch with it.

      Then, there are those hooks….your headline and first few lines of copy. If the bait for
      your hook isn’t seductive, you’ve lost your chance.
      I guess it sort of translates into whether or not you are one of those people who walk into
      a party and because you are there, the real party begins.

      There is a collection of his videos on Youtube, many of them from this same seminar and I must say
      if you pay attention, you can learn something about copy writing.

      Funny you mention the cream…his sales letter and that cream made one woman
      and her husband a Big Pot Full of Money! It sort of put her on the map for
      cosmetics in California with its Hollywoodites packing her establishment.
      PS. If they still sold it, I’d buy it too. It is still being marketed but without
      the wrinkle hiding factor. FDA…

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