Content Marketing for SEO

At last when it comes to using content marketing for SEO there is an easy answer!  

This answer just depends on who you listen to. I’ve been watching some Google videos about SEO and ranking your website or pages (not the same thing)…

Almost every one has ended with the same words…

Optimize your website and your content for intended human readers, not for a robot.  

Content Marketing is king

Content Marketing is king

You can use search engine optimization(SEO)to make your content easier for your readers to find, read and also move within your site to related or relevant content.

That old quote, “killing two birds with one stone” certainly applies!

Good content organization and correct linking evolve into pleasure for your readers while enabling search engine robots to serve up what you have shared.

In other words spend your time making your content easy to read, deliver what you promised in your headline and forget loading it up with keywords for keyword loving search engine robots. 

Old, but new again. 

Actually marketing with content never went away. 

Fresh “quality” content devoted to answering questions and solving problems will always have a seat at the dinner table.

So to just keep things straight, this article’s content could be listed under

  • Marketing,
  • SEO
  • Copy Writing or even
  • Blogging or
  • Traffic

all of which is the end goal of all the writing and sharing you spend time and money doing.

But our headline (title) promised some tidbits about Content Marketing and SEO. 

Since you are interested in using content as the foundation and base for your marketing, it makes sense to construct it in such a way that people can find it and make use of it. 

Also keep up to date by changing your site structure (not the pretty part) but how you connect content together. 

If you have hundreds of articles then you want the ones that cover a similar topic to at least shake hands so your reader has a clue and can find them. 

Maile Ohye a Google Developer Tech Lead has made several videos and explains some of the steps involved.

I shared a video called “5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas)” because it not only covers SEO, but content and some great tips on what to include in it and even how to do your SEO optimization at the same time.

It sometimes gets confusing and hard to remember where you are going and how to get there!  

She starts off the video with emphasis on basically using your article description or “rich snippet” to highlight whatever product or service you are selling (directed more to physical products than internet marketers hawking digital products!).

However, here is the secret, this and several more of her suggestions can be altered just a little and used for the same purpose by any kind of content marketer. 

It is going to be up to you to develop a strategy so you can benefit from SEO while you are also providing valuable content to your readers. 

  • Some of the things to keep in mind are:
  • How does content marketing work
  • Why Content matters 
  • Content marketing resources 
  • The Importance of content marketing

It becomes more important to keep your site and content up to date. Visitors and searchers are always looking for fresh new ideas to help solve their blogging, marketing and traffic problems.

So if you can add some new snippets of information to an old article sitting on your site and bring it forward in its new dress…Sure saves a lot of hard work and adds to your fresh updated appearance.   



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2 Responses to “Content Marketing for SEO”

  • Donna Merrill on December 2, 2015

    Hi Cararta,

    It’s nice to see an article about SEO and content marketing that focuses our attention to the “human reader” instead of the robots!

    I think this is one of the most common mistakes I’ve seen over and over. People deliver content on a blog post or website, that is full of keywords and phrases, long tail, short tail, off page, on page… all the things that they think will make the bots happy so they get a high ranking page or post.

    The problem with that strategy is that even if you get high ranking, when people get to your post they’ll find little value, only a lot of SEO posturing.

    They’re not likely to be too interested in what your content is unless you write it for them, and as you point out, keep it up to date and fresh. This keep your content relevant and timely.


    • Cararta on December 3, 2015

      Hi Donna,

      Afraid you are right, some of the content, articles about SEO and things you luck up on seem to go round and round, trapped on a merry go round of headers (at least three) with the keywords needed to finish off Yoast and some other “important” rules.
      After all, there are rules, there is content, there is SEO…copy writing.

      It can all turn into an endless tutorial that amounts to a not so subtle things to do list.

      Since things change every day, some get old and others become new, it certainly doesn’t hurt to talk about it without “posturing”.
      I much prefer reading the enthusiastic sharing of something new that is really old and someone just rediscovered to the not so mannerly chest beating alluded to in

      “I’ve been doing this for years, where have you been?”

      Trying to make my life miserable by having a cold…guess because it is turning cold.

      Thanks for the visit Donna, come by any time.

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