Amazon Money Machine Review

Amazon Money Machine is a Double Dipper

Amazon Money Machine

Amazon Money Machine

Amazon Money Machine does something different. 

Not often that you can buy a program with 3 programs inside. That is why I’m calling this one a Double Dipper!  Just like the Ice cream cones at the cream shop…maybe I should have said Triple Dipper! 

My friend Paris has created a totally unique PLR package to help people who would like to sell PLR but lack the time or skills to do it for themselves!

A surprise inside the package is the information and help that you get for using three great Money Machines inside of Amazon!

Want to Write a Kindle Book?

If writing and publishing a kindle book is on your bucket list…he has you covered.  There are resources listed for some of the more complicated things, but just to get you up and Doing…this will work! 

Here is an excerpt from the program  Just to give you an idea of what is inside! 

We hope the following money making models will help inspire some ideas of what you can do and give you a head start when getting setup.

Amazon Money Machine Overview

Now that you understand why Amazon is a great platform to setup your money machine, we need to talk about your options.(referring to some info I didn’t copy!)

There are three primary options when it comes to making money on Amazon:

  • Publish a Book Publishing a book on Amazon is one of the first ways you could make money. Amazon has taken this beyond the basic paperback with the creation of the Amazon Kindle Program.
  • Sell a physical product If book writing is not your thing, you may want to consider creating your own brand of product. You can have the product shipped to Amazon’s warehouse facilities and they will manage the fulfillment process. This is called Fulfillment by Amazon.
  • Promote Someone’s Product There is also an option an option where you can make money from Amazon by promoting other people’s products.

Helping drive customers to Amazon can make you money.

This is called being an Amazon Affiliate.

Which one should you start with?

The process of creating your Amazon Money Machine follows these same initial steps.

Which one is right for you will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend initially and the kind of work you are prepared to do.

In the following sections, you find an overview of the money machine creation process and a description of each Money Machine.

Use the information to help determine which option will be right for you to begin with.

Where more detailed information is needed there are resources listed.  Some free and some paid, depending on how involved you want to get into that particular Money Machine!

Want to sort it out?  Take a look at the sales page for

Amazon Money Machine by clicking Here  I bought the PLR and am using it already. 

Of course following good marketing habits, I have included an affiliate link so that if you buy, I just might make a dime or two! 

If you have any questions, get in touch on Facebook and find my Internet Money Store and post a comment on the post I did about Amazon Selling Machine! 

Internet Money Store



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Amazing Simple Selling Machine Tells You How To Get Started Selling


This Amazing Simple Selling Machine starts off by listing 7 Steps to Simple Selling.

Before we get into that, I have a question.

Are You still afraid of selling?

Still carrying a Big Black Road Block on your shoulders?

Convert that Heavy Weight into An Amazing Simple Selling Machine

Convert that Heavy Weight into An Amazing Simple Selling Machine

Today could be your lucky day if you are still searching for an Amazing Simple Selling Machine that will do the job for you.

I found this itty bitty program being peddled as:

Selling Secrets, Stolen From John Thornhill’s High Ticket Mentoring Progam.

Now how did he (Mr. X) get away with doing that?

Well, it seems Mr. X works for John Thornhill in addition to running his own online business.

Did a Webinar for John while John was away on vacation. When John got back he liked the Webinar so well, he suggested to Mr. X that he release it as a WSO.

Now how is that for having a good boss?

There was a wee Problem.

In spite of the fact that Mr. X is a great copy writer, even he ran into trouble when describing this Amazing Simple Selling Machine that is Simply Amazing!

1. This is NOT one of those Push Button, Shiny easy things that is being peddled everywhere.

2. If you are into marketing and selling, professional or beginner, this Amazing Simple Selling Machines is something you NEED.

Not something you want…which is a problem because people buy what they want, not what they need.

3. Do you have about 45 minutes to invest in finding out what you must do if you really want to turn yourself into a successful  Amazing Simple Selling Machine?

What you must do before beginning your journey as an Amazing Simple Selling Machine.

There is a list of only 7 Simple Selling Machine Things that you need to get under your belt before you go crashing your way through that big Wilderness of Internet and even Affiliate Marketing.

For some background.
I’m feverishly working right now on creating a product to sell or give away.

Guess what?

I have this program on my hard drive and decided to watch the video and read the pdf again just as a refresher.

One thing for sure, any kind of selling or product creating isn’t just dressing your information up in a pretty package and rolling it out.

No, there are some basic and ethical ribbons that tie that package together for you and the lucky person who happens to get their hands on what you create or sell.

Here is one simple selling clue that must be remembered:

When you are told to create a product (as I have been in lesson 1 of the coaching program I am trying to navigate) they always start off with find your “Niche”…

Which is fine.

Unfortunately, I have this bad reaction to being TOLD to do anything.

And I’m being told that I MUST create a product…all my own original knowledge…with a timer hanging over my head.

Something inside of me just scrunches then explodes and goes off like a bomb. 

Takes a bit to get over it, and start doing what I’ve been Told to Do.

Next on the list is always being reminded that you must choose something you are interested in or know something about.

Amazing Simple Selling Machine

Amazing Simple Selling Machine


This Amazing Simple Selling Machine does something completely different.  (Actually it isn’t called Amazing Simple Selling Machine… just something I dreamed up.)

Topic #1. of the 7 Selling Tips (Lists of what you need to know, I think) is labeled with:

Knowledge as one of the two-word Tip description.

Check out the rest here: Cararta Likes Simple 

By the way, that is my affiliate link, so if you go and read and decide you like and buy I might make enough to buy a big cuppa coffee!

Skipper Works

P.S. If you enjoyed my rambling rant,
I’d appreciate a share and even a comment below!

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Liz Tomey Coaches How To Use PLR to Make Money

Liz Tomey has been using PLR since 2004 to make a gracious living! 

As part of her PLR love affair, 

she has always shared her expertise and information with students. 

I recently went through most of the training of her SixFigure PLR Academy… and it is Work!.

Live webinars everyday, with home work….

But when you get through, most of the other students in the class had a product created, and selling it.

And in our closed group, people help each other, for real.

Want to get acquainted?  Think she is back on her Facebook Daily Live…where you sometimes get to listen to the crickets when she is running late and sits out on the screened in back porch.

That Screen might be ok for the bugs, but saw a video recently where a Alligator decided to take a swim in a screened in Pool…..not far from where she lives!
Here is some info in a video about the SixFigure Plr Academy…you might like it!

Liz Explains what she will be teaching at SixFigure PLR Academy.

Went through my old computer just looking and ran across this.

MyMakeMoneyOnlineCoach  from 2012, Think it was a combination of Liz Tomey and Jeff Dedrick.

Was a great membership site with live training webinars each week.

Since I was busy at the time with other things, didn’t pay attention and do what she told us all to do. Typical.  One of the 98%!!!!!

This SixFigure PLR Academy is going to be a trip.

Don’t remember how long it runs, but if memory webinar every day with home work.
That is how you end up with a working PLR Product to sell…by 21 days.
Get the theory, get the knowledge, the resources and get it done.
Kick Butt coaching if I ever saw it.

PLR is Marketers Goldmine


PlR is a Marketers Goldmine. 8 Business you can run with PLR.

PLR Academy 8 Ways To Cash-In With it!

Hello today from Cararta.

I just got word from Liz Tomey that she has released her last mini PLR workshop before opening the doors to her Six Figure PLR Academy tomorrow (July 11th at 9am Eastern)!

This mini workshop shows you 8 different ways to make-money with your own PLR business.

You don’t have to stop with just creating and launching PLR content packages.

There are MANY other ways to make-money with your own PLR business, and Liz goes into detail about it in this last mini workshop!

Watch her Video here!

Tomorrow is going to get absolutely crazy when Liz opens the doors to this workshop.

People are talking about it all over Facebook, etc. One thing for sure:
Liz is only releasing 100 spots for the Six Figure PLR Academy.

If you get lucky and read this early in the a.m. my advice is hurry!

I participated in the last Academy and I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.

There is no other PLR Coaching Program out there like this…

Liz truly takes you by the hand and shows you absolutely everything you need to know to create your very first PLR content package and launch it for a big-paycheck!

I’ve also heard there’s some killer bonuses.
One of them is a promotion to Liz’s list when you create your first PLR content package.

I’m talking about a promotion to her entire list!

That alone will make it worth whatever the price is on this program!

So for now…

Go see what Liz is teaching in this mini workshop.

You’re going to learn a ton of killer information about 8 ways to make-money with this business model, and then tomorrow be ready for the doors to open to her Six Figure PLR Academy Coaching Program!

By the way, the giveaway of 3 mini classes close with the launch of Six Figure PLR Academy. 

Maybe I can talk her into leaving them open longer!

Take a Look!


P.S. If you want some more advice and chit chat about Coaching Programs

go read this Coaching-Where to Draw The Line!

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Product Dyno Protect

Protect and Deliver Digital products.

Dyno Digital Protector

Dyno Digital Protector

Sorry You missed the early pre-launch.

Take a look and check out this

program.  Is launching on August 8th.

Safely deliver all your Digital Products from your own

safe vault!  And More!

Dyno Digital Protector


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Pure Profits Auto Solution Review

Profits are the Goal of Every Marketer

“…How Can I Get Money?…..”


I Need Money!

How Can I Make Money Fast


I found the answer here:

Make Money Online

See How To Make Money Online

Beginning In As Little As 24 Hours!

You Can Do It Here

I just downloaded this system right now and I have to

say that it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Profits are What Make the Difference

Profits are What Make the Difference


Simple Video Management Tool

Add a simple video management tool to your blog today.

Paul Counts and David Perdew Formally Launch Simple Video System

Paul Counts and David Perdew Formally Launch Simple Video System

Adding Simple Video Management Tool to your site (html or WordPress) means having complete control of you videos.

It means having  a storage system that can tell you in a click where you have posted your videos, even down to the page.       

Wonderful short cut for setting up video tutorials inside a membership site.

So many ways to use, I can’t keep up!

If you want to make sure your videos embeded on your page or post plays for everyone, 

this is the helper you need.

Posted below is a short video I made when the program was in launch. 

Even after  the “launch deal” is gone, the video on the Sales page hands out some great ideas for using video in your business. 

After all not everyone is a

marketer or salesman.

More Ways to us Simple Video Management Tool

Setting up coaching and training videos takes organization, time and planning so any help is welcome.   

I’ve included a look inside the membership site and talk a little about how it works below.

OK, watch my pokey little video! 


Since videos are even being used in sales pages, reviews and sometimes as just solos in place of written content on a page or post—

The number of videos used for your marketing and content have multiplied so rapidly that even spreadsheets or notebooks can’t keep up with them.

Simple enough to create a bucket for each site, label it and file your videos, then open Simple Video Management Tool and have a grid of all your videos.

File them by date or title…  your choice!
More ways to use!

Read more by clicking the link below:

Cararta Likes Simple Video

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Make a Meme or a Graphic to Tell a Story: How To

Learning how to Make a Meme Can be Easy or Hard!

Take a look at this meme.  Think you could make a meme and do it completely in about 10 or 15 minutes? 

I have always liked having a way to make a meme, but found it time consuming using some of the online sites that leave their logo when you do use them!

Make a Meme to Add Interest

Make a Meme to Add Interest

Make a Meme...Custom-thumbnails-how-to use

Make a Meme…Custom-thumbnails-how-to use

I happened on this program and couldn’t resist.  Great way to make video thumbnails for YouTube.

Right after I bought it there was a webinar I had to attend.

Still couldn’t resist, this easy make a meme or graphic program just kept calling, so I started listening to the webinar instead of watching and went and made this set of pictures.

Will show you the original, plus the one I created without watching the training or anything. This is what I started with…an example meme.

Making Memes Images for WordPress

Making Memes Images for WordPress

Here goes, Look and Laugh, but it was Fun!

Started with the Bird above…then did this one!  The “All By Myself” needs some help…but it can be corrected! 

Changing the font style and size is a snap.  Easy as using Wp-Admin built in editor.


Make a Meme I thought I Could

Make a Meme I thought I Could


Then I created at comparison meme.

I thought I could make a meme

I thought I could make a meme

Read this story about making a meme to tell a story.

You can read it here:   How to Do a Meme & Tell a Story


I have dappled a little in Photo Shop, use plain old Paint a lot, but this program is a much easier version of PS so it is simpler to use. 

Not as many options, but it does have text, backgrounds, upload images and layers.  Even has images that are  royalty free which makes your images legal. 

No worry about getting sued! 

Here is a link to another image I made for an article about building email lists. 

Take a look,  now this one is very colorful!  

It is titled “Build”  so check it out! 

Can you imagine, making your own banner ads from a template that you create and keep? 

Then when you want a banner or even a logo, sign in and zip if off in a second? 

Great thing to have, especially if you know what you want, you never have to wait, order or pay. 

Strictly DIY  (do it yourself) and fast! 

This is the first time I’ve used it to make pictures for an article on my site, but it seems to keep up, doesn’t take long to create, then I download to my hard drive as I like to keep images for each site in the site folder.  

Makes life easier. It is just as easy as the procedure to make a meme or an info-graphic using a template.

Hope you enjoyed. 

I did. 

Come over to  Internet Money Store on Facebook. 

Have some more examples there. 

Will appreciate any likes or comments or even shares you happen to leave behind!  



Skipper Works



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Review: The Ethical Way to Make Money

How to Market with Integrity in other words

           “the ethical way to make money!”


Thanks for Stopping by. 

I couldn’t resist sharing this email I received a couple of days ago.  

From some guys that are really into using ethics while they are  Earning an income on the internet and are quite willing to share how they do it with anyone who is interested. 

From previous dealings with these guys, I know they can be trusted and what they sell is always above board.  (by the way, I have already bought this offer!)

Here is how the email started:

“If you’re struggling to make money online then you made a good choice to read this email.”

A little introduction and then let’s get to it…

First I want to introduce you to the “Real Guys”.

These guys have been known in the business for several years and have earned huge respect in our industry.

Meet the guys who know how to make Ethical Money

They are real “down to earth” all around good guys with a passion for helping others to grow their online businesses…

…and they get results for their students! That Me in the picture below is Eric Holmlund …

Ethical income on line money makers

Ethical income on line money makers

Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts, and Jeff Wellman are family men with good old fashioned values, and they are only interested in making money in ethical ways and with integrity.

If you’re interested in earning money online, I recommend that you do business in the same way.

After reading this post:

The first thing you should do is watch this video.

How can I Ethically Make Money Online, without spending money?

How can I Ethically Make Money Online, without spending money?

Are you interested in making money with integrity like these guys do?  If so, then typically you would need to do a lot of research. 

Finding the very few really solid niches that you should get involved with is hard work.

But today you can forget all the research and looking because they have created a video for you to watch that is a revelation. 

They are going to REVEAL one of the most solid and profitable niches on the entire Internet (and one they’ve already generated over $1 Million from using this product).

It’s profitable, it’s evergreen and most important, it can be marketed with integrity and it truly helps people.

Of course, you have to have a good solid product within this niche to be able to make money, and they have covered it for you as well!

Imagine being able to take their product, and begin selling it as your own online!

You’ll see just how this is going to be possible for you inside the following video…

Click Here to Watch the Video

But watch it now because inside the video there is a wealth of ideas and suggestions.

Even if you aren’t interested in buying…there are some really great ideas to copy and use.  

Put your own stamp on something you already have and get going.  

No Action, No Earnings.  You do have to do a little work to get paid….

Get out of that slump and get it going.  Enjoy and don’t miss out!

To your success,

Guest Post by:

ArtaGene on Facebook

ArtaGene on Facebook

ArtaGene from

Internet Money Store

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Mobile Marketing Why Use It?

The Hype That Goes With Mobile Marketing

I wrote this article several years ago, 2011 to be exact.  Things have changed on the waterfront, so I am doing some updating.

For one thing, the program that I was so enthralled with, sunk into the eCommerce netherland to be seen no more…but I actually found another program that includes some common sense!

Check out this training.

I’m listening to a video that comes with this program about tapping into a Mobile Market of over 3 billion hungry buyers…
and wants to put the secret of BANKING BIG in your hot hands! (left over Hype!).

One of the tips being explained is one that makes sense.

Before you start using Mobile Marketing,

determine the age of your targeted prospect.


People over 40 are not as likely to respond to text messages…they might respond better to voice messages directing them to your website which they can access on their PC! 

(this was part of the instructions if you were going to send texts and voice mails to mobiles)

A Few Precautions When Using Direct Contact Messages

Keep in mind also that some people, especially older users sometimes have limits on their number of calls and won’t appreciate unwanted commercial spam that costs them money.

Younger users are very text savy and most of the time text messages aren’t limited, so this one fact may be an important factor in what method you choose and what you market.

Make sense? 

Even though the program was over hyped and over priced, they did have some practical suggestions for using what they were peddling!

It is possible to build a virtual superhighway to easy mobile money!

But you had better follow the rules for using text for marketing. There are complex laws and rules and regulations in place and before you start, you had better know the rules!

And follow them!

There are systems that automate text marketing.

This new program I found, doesn’t include one.

  • What it does include is:
  • information about how to market,
  • what kind of messages to send and that really important one..
  • .how to use mobile squeeze pages and
  • what to integrate into them.

Incentives must be included in offers to get customers to subscribe.

Make sure the “gift” is really valuable and helpful, otherwise you miss your chance!

Ever Feel You Always Miss the Boat?

Ever wonder why, despite your best efforts
and the never-ending promises of all the “guru” sharks,
you end up being not successful and clueless?

Could it be because you buy programs and they leave out that important information about how to use what you have bought?

I don’t mean the step by step instructions on how to set up a program, but that intangible that makes the difference?

In other words, the extra steps that end up making the difference in whether the program works or not?

This guy found out why!

And the answers he’ll give you will
start you thinking.

But the solution he offers will give you tangible hope
and REAL MONEY beyond your wildest dreams, but only if you Do Something!

I’ve never had anything work for me that produced an immediate fortune.  Have you?

Some of the final words in his video are that if you know how to run an email marketing campaign then you can do mobile marketing.

You must keep in mind that receivers of your mobile messages may have to pay for receiving your message…so it had better be valuable to your possible new subscriber and fulfill a need…plus include a strong call to action!

A lot of information to remember, but get the video and listen to it several times…each time you will learn something new!


Want to see what I mean?  Well, I had a link to a great program, but somehow the link quit working, but take a look at this program…From a different Marketing Point of View. 

You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page completely if you want to get the program with the videos.

But the interesting thing about this program is that it targets mobile user without having to text or message them directly.

Look at the Mobile Marketing Profit Plan

Underground Traffic Blueprints

and see which one will be more useful for you.

I can’t decide for you..that’s your choice.

Both of these programs are loaded with extra bonuses, BUT the basic information of how to use Mobile Marketing is there and updated in 2015  and working just fine!

In other words you are getting a terrific basic understanding of how to use mobile marketing, set it up and that all important INTANGIBLE :

how to combine the step by step with the knowledge of how to measure, track and make an informed decision of what is working and what won’t work.

You aren’t Coca Cola or Macy’s so you must know how to use the system on your budget.

  • Text marketing is so successful because 94% or better of text messages are read immediately upon receipt…
  • how do you think that compares to
  • reading emails,
  • letters received in the mail or
  • clicking on banner ads on a website?


If my little article got you to thinking, Share by using one of the links below. It might help someone else!


P.S.  Here is a link to a program where you can actually make cash by sharing Videos.
about 3 years old and still going!
Make money on Facebook! Did you know that you can now make money when you share videos on Facebook!  Watch the Video

P.S.  Most of the links are affiliate links, so if you go and look, please use common sense and make sure you will need or use what is offered.  Sometimes I make a small commission, but don’t buy if you aren’t going to use.  Just common sense.

Meet up on Facebook at


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Backup Creator Review Almost 100,000 Users

A recent review of Backup Creator revealed that over 963,000 plugin are in use.  That means it   is closing in on being used by over
One Hundred Thousand happy users.

I Count myself among them.  Having purchased it on the day it was officially released. 

Backup Creator Protect

Backup Creator Protect

I have used it ever since on any site I have put up. Prevent the dismay that comes from breaking your site and don’t know how to fix it.

This works for that too.  Just do a backup before you make changes each time…do your work and if ok, back up you always have two currents backups.

This site in particular has been rescued three different times because I was lucky enough to have it installed. 

Nothing worse than navigating to your site and getting an error code instead… Oh Happy Day! or not even an error code just a plain white screen, or even worse one of those fashion conscious guys with a mask and funky music, pointing out that he now “owns” your site.

Take a short trip and watch the training video…there is some good training to use this plugin to service clients..doing backups, clones, move sites from server to server..even provide security in the form of safely stored backups. Watch video here.

If you are into installing sites for clients, would it be nice to have a “template” site with all the plugins, legal pages, etc in place and just have to install, edit the content and it is ready to go?

I have used it to move sites from one server to another…
Very simple get your domain, name servers pointed then install a fresh WordPress on the domain in the new server.

Upload Backup Creator plugin, hit restore and send it to get the backup you have saved, either on your hard drive, S3 or dropbox…Three or Four clicks and the work is done.

Just like Robert Plank says somewhere in the video, “click, click, click and it is done.”

Just an added note, the greatest gift from this plugin is the assurance of an easy fix when the Hackers come calling.

If you have a backup of everything on your site then the clean up and repair is a much happier and worry free undertaking.  

Enough chatter from me, go watch some great training on how to use a plugin to make a living.

  For Real.


I really love this plugin it has saved my site more than once.

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Review: Carl Topping’s Digital Media Market

Launching a new program is hard work and this review of Carl Topping’s Digital Media Market contains factual information acquired by observation and frequent digital contact. I have been watching Carl Topping work night and day getting his new baby ready for its coming out.

Digital Media Market

Digital Media Market

Digital Media Market officially launched today and is ready for the world!
Since I had special access to the site, I’ve been able to keep up with all the changes and additions.

One thing for sure, anyone who takes advantage of this special will be ahead of the game.

Let me explain.

What is Digital media Market?

Digital Media Market is filled with Carl’s own products, plus a few other tools that he acquired and made available to use with the Supply of PLR and RR already on board.

Those accepting his invitation will also have full access to a full house that has been added to since January, 2014.

What is in there?

  • special reports,
  • ebooks,
  • audios,
  • videos,
  • software,
  • templates,
  • articles, and much more.


Are you trying to create your own product from scratch and finding yourself struggling and maybe even paying out too much along the way?

Well now you can get started selling top quality products right away without going through all the hassle that comes along with creating your own.

  • When you join Digital Media Market You will have access to thousands of dollars of
  • Resale Rights,
  • Master Resale Rights, and
  • Private Label Rights products without the cost.

    “Resell Rights And Private Label Rights Both Allow You To Sell Products As Your Own And Keep 100% Of The Profits!”

    Since selling Digital Media Products is one of the easiest business to create right now, you need to take a good look at this.  

    When you luck in and get a great tutor who is willing to provide everything you need, including

  • tools,
  • complete how to do it instructions and 
  • teach you what he has been doing….

Well now you can get started selling top quality products right away without going through all the hassle that comes along with creating your own.

Again, since Selling Digital Media Products is the easiest business model online today and having a complete range of ever growing products with Resell Rights and Private Label Rights products means you can keep 100% of the profits time and time again.The more products you have to sell the more money you make!

Seems simple enough, but there is one thing Carl can’t give you or even sell you.

That one thing is the determination and ambition and desire to work hard enough to make a success of this.

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but if you aren’t willing to invest some time and have a real desire to become your own boss…then give this a miss.

Carl Topping

Carl Topping

Carl started his business while working a full time job, often with a varying work schedule so he often missed seeing wife and children while working those strange hours.

Just so you will know in advance…there is NO magic button, no short cut. 

It means you have access to everything you need to create income on the internet. 

What you will get here are the tools, support and guidance.
Take a look and see if you are man or woman enough to make a success of this.

Carl Explains what he is offering you HERE.


Digital Media Market by Carl Topping organized to Build a Business

Digital Media Market by Carl Topping organized to Build a Business

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Review: How to Create an Infographic in an Hour!

Well, a review of how to create an infographic in an hour means either being an infographic guru or finding out where and how to do. 

Inforgraphics:  What are they? 

For the uninformed, Infographics are an excellent tool to use to consolidate huge amounts of information, statistics or even related facts that you want to compare.

I was reading a Corbett Barr article about blogging and why you don’t want to create a blog????   Was really an article in an old archive to his old site about building a blog….

Anyway, I continued on to a site called The Gumroad Blog that was explaining how to use content to help run traffic to your product that is listed for sale on their Gumroad sales processor. 

They referred me to Hubspot and their article and free giveaway on how to make Infographics in about an hour and Why you need to use Infographics.

Here is a sample below, detailing Social Media marketing facts and statistics.  Not included in this infographic was some interesting information I read while on Hubspot…64% of people open their email on their mobile appliances…iPhone, iPad or Android. 

What is the world coming to?  Mobile and no Pc

That brings up another point, is your Autoresponder mobile friendly? Better find out!

Plus there is a link so you can go download your own templates and get the detailed instructions on how to make your own infographic (according to Hubspot) in about an hour.

I do believe that they are using Power Point..which I don’t have but I am going to give my Open Office power point imitator  a whizz at it.
Enjoy!  I did! 

Please include attribution to with this graphic.  I did!  Check them out.  They give away nice stuff.

A Quick Peek Into the Current State of Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Review: 7 Indispensable Content & Website Graders

Review? Is it useful to use website graders or audit your content? 7 Website grading tools can Make a Difference !

Using website graders for auditing your content (for free!) is an indispensable tool for helping to keep you in the flow of providing quality content that provides value to your readers and insures rewards for you as a blog owner.   

After all, doing all that hard work for nothing isn’t a choice!

One always Stands Out

One always Stands Out


I ran across this great review of website graders that made me stop and think, so I am  sharing it with you. The visit site link is at the bottom of the page!

Long and involved, but it lists sites to visit and you just type in your URL and find out what is going on!  Here is a small excerpt (unedited) to whet your appetite.

“You can audit your content in many ways—be it a quick-and-simple social media audit or a full-scale blog review. You can take the time to run the numbers yourself (a useful exercise!), or you can plug a URL into I’m the type to always plug our Buffer blog URL into a tool to get feedback. If it’s free and simple, count me in. I’ve bookmarked several of my favorites and dug up a handful of other useful graders and tools to come up with the 12 website graders, content scores, and social media ratings that you see below.”

Some of Kevan’s recommendations for website graders are more useful than others, but at least he takes the time to give a break down on this page of how each works and what to him is the most useful parts. 

I went and tried one of the recommends!  Did a little better than I thought.  Here are some of this site’s results from the  Hubspot site auditor and website grader tool.

Website graders Rating Tool results. How fast does your site load?

Website graders Rating Tool results. How fast does your site load?

This one was the best! Cause I’ve been working on redoing some of the posts and pages.  Wow!

Website Graders at work. Rating for SEO from Hubspot

Website Graders at work. Rating for SEO from Hubspot


Just in case you would like a nice little SEO tool that you can use in your browser (no charge)  to do some checking yourself without having to visit other websites…(I use in Chrome or other browsers) now as FireFox no longer supports…

It is amazing the number of things it will audit and analyze very quickly unless you have a gigantic site. 

It tells you what is broke and how to fix it.

The how to fix it part is important as it links to google tutorials that will walk you through fixing what is wrong. 

I used the images info to good advantage.  Blogging is forever a learning experience! Checks out your content, social, images and links. There is some really great Free  SEO and backlinking training in the video…Plus this is Free!  

Works in Chrome  Just Click and Get It I Want it NOW

Interesting article  by Kevan Lee  check it out here ! Read More

To Continue reading Click Here

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Robert Plank and Podcast Crusher Featured on iTunes

Creating a Podcast was a little nerve wracking. 

the mindset thing is the problem.  Once you dive right in and start working.  Nothing to it! 

I created this podcast to post on Facebook, but there seems to be a problem about installing an MP3…you can upload a video, but NOT an MP3.  

Here is what the row is all about.  Now something is wrong with this site and I can’t upload pictures.

Always something. If you want a good podcast program  go watch the video here and check it out.

Quick Access To Podcast Crusher

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Backup Your Website and Clone New Sites

Backup Creator Ultimate

Backing up your website and cloning new sites using the backups is a feature in Backup Creator Ultimate.  

Many backup systems do what they say: backup your website, but they don’t let you use the backup to clone new sites.

The system included in this very functional plugin can be easily translated into a money maker for people using it to set up and sell sites to people with a business that needs some online help.  

Whether it is your local dentist or your favorite pizza parlor, use your basic template that you have created for any type business and go to work.

There is a great video that is available as training on how to use this plugin. 

It goes from A to Z  and doesn’t miss a step.

Automated backups, stored where you want them stored…even get an email from BC notifying you that the job is done. 

All you have to do is log into your blog, click on Backup Creator settings and decide what you want and when.

Plus keep in mind that the only 100% security for a blog is having several usable backups stored in separate places.

If you site gets hacked, there is a pretty good chance that whatever is on your server also took a hit, so store an extra copy somewhere else.

Take a quick trip and be sure to have a notepad and pen handy. 

You aren’t going to believe this training.  Awesome. 

Click and Go Enjoy the Show!


I’ve had this plugin since 2011 when it launched.  I never put up a WordPress site without it.  One of the outstanding things I like about it, You and I don’t need to be a Geeky Code Genius to use it, right out of the box!

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News Flash: New Social Media Site

Post Pictures on Social Sites Get Paid

New Social Media Poster. Grab your Photo, Tag it and Post to Social Sites Get Paid

The First Social Network to pay you for posting pictures!

Watch a short video for details on how you can make even MORE money by connecting all of your friends to our free Social Network.


Learn about the power of becoming an Associate Today!
Click on Leaf it below to watch a video that will explain
everything that you want to know.

Hurry…the sooner you get in and get your app the sooner you can start earning for posting pictures.

Leaf it


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Membership Cube Review

Ever wondered how a membership site works and

how you can make money from a membership site? 

Here is a partial review of Membership Cube:  The Creator of Membership Cube tells all about

working together with a friend to make some nice money by “re-purposing” different kinds

of content to create a membership site.

Robert Plank explains how he and a friend set up a membership site, made money from it on a

monthly basis, but sold it and made money on the sale.

Case Study #8: Dailey Seminar
(“Build it To Sell It” $40,000 Payday)

The second membership site I ever created was built from a bunch of interviews I recorded with a close internet marketing friend.

Here’s a secret I probably shouldn’t give away: the best way to start joint venturing with someone is to simply record 20-minute interviews with that person.

Everyone teaches you to “interview an expert” but the reality is you should instead interview someone in your same niche, on your same level, and get them to interview you as well.

On some interviews, I had 4 questions to ask him. On others, he had 4 questions to ask me. We started using those 20-minute audio recordings as bonuses to our products, but I wanted to make some real money from them.

The end result was a membership site called Dailey Seminar. In addition to the audio interviews, I created fifty-five 20 minute video presentations, he created fifty-five 20 minute video presentations, and I bought the rights to 55 different products.

We launched the site with a year’s worth of content already created in December 2008 and got about 50 members to join at $47 per month. It dripped out a new video every day of the week on total autopilot.

The site made us about $2,000 per month ($1,000 each) for 4 months before we sold it for $32,000, with a year’s worth of content loaded up and ONLY 50 members.

Total profit from that project: $8,000 from the monthly memberships plus our $32,000 buy-out = $40,000 from spending a mere 2 hours per week creating videos.

Interested in Creating your Own

 “Membership Site?”  

Do you think you know what a membership site really is?

Here’s all a membership site is: a place where people can login using a username and password to get to their stuff.

Everything the “gurus” have taught you about membership sites is WRONG

You NEED to have at least 3 successful membership sites to really make it online.

The problem that I see is too many focus on creating one site.

They spend months or longer creating the “perfect” content.

The problem is…

lack of members…

It is much better to rethink how you create these type of sites.

All you REALLY NEED is to be one step ahead of your longest subscriber.

It makes more sense since you can  correct and create the content they need..

Plus you can start earning immediately instead of “someday in the future”

From the pen of Robert Plank, renowned Blogger, posted today by Cararta.

Go here and read more about setting up membership sites that make money.  There is no time like now.  Continue Reading  just click on me!

Since I own Backup Creator from Robert Plank (there is a link to it somewhere on this site) and have followed him and Lance Tamashiro  since September, 2011 feel like I know something about them.  My experience with BC and several other products I have bought from them is this:  No review of  Membership Cube would be complete without mentioning SUPPORT  which I have found to be great for all the products I have purchased and everything I have purchased WORKS! 

If you didn’t click above to read the full description of what is available with Membership Cube (LAST time I looked it included wishlist)   Click here and go Now!

Review: Digital Movies on PC is your Best Entertainment Alternative

Digital Movies on PC offers unique

 viewing options!

If you are looking for a form of entertainment that suits your viewing taste and budget, it’s about time you switched to Movies on PC.


It’s time to keep pace with the needs of the new generation and stay ahead of the rest in the race.

 Digital Movies on PC is the latest buzzword in the entertainment scenario, the biggest blessing being that it consumes scanty bandwidth space.

The DM on your PC offers superior technology that is used to send Movie broadcasts to your PC, Ipad, Laptop, Mac and More. This is simply a new and flexible solution that is a lot more efficient in the sense that it enables clearer picture, more choices in terms of choice of what and when to watch and finally better sound output .

Create your own collection…own the titles you select, check out the video below for more information.  You can watch your movies anywhere, anytime from your device of choice.

One time membership fee, no monthly payments.


Check out Digital Movies on PC  

Enjoy!  Click Here!

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Review: What Are Podcasts? What do Podcasts Do?

What Are Podcasts?    What Do Podcasts Do?


Expert Author Cararta Skipper

This review will take care of explaining the What a podcast is and what a podcast can do, so just keep reading!  I wrote this article as a review of Robert Plank’s Show  as detailed below!

Review: A Robert Plank Podcast, “How to Write an Article in 6 Minutes.”

Robert Plank is a well know author on Ezine Articles and now even becoming well-known on iTunes because of his new “Robert Plank Show” which is a Podcast.  I was listening to one of his weekly “shows,” featured at his blog  this one called “How to Write an Article in 6 Minutes (Podcast #005)” when I decided to listen and work at the same time.

Contrary to Robert’s usual procedure for doing training, there wasn’t a concentrated section of this podcast focusing on “How to Write an Article in 6 Minutes.” If you have ever gone to one of his webinars conducted with partner Lance Tamashiro, then you are aware that he will announce what the webinar is about and plunge in, full steam ahead until the bitter end… almost without taking a breath it seems!

What did get mentioned today in the podcast was the fact that many article directories now require a minimum of 400 words to get an article published! Since Robert is a great fan of “short and to the point articles” this meant that a little more “meat” would of necessity have to be added to the article body.

Since he had already done an analysis detailing how many average sized sentences are included in a 300 word article, it was immediately necessary to upgrade the statistical analysis revealing how many sentences are necessary to make this magic number of 400 words!

Robert also addresses the fact that when he is writing articles he goes by a formula or structure that works for every subject under the sun. All of his works (of necessity) have a place to start and a way to return to that starting place when you get to the end so you can sum up and complete the journey through the article.

Something he mentioned (I have a problem with this One!) is that it is sometimes difficult to stay on subject for the article. Robert loves numbers and statistics so includes them in almost every article he publishes! (as a result this is where he will get off subject!).

But back to reviewing this podcast on writing an article. The purpose for writing an article is to inform, pre-sell, sell, or for any other reason you want to write an article, including getting links back to your site from the article directory!

Now for some more of Robert’s podcast: He is teaching how to write an article in 6 minutes by verbally walking you through the actions. To begin on this writing trip, get a timer and set it for 6 minutes and start writing.!!!

You should have at least three ideas or how to do its or why to do its that you answer in your article. He reiterated the well know guides that asking a question, detailing a number of ways to do something or just expressing an opinion (permitted in an article) will fill your article body with good content if you take each of the three ideas that you decided on and elaborate on them.

The kicker is that all the ideas need to be somewhat related as to subject so that you can make an outline similar to this and you can say:

  1. Writing an article is easy and quick if you break it down into sections.
  2. A Beginning or introduction of 50 to 100 words,
  3. Three sections explaining your ideas in the introduction to the tune of 100 words each!
  4. To close it off, you go back to the beginning and reemphasize how you have explained all with the information listed above.

What is funny, on this podcast about how to write an article in 6 minutes, Robert does gets off subject by telling everyone to go download a typing program and practice so they can touch type… just type without thinking and things will go faster…

The Major thing that I have noticed about Robert’s podcasts and some of his articles, is that he includes without fail a certain amount of instruction that will assist anyone who is interested in whatever topic he is talking or writing about.

In the case of publishing articles, a person should be doing this in order to improve their marketing and search engine position and definitely using Robert Plank’s suggested formulas and writing tips will make success at this never ending task possible! And his suggestion for brushing up on your typing skills will make the task easier!

So my take on podcasting is this: if you get over zealous and include extra information… then just leave it in. Someone will find it helpful and you won’t have to edit your podcast!

His major suggestion is to take one day (actually only 6 hours) and write as close to 100 articles as you can, divide them up and submit some to his favorite article directory, (he said, “Always submit here first as the articles are reviewed by humans and will not be accepted if the exact content is found somewhere else.”). Then take a few of the articles and use to create your own products, use some to post as a guest blogger and post some on your own blog!

Robert reiterates; “Start and finish the job in one sitting!”

Since the Podcast I listened to while I was doing this review was 60 minutes long, I should have produced 10 articles… Which just goes to prove, I’m not Robert Plank, but I try!

Now to finish off this review: You can record an article instead of typing it out and if you do your set up, then you can post it on iTunes, on your website or even your Facebook pages.

You can let people listen instead of read or read while they listen if you have recorded your blog post, all of which explains a lot of what a podcast is and what a podcast can do!

It is suggested in many podcast programs that you make available a transcript of your podcast (pdf) which makes it internet friendly very similar to the way captions are offered on YouTube videos.

The final word is this: a podcast is simply an mp3 that you have made following one of the numerous programs available, that you have posted it somewhere you think people will enjoy listening to it and have used this old and familiar format to add a little more value to your posts and pages and messages.

A search of my hard drive revealed “podcasts” dated back as far as 2007 (even one by Howard Stern), so this isn’t a “new” overnight sensation, it is just becoming popular again because of all the new phones with extra memory that can handle them! So maybe we are witnessing the reincarnation of another marketing tool!

There is more information, even some details about how to set up and really use podcasting as a marketing tool available on my website. There is a link in the resource box (plus you will be able to listen to the podcast and find out Robert’s favorite Article Directory!).

Happy Talking!


For an in-depth review of a PodCast program visit and look in November, 2012 archives or search for “Review: Robert Plank PodCast Crusher.” has a Free Report and Silver Membership available where you can learn about working on the internet. PodCasting would work well with the information you get here.

Article Source:

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Review: Podcast Information from Robert Plank Uploaded by Cararta

Podcast an old information distribution technique being recycled.

Did a search on my hard drive looking for a program I had downloaded…..had results back to 2007…which is a few years ago. Might just go back and checkout some of those pod casts sitting on my computer! Even one by Howard Stern…..might be interesting!

Here is a video, rather newbie generated, but that is the breaks….
Check out the Pod Cast program…may have gone up from the price shown in the Video…..


Add to Cart by Clicking Here 

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What I have on My Shared Pages

I have this Awesome site called My Shared Pages.

Below is a widget with some of the things that are on the site.

Just Scroll through and anything you might want to read about, click and go!


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Review Renegade Affiliate Blueprint by Chris Cole.

Chris Cole has a video that explains what Renegade Affiliate Blueprint is all about and how the Renegades operate.

The attractive thing about doing business online is that you can easily find information that you need and resources that will help you make more money using lesser effort.

However, that is not always true.

There are many marketers, big ‘gurus’ who often sell you products, training courses and yet don’t give you the full picture of all the things you need to do to set up your business.

I definitely have purchased programs from  marketers who charged me ridiculous prices for information that were lacking and incomplete.

It took me a long time to finally figure things out on my own and point my energies to begin slowly building up my business.  But I’m still not earning enough money.

I wish I had a blueprint right from the start – a blueprint that takes me step by step through the setups and pinpoint the exact things I have to do and follow to set up my business easily.  I’m still working on developing my business.
Good news for you…

I was looking through the various launches recently and noticed a very different product that caught my eye within the pile of many others. This one single product is pure gold: Renegade Affiliate Blueprint by Chris Cole.  Actually I got access to this program as a bonus  from another program so I got a discount on the purchase.

Need a Map to success?

Like me, Chris had it the hard way and worked his own way up except I’m still working.  He knows exactly what his readers need – a blueprint. I took a look at the Renegade Affiliate Blueprint package and was impressed…
The content was so precise and to the point that I fell in love with it at first read – Chris did away with all the fluff and unnecessary information that would detour you. He cuts right to the bone and takes you by the hand as he guides you through setting up your own affiliate business.

One thing to mention right here, the first video is going to be about getting started and he discusses the fact that this is a BUSINESS.  There is a somewhat long discussion about you and your qualities and your goals.

Listen to this video until you understand what he is talking about.

This is not about using this program to make instant money, it is about setting yourself up so that you are in charge of your Business and developing the correct VIEW of your business and What YOU need to do to become successful.
If you are lost on your online venture and need a map and compass back to the right track… Then, this is it.


Chris breaks down the details and explains to you properly what you need to know and tells you exactly what you need to do. With his easy to execute action steps included in the chapters, I believe that this system would work wonders for people who are looking to start up their own business.

Covered in 3 compact modules, Chris takes you through the basics of internet marketing to generating traffic and even breaks down the various types of money making strategies to give you a better idea of what kind of business would suit you best.

My favorite part is when Chris talked about the “Cash Cow Campaigns” in module 3 of his Renegade Affiliate Blueprint system.

This section was pure gold even for me. I learned a lot from his teaching and I believe you would be able to too!

Take a moment and take a look at what he has to offer, give Chris a chance to change the way you do business forever.  If you would like some help with copy writing which seems to be an eternal problem go read here.

Give yourself an opportunity to start making more money the easier way out now.

You won’t regret it.


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Review: Bloggers RoadMap

John Thornhill did a review of Dan Sumner’s Bloggers RoadMap that was launched today.


 The Product looks and reads like its name:  The Bloggers Roadmap.  A quick read of the information included in the ebook scans as a complete product that stands on its own feet.  I understand there is a companion offer of step by step videos…which if you are a video person and like learning from that mode (sometimes is easier to see-do than to read-do!) will make it an over kill for creating a terrific blog.  Read below, then go check out the WSO!  Part of John’s Review is included below.

The Bloggers Roadmap – Comprehensive User Review

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  • Everyone should have a blog online, it’s the most important site you will ever create bar none. It helps your readers connect with you and find out what you’re really about. If done right you can generate traffic, build your income and make massive profits while creating an army of followers.
  • First of all let’s look at the product.
  • The Bloggers Roadmap is a complete guide to setting up and profiting from your very own blog. It’s a 22,000 word, 68 page eBook and Daniel has poured everything he knows about blogs and blogging into a single guide. It’s very well written and covers everything you need to know. Here’s a sneak peek inside.

Throughout the guide Dan has added tons of ‘blog tips’ to give you more ideas and I must say these are great little additions. There is also an upsell priced at $19.99 that is a collection of video tutorials created by Dan. Again, these are well presented and walk you through the actual physical process of setting up your own blog, although the videos are not a requirement, if you feel you are a beginner in the blogging world they would probably help you get more from the product.

Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone that owns their own blog or wants to learn how to create and profit from their own blog. As this product only focuses on blogging if you don’t own a blog or never intend to then this product would be no good to you as it only covers blogging techniques. However, anyone who owns a blog or wants to learn how to create one can’t fail to benefit from this content as it covers everything you need to know in a step by step manner.

Does it work?

The fact Daniel has built a considerable blog following would make me say yes, after all if you create a product about blogging you better have a successful blog yourself, Daniel has and should you need to find out more you can check out Daniels Blog here.


All in all is The Bloggers Roadmap is all you need for blogging success? The answer is yes, as long as you are prepared to work at your blog, this is not a magic bullet and it does take work, but if you are prepared to work I believe this is the finest blogging product you will ever find. Blogging products are few and far between and this product is something you can refer to time and again to help you succeed in the blogging world and it comes with my highest recommendation.

John didn’t seem to happy that Daniel charged extra for the video training.  He is selling the PDF eBook for only $5.95 and it is a STAND Alone complete instructions.  So if you prefer videos, expect to pay a little more…

Find out more about The Bloggers Roadmap here.
UPDATE Pick up for FREE Temporarily until Account Repaired. Good for
Ebook program only, upgrade for Videos not included…

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Review: Mind Secrets Exposed

Is What you Think More Important Than What You Do?

Review: Will  Mind Secrets Exposed  Help You Turn your “Thinking” into Doing?


Self-help books are a dime a dozen.  I’ve read dozens of them over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that most of them don’t really work!  Most often I am reviewing software programs to help your WordPress site development or Affiliate marketing efforts.  Today is something different.

Mind Secrets Exposed is is a great example of a self-help book that does what it says and gives you quality content that delivers on its promise and actually Works!

If you can harness the power of your mind and use the techniques  in this comprehensive guide  to tap into its  hidden potential and use it to channel your efforts into success and happines you can make a change in your life.  

More Information.

Can a simple e-book really make a change in your life?

Mind Secrets Exposed  promises readers the ability to gain success, wealth, happiness, peace and whatever else they would like to accomplish or have.  It comes in two formats: a downloabale e-book and an audio book making it easy to listen on the run.

Written in a personal, casual manner it is easy reading so that you can grasp the concepts easily.  Mind Secrets  Exposed  ends each chapter with action steps that includes tips and advice on integrating the chapter’s lessons into your daily life.   Thinking becomes doing is an important stepping stone to success in changing the results you get for your efforts.

These actions steps are the secret to this programs success as it provides the needed boost and directions for taking action.  This way the lessons become more than just words,  concepts and theories  and  are turned into actual results.

Mind Secrets Exposed is not a scheme for miraculousy turning yourself into a better person.  Instead using the  Secrets you become a better person and a success machine by investing time and effort into retraining your mind.  Think and Do.

Also  included is the Quick Wealth System which provides real training on creating wealth in your life.  A monthly newsletter comes with it and provides reimforcement  for the success, the workings of the brain and the motivational and success coaching program.

 Available here now!

With this program also comes an offer to join a monthly membership where there is even more opportunity for access to  additional support and  instructions that will guide you in unlocking the mind’s full potential.  This program via the e-book promises to turn you into an achiever and a person capable of accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Check out the book here and don’t lose out on your chance to expand your world.  There is of course a full 60 days for you to review and implement to make sure this will work for you.  For a free gift and preview of the program click on the banner in the right side bar. 

Today is the first day of your new year of Doing!




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Can You Succeed at Making Money on the Internet in 30 days?

There is this Program called

Succeed in 30 Days. 

It even says you can Make Money Today!

Well, I’ve decided to try it out. 


Succeed in 30 Days Claim Your FREE V.I.P Membership
to this Amazing Marketing Course
worth $197

Limited Number of
No Cost
Memberships available.

Visit Now to Secure
Your Copy
via Instant

Here For FREE V.I.P Membership


This particular program I got as a “gift” in an email from Richard legg.  So, I’ve followed the directions for one of the ways to make money.

I copied the provided email with all my links inside….I did send it as html  which isn’t always the best thing to do …may skewere the results a litte.   But I didn’t want to take time to set up the program on my server to cloak my links so I did it inside html.

Went to a Solo Ad place and they were running a special  12,500 subscribers x 3…. so I did the credit card thing and am supposed to receive verification that the emails  are on their way withing 24 hours.

So Now it is a waiting game. 

Think I’ll make my ad money back?   Here is a little sample of what it says you can do with this program.

Complete all the steps to maximize your income!

  1. Email all your contacts
  2. Use our Tell A Friend script (can’t use they closed it because of member Spam!)
  3. Set your Email and Forum signatures
  4. Place Top Sponsor Ads
  5. Add Graphics and Banners to your site
  6. Add a “Magic Button” to your site
  7. Place a review on your Blog, and send Solo ads
  8. Use these Free traffic generators
  9. Place pop-unders and pop-exits on your site

I *urge* you to use at least steps 1-4. You can use these even if you do not
have your own website. If you do have a site, we have ready made graphics
for you to use, the HTML code is already created and embedded with your
affiliate link. Just copy the code in the boxes and paste into your pages.

Guess I’ll sign into FaceBook and Twitter and do a little damage, come back here and read and see what else I can do.

Keep a look out!  I’ll Post again.


P.S.  I did as many as I could in the time I have to work today.  Think the solo emails and this post and FaceBook and Twitter will be enough?   

Update July 20th.

Just checked the stats on the sales page….no sales today.  12,000 emails were sent on the 18th.  Have two more mailings to go.  Hope better results than this.  If I get no clicks, I’ll be sure to list the solo mail provider so we can remember where our money went!




Use This FREE Tool to Increase Sales by 912% to ANY website – Instantly!… Click here!

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