Backup Creator Elite

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With Automated Backup and ftp support added, Backup Creator is the must have plugin.

If you have a lot of WordPress sites, the automated backup will save you time and money.

Moving sites is Easy.  Go watch the just a few clicks you can install Backup Creator

back up your site and using a new installation of Backup Creator  on a fresh WordPress site on

another Domain or (can even be on a different server) install the backup and your total

working site has been moved intact.  All your settings, plugins, posts and pages arrive in

working order… exact copy of the site you backed up.

If you are into Flipping and selling websites, this is for you.

For anyone with a website, regardless of what the  use, this plugin is a necessity!  Keeping your

site intact by automatically backing it up  according to the schedule you have set up  is a very

important task.  With over 25 sites it is possible to spend a whole day backing them up.  If I just

did a backup it would be one thing, but most of the time there is an update to WordPress or a

plugin that needs taking care of,  so doing backups can become a monumental task.

It would be great to schedule backups for all of them and not worry about that part of site

maintenace.  I could do any plugins or wordpress updates when I choose instead of doing it all

in one very long day.

This site that you are on has been restored from backup twice, since I always backup before

updating, I got lucky when the “theme” update produced a black screen instead of


I have used Backup Creator to set up other websites in addition to using  the backup feature.

If you have a website, you need Backup Creator.



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