Amazing Simple Selling Machine Tells You How To Get Started Selling


This Amazing Simple Selling Machine starts off by listing 7 Steps to Simple Selling.

Before we get into that, I have a question.

Are You still afraid of selling?

Still carrying a Big Black Road Block on your shoulders?

Convert that Heavy Weight into An Amazing Simple Selling Machine

Convert that Heavy Weight into An Amazing Simple Selling Machine

Today could be your lucky day if you are still searching for an Amazing Simple Selling Machine that will do the job for you.

I found this itty bitty program being peddled as:

Selling Secrets, Stolen From John Thornhill’s High Ticket Mentoring Progam.

Now how did he (Mr. X) get away with doing that?

Well, it seems Mr. X works for John Thornhill in addition to running his own online business.

Did a Webinar for John while John was away on vacation. When John got back he liked the Webinar so well, he suggested to Mr. X that he release it as a WSO.

Now how is that for having a good boss?

There was a wee Problem.

In spite of the fact that Mr. X is a great copy writer, even he ran into trouble when describing this Amazing Simple Selling Machine that is Simply Amazing!

1. This is NOT one of those Push Button, Shiny easy things that is being peddled everywhere.

2. If you are into marketing and selling, professional or beginner, this Amazing Simple Selling Machines is something you NEED.

Not something you want…which is a problem because people buy what they want, not what they need.

3. Do you have about 45 minutes to invest in finding out what you must do if you really want to turn yourself into a successful  Amazing Simple Selling Machine?

What you must do before beginning your journey as an Amazing Simple Selling Machine.

There is a list of only 7 Simple Selling Machine Things that you need to get under your belt before you go crashing your way through that big Wilderness of Internet and even Affiliate Marketing.

For some background.
I’m feverishly working right now on creating a product to sell or give away.

Guess what?

I have this program on my hard drive and decided to watch the video and read the pdf again just as a refresher.

One thing for sure, any kind of selling or product creating isn’t just dressing your information up in a pretty package and rolling it out.

No, there are some basic and ethical ribbons that tie that package together for you and the lucky person who happens to get their hands on what you create or sell.

Here is one simple selling clue that must be remembered:

When you are told to create a product (as I have been in lesson 1 of the coaching program I am trying to navigate) they always start off with find your “Niche”…

Which is fine.

Unfortunately, I have this bad reaction to being TOLD to do anything.

And I’m being told that I MUST create a product…all my own original knowledge…with a timer hanging over my head.

Something inside of me just scrunches then explodes and goes off like a bomb. 

Takes a bit to get over it, and start doing what I’ve been Told to Do.

Next on the list is always being reminded that you must choose something you are interested in or know something about.

Amazing Simple Selling Machine

Amazing Simple Selling Machine


This Amazing Simple Selling Machine does something completely different.  (Actually it isn’t called Amazing Simple Selling Machine… just something I dreamed up.)

Topic #1. of the 7 Selling Tips (Lists of what you need to know, I think) is labeled with:

Knowledge as one of the two-word Tip description.

Check out the rest here: Cararta Likes Simple 

By the way, that is my affiliate link, so if you go and read and decide you like and buy I might make enough to buy a big cuppa coffee!

Skipper Works

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