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My Unfair Advantage Delivers What is Promised

My Unfair Advantage Created by Omar Martin and Melinda Martin over 7 years ago Still Delivers on its Promise!  A complete make over of their Giant Membership site is now complete, with updates, more options (included in the membership) and archives that features over 300 live coaching sessions from years gone. by.  Here is a […] ...

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Free SSL Certificate 100 Million in use Already

Free SSL Certificate for any of Your Sites From a Reliable Source Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. With over 100 million in use, better believe they know what they are doing.  Where can you get this gift of a Free SSL Certificate?  And who is in charge?   Let’s Encrypt is […] ...

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Amazon Money Machine Review

Amazon Money Machine is a Double Dipper Amazon Money Machine does something different.  Not often that you can buy a program with 3 programs inside. That is why I’m calling this one a Double Dipper!  Just like the Ice cream cones at the cream shop…maybe I should have said Triple Dipper!  My friend Paris has […] ...

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Amazing Simple Selling Machine Tells You How To Get Started Selling

  This Amazing Simple Selling Machine starts off by listing 7 Steps to Simple Selling. Before we get into that, I have a question. Are You still afraid of selling? Still carrying a Big Black Road Block on your shoulders? Today could be your lucky day if you are still searching for an Amazing Simple […] ...

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Liz Tomey Coaches How To Use PLR to Make Money

Liz Tomey has been using PLR since 2004 to make a gracious living!  As part of her PLR love affair,  she has always shared her expertise and information with students.  I recently went through most of the training of her SixFigure PLR Academy… and it is Work!. Live webinars everyday, with home work…. But when […] ...

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PLR is Marketers Goldmine

  PlR is a Marketers Goldmine. 8 Business you can run with PLR. PLR Academy 8 Ways To Cash-In With it! Hello today from Cararta. I just got word from Liz Tomey that she has released her last mini PLR workshop before opening the doors to her Six Figure PLR Academy tomorrow (July 11th at […] ...

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Product Dyno Protect

Protect and Deliver Digital products. Sorry You missed the early pre-launch. Take a look and check out this program.  Is launching on August 8th. Safely deliver all your Digital Products from your own safe vault!  And More! Dyno Digital Protector   ...

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Pure Profits Auto Solution Review

Profits are the Goal of Every Marketer “…How Can I Get Money?…..”   I Need Money! How Can I Make Money Fast   I found the answer here: Make Money Online See How To Make Money Online Beginning In As Little As 24 Hours! You Can Do It Here I just downloaded this system right […] ...

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Security Isn’t Just For Computers

Security for People is More Important Than Security for Computers! I received the following Email from my friend Gene, all about security and staying safe in today’s world. He requested I share…so   Thought about it for awhile…then decided to post it here. I hope some of the suggestions will be of value and make […] ...

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Marketing via Selling

Marketing via selling gives you a choice of strategies to use. Rain and some more Rain…again today, so I am spending some time inside..listening to Politics and reading emails!!!!  Selling isn’t what it is cracked up to be, so I’m doing research.  Maybe I’ll share.    Chris Munch loves old stories… here is one he […] ...

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